If you want to fall asleep fast, there are some simple tips and life hacks you can use at bedtime.

A long-lasting Irish proverb says that “a good laugh and a long sleep are the best two cures for anything.” In the past years, many scientific studies have shown us the high significance of healthy, proper sleep for our welfare.

But one of the most frequent problems of nowadays’ always-on-the-run society is that people are too hassled and tense, which leads to sleeping issues. So if you struggle with insomnia and wonder how to fall asleep fast, you are not alone.

Fortunately, there are several tricks and hacks we can all put to good use with the sole purpose of giving us a way to fall asleep fast and enjoy a beneficial rest.

I tried many of them over the years, and I made a list of the easiest ones to carry out:

1. Give up the late coffees

We all understand the fact that caffeine is a stimulant which will only keep us awake for hours, mainly if we drink coffee (or have other caffeinated drinks or foods) in the afternoon or the evening. It’s best to avoid all of them, along with energizing beverages, at least a few hours before going to bed.

Try having a chamomile tea 30 minutes before your sleep hour. Besides being a historically popular sleep aid, this particular tea also helps you fight migraines and relieve excessive gas and bloating.

2. Eat light before bedtime

Having a large (or too heavy) dinner will activate a common medical issue called heartburn (also known as acid reflux), which will keep you awake.

Grant your body time to digest before sleeping: eat light dinners, at least four hours before going to sleep. If you feel you’re hungry, try a light snack 45 minutes before bedtime.

3. Drink warm milk

I know you may smile, thinking of those childhood times when your grandmother handed you a glass of warm milk before going to bed!

But this old trick is, in fact, a beneficial sleep hack: according to some opinions, drinking warm milk may set off an unconscious psychological outcome related to breastfeeding and the well-being associated to it, which is an effective way to fall asleep fast.

4. Keep your feet warm

You may think that sleeping with your socks on could induce an uncomfortable sensation. That was my initial belief as well, but I came across a study that showed an interesting fact: before we snooze, our blood flow gets redirected into our extremities – hands and feet – to keep them warm.

The process helps triggering sleep. Wearing socks to maintain your feet warm will cause the blood cells to open up, thus leading to increased blood flow. You could get the same results by placing a bottle with hot water near your feet, under the blanket.

5. Choose comfortable night suits

What you wear has a substantial impact on your rest. Choose light, loose pajamas, preferably made from cotton, fabric that minimizes the sweating during the night. Sleeping naked is a more and more recommended alternative, though, as it helps the entire body breathe and stay cool while sleeping.

6. Cool down the bedroom

Keep your room as cool as possible, but don’t exaggerate – after all, you need a pleasant environment to feel comfortable and plunge into the world of dreams.

After years of research, the scientists have concluded that your body temperature is essential for a good night sleep, as it starts to drop when you begin to nod off.

The sensation is similar to the one you usually get after having a hot bath, which is also a great hack you can use if you want to fall asleep fast. If you can’t control the room temperature, just open a window or bring a fan into the room.

7. Enjoy a hot bath

Experts say we get sleepy if our body temperature drops. When taking a hot bath, that temperature rises for a while; then it rapidly goes down when you get out of the hot water. This up-and-down circuit helps the body relax and feel ready to go to sleep.

The best time to take that bath is two hours before going to bed; and it should last 20 – 30 minutes at most. A hot shower is not as efficient as the bath, but it could also help induce a lovely, relaxing state of mind.

8. Unplug and unwind

Want to know how to fall asleep fast? Turn off all the electronic devices in your bedroom – mainly the laptop, the TV, and the smartphone.

The blue light emitted by those will only confuse your brain and make it think it’s still day-time, and it needs to stay active. Instead of spending your evening on social media, do something that will help your body and brain unwind, and thus sleep better.

9. Read a book

One of the oldest and yet up-to-date sleep hacks that will help you fall asleep fast is to read something light before going to bed – a fiction story or anything that relaxes you and makes you calm down. Keep a few such books next to your bed for those evenings when sleep is long in coming.

10. Place the alarm clock strategically

One wise thing you can do is to keep the alarm clock out of sight but within reach. This strategy will confer you peace of mind by knowing that you will hear the alarm and be able to stop it, even though the clock is not right next to you.

11. Try practicing yoga

Practice a few yoga exercises which will help your body relax. Certain yoga positions are well-known for the way they influence your sleep mood. The slow, gentle movements induce a long-desired feeling of relief.

If you have pains that threaten to keep you awake, those moves will make them go away. If your mind is troubled by worrying thoughts, those minutes of practicing yoga before bed will chase them away.

12. Meditate

Meditation has a long-lasting history in India (thousands of years long, in fact) and it has won a lot of popularity all over the world. It helps our mind and body in various ways, and one is to get better sleep.

The mechanism is simple: meditation techniques calm our mind and make us feel completely free, thus ready to enjoy a comfortable rest.

A particular type of reflection, called mindfulness meditation, is especially recommended for those with sleeping issues. This practice helps you concentrate on your breathing and makes you focus on the present, instead of agonizing about the past or the future.

13. Breathe

Various breathing techniques may help you clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts which keep you awake. Find the one method that suits you best; take a few minutes to practice it every evening before putting yourself to sleep.

The practice works because it delivers more oxygen to your nervous system, mainly to the part which helps you deal with stressful situations.

If you want to fall asleep fast, you can try several such life hacks or just the ones you that feel natural for you. They are all easy to put into practice whether you’re having problems sleeping at home, in your bedroom or when traveling and crushing at a hotel. Enjoy your rest!

Author Bio: Loraine Varnatte loves to write about sleeping in general, you can check out www.topmattress.com for more of her work. Besides writing, she enjoys helping her local pet shelter during the weekends and currently, she is pursuing her Master Degree at UIC.

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