Here is how you can charge your happy hormones naturally to stop negative feelings.

Many of us float about in waves of emotional turmoil, a motion of a never-ending pursuit for eternal happiness that we do not quite reach.

If we get some happiness sprouts, it is like momentary illusions and two-minute smiles as the camera flashes away. And there you have it. A blended collage of happy pictures. True life evidence? Flashy smiling awards. Or is it?

There are millions of social media postings, prophets of peace and book cabinets, all churning out rituals of happiness and guided pathways. There is an upsurge of literature on the science of positivity and happiness.

The key ingredients for the happiness recipe are all about charging happy hormones and sparking of chemical reactions in the body. We do not have to knead the negativity dough heavily. That will result in spurts of anger and misery-causing the happiness to go into a sinking syndrome.

Here are the happy hormones of the human body and the ways they can be boosted:

1. Oxytocin

Begin with a blend of love to push up some Oxytocin. When around those dear to you, you naturally just feel good. If this is not possible, get some touch with a good massage session. Touch and feel can do the trick. An extra sprinkle of some Oxytocin is an added bonus.

All this takes is to hold tight and show the love with some cuddling up and hugging. Get physical and produce some Oxytocin!

2. Estrogen

‘Estrogen’ levels need a boost. This is achieved with some calm streaks of meditation, music, and relaxation with a good book or a movie. Ease up and calm down. Blend in Progesterone with the Estrogen. They make a good combination.

Now for this indulge. A food intake of some dark chocolate, asparagus, and legumes. Maybe some mussels or eggs. A good chunk of avocado bites or just letting go with a good treat of a sticky bun or some popcorn.

3. Endorphins

Endorphins are next on the happiness list. These are recommended as natural painkillers and can ease out the chronic pain. For a smooth blend, add in Endorphins with some aromatherapy to mask physical pain in a quick fix, light a candle and add in some vanilla or lavender scent to boost about of Endorphins.

Burn some scented incense and cover yourself in moisturizing soap. Ease in as Endorphins gather. Sprinkle some spices into your dish for the day for some to be released and laugh aloud. Some comedy relief works well for Endorphins to come out from the shadows.

4. Serotonin

The next hormone for the happiness blend is Serotonin,probably the most well-known of the happy hormones. Now Serotonin is key to clearing away bouts of depression that lurk around the corners. You need a ‘Serotonin’ dose to boost happiness and socializing. It is available easily and at no cost.

Get out into the sun, vitamin D triggers Serotonin and you start to flow in happy thoughts and memories while out in the sun. Take in some carbohydrates like milk or corn as they release substances that convert into Serotonin.Some light exercise sprouts out an additional Serotonin flavor.

5. Dopamine

Finally, you need to set the timer. Reach those project goals. Make the deadlines. Add in some dopamine levels by setting daily and monthly task lists.

Psychological science has made great strides in formulating the pursuit of happiness pathways. Start stirring your mixture of happy hormones. Laugh, Cuddle And Hug, Eat Spicy Food, Stay Calm, and Diet And Set The Timer To Reach Your Goals.


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  1. Zoltan Balint

    There is nothing you can take or consume, that makes money for someone else, that will make you happy. Happiness hapenns when you expect less of your self and less of others. If you think you can purchase happiness think again.

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