If you’ve never heard of the Hygge lifestyle, the Hygge is a Danish lifestyle that illuminates the soul.

The Hygge lifestyle is anti-depressive and super efficient. It seems that Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

However, when we know the weather of the country, we wonder how people keep up the morale. The answer is thanks to the Hygge lifestyle!

So What Is The Hygge?

The Hygge, according to Meik Wiking, an author of The Book of Hygiene, is a philosophy of life that places moments of well-being and comfort of the individual at the center of all concerns. The Hygge is a bit of a homecoming.

It’s savoring the little joys of everyday life, learning to love the simple pleasures of life, like drinking hot chocolate when it’s raining outside with burning candles. Moreover, they are the biggest consumers of candles in the world!

When one is Hygge, one tries to privilege the meals and homemade cakes, of course. We spend time with friends and we create a cozy and pampering environment. In short, it’s a daily effort but better. In simplicity, taking the time to live and to share.

The hygge lifestyle is not limited only to cozy houses or to cafes of beautiful aesthetics. The Danes believe that this concept is necessary to transfer it to the workplace.

Even the director of the aforementioned book, Meik Wiking, recommends that comfortable sofas can be placed so that employees can sit down to read a long report or hold a work meeting, instead of face to face at a table and in a typical cold work environment.

Lighting is the key to feeling good. And this is well known to Nordics who have a passion for candles, but also for lamps that create a comfortable atmosphere. It is an art, a science, an industry, a small detail that makes life more pleasant.

The Emergency Equipment ‘Hygge’

To make a start in the Hygge movement, for those nights when you are low on energy, in which there are no plans and you don’t want to leave and you feel like enjoying a pleasant time of solitude. The expert on welfare issues, Meik Wiking, recommends getting a small kit together that will make that moment more pleasant.

To begin with, candles are necessary…

Life in the Scandinavian countries cannot be understood without the light of candles, but also you have to provide yourself with chocolate. For this, the expert advises there is also a pleasure, and buy some chocolates, which need not be the most expensive, but a simple whim to savor from time to time.

It is a routine that will provide the illusion.

Tea or a hot drink is also for Danish people synonymous with comfort, just like having one of your favorite books next to you. “If you have a job like mine, which forces you to read a lot of things and absorb the key points, you may have a tendency to read a fiction book very quickly,” Wiking acknowledges.

This inevitably leads to the last page to see how a novel is solved. “This type of reading is different. Read slowly and let the story unfold“, he says.

In the accompanying kit, there should also be a favorite movie or series, such as a good pair of woolen socks, a battle jersey, a good blanket, and a special notebook in which the most hygge life moments lived are recorded, this is, the most pleasant experiences that have been lived.

It is a way to keep them always present. And again, find that your house is not only beautiful but if it is functional too. If you are ready to enjoy daily with comfort, choose a decoration that is to your style but is also useful.

The order is paramount. Hence, if the furniture is practical and functional it should not cost to keep the house organized.

A Hygge Lifestyle Home

In addition, make sure there is a balance between private life and work in your home. Everything in your home should be such that you are able to differentiate well, especially if you work from home. You have to learn to disconnect.

All this seems little but is so important that it is difficult to put it into practice on a consistent daily basis. To access the Hygge lifestyle and live a happier and more balanced life, consider a lagom house.

How do you get a lagom home? There is no need to move house or undergo a radical decoration change. In fact, you can and should take advantage of what you have to achieve the hygge lifestyle but perhaps do some thorough cleaning.

Try to get rid of unnecessary accumulated objects and too many decorative accessories that are difficult to clean.

Lastly, you want to clear every surface in your house. Take care of the lighting – opt for light and soft colors and let the house be filled with as much light as possible. In the line of sustainability, try and make your house come into contact with as much nature as possible.

Take advantage of the views if possible. Introduce plants; let them be seen from the window.


By Mariya M.

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