Many women have the wrong idea about what exactly it is that men find attractive. Here we debunk some of the most common myths.

When you have come home from yet another unsuccessful date or are the victim of being ghosted, it’s easy to blame yourself and how you look.

We often muse “I’ll never find someone” or “if only I looked like…”. But rest assured, what men want is not what we would assume. It’s a hard concept to get around so bear with me.

Below are 7 myths about the female traits that men find attractive:

1. Little is more – WRONG

There are so many girls on Instagram who don’t appear to wear much and get a lot of attention. In fact, even on a night out, you see it. However, a low neckline and a short skirt might get some fleeting attention, that’s just what is it, fleeting.

Don’t feel like you need to change how you dress to attract a mate, wear those cute pom-pom flats with cigarette trousers confidently. Wait for someone who finds you irresistible even in a dressing gown and pajamas (that’s me right now).

2. Model perfect – WRONG

It’s controversial perhaps, but now (2017) feels like the most difficult time being a woman. We see adverts for weight loss products with model slim girls, stupid celebrities making awful exercise DVDs and we berate ourselves further for having that burrito for lunch (not me I might add, love burritos).

We think a man wants to date a model, a perfectly proportioned girl who looks simply perfect whilst can still drink and eat what she likes. Whilst I do think it’s important to look after yourself, not for a man, but for yourself, men do not want a miss perfect, because it will make them see all their own faults.

Be yourself, look after yourself and you will find someone worthy.

3. Over-reliance – WRONG

We are not in the 1950s, repeat, we are not in the 1950s. When you start dating or even marry a man, he does not need or probably want to control your entire life. You do not want this and you should not be with a man who wants to control you this way.

The best and happiest kind of relationship is the one where you support each other, where you get help when you need it, but you also can take care of yourself. Also, you do not need a man to take care of you, don’t forget this either.

4. Your man is the center of your world – WRONG

Often, when a woman gets into a new relationship, she can often forget her own life exists. This is very different from the “honeymoon period” of a relationship, this is something else, which we all experience and it’s lovely… for a while.

Many men will appreciate this, but never forget you should not lose yourself in someone else. Have your own interests, hobbies, and friends, you will be so thankful if something does go wrong with your man, you will still have all the things that make you happy and make you, you.

5. Crazy sex life – WRONG

This is a big issue for a lot of girls, with the ever-increasing interest in porn and saucy bedroom habits (thanks 50 shades of gray), many women feel totally inferior in the bedroom. We are made to believe that if it doesn’t look like it does on screen, it’s boring and our partner will go somewhere else for it.

This is not the case. What is far more important in a relationship is the sexual chemistry and harmony between the two of you. Men and women alike appreciate sexual compatibility; everything else is just a bonus.

6. Stupidity – WRONG

Many, many, many women act dumb in front of men. Women who have degrees, good jobs, but turn on stupidity because they think a man will feel intimidated by their intelligence. If you are in the presence of a man who is intimidated by an intelligent woman (you), then walk away in the opposite direction.

Stop pretending to not know anything about the Middle East, or Brexit or even have an opinion on Trump. According to some studies, men find silly women attractive because they believe them to be more sexually available. Find a man who appreciates your intelligence and challenges you on it.

7. Perfectly made up, always – WRONG

If you enjoy spending time in front of the mirror in the morning, applying your makeup perfectly, and then enjoy topping it up and maintaining it all day, for you and no one else, then I salute you. However, if you are doing it to attract a man, stop.

You are gorgeous. You do not need to smother your face with powders and creams that are not that great for your skin for a man. Be yourself. Wear or don’t wear makeup, but do it for yourself.

What is your opinion on this? Do you know any other myths about the female traits that men are said to find attractive to add to this list?

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