If you are a highly sensitive person in love, there are a few things you will understand better than most and need others to understand too.

Highly sensitive people experience the world differently. They see subtle changes in the environment in behavior much more quickly than most and process information much quicker. This allows them to attune themselves to the thoughts and feelings of others, sometimes without meaning to. This can leave them feeling vulnerable and exhausted from the over-processing of information. So how does a highly sensitive person in love feel and behave?

These aspects are present in a highly sensitive person in love, but they can be incredible attributes to the relationship. If you relate to the following signs, you are a highly sensitive person in love.

1. Your partner can’t hide a thing from you

Is it frustrating for your partner that they can’t hide a thing from you? Whether it is a surprise or a secret, you will pick up on subtle behaviors which indicate your partner is hiding something.

This leads to constantly questioning what it is because highly sensitive people aren’t huge fans of surprises and can feel insecure easily.

2. You spend months planning gifts and dates

Giving presents is one of the favorite past times of a highly sensitive person in love. You can spend weeks, even months planning the perfect gift or preparing the most romantic date.

Homemade gifts and personalized dates are the hallmarks of the highly sensitive person in love. This makes highly sensitive people the best people to date as they always make you feel special.

3. You startle easily

When your partner sneaks up and surprises you, you never find it as cute or as funny as they do. Highly sensitive people have a low threshold when it comes to a surprise, even in non-threatening situations.

Even an unexpected sneeze or a cough can make them jump! The highly sensitive person in love is not the biggest fan of surprises, so be careful when sneaking up on your highly sensitive partner.

4. Change takes a little more time

Highly sensitive people process information on a much deeper level than everyone else. They are much more attuned to their environment and comfort makes them feel more secure.

This makes it difficult to process change and as it can be difficult to find comfort in a new environment. A new relationship can take time for a highly sensitive person to get used to.

A highly sensitive person in love will find it difficult if there is a big change in circumstances which effect the relationship and may take time to adjust.

5. You get overwhelmed quickly

On dates, a highly sensitive person can get overwhelmed quickly, especially in busy or loud places. They may prefer to date in quieter, more secluded places so that they can hold a conversation and won’t become overwhelmed by the amount of noise they have to process.

An ideal date for a highly sensitive person in love is somewhere they can hold a conversation and don’t feel they have to shout or assess what other people are doing.

6. Conflict is difficult to handle

Arguments are difficult for everyone but for sensitive people, they are even more difficult. A highly sensitive person in love will avoid conflict wherever possible. They find it difficult being angry at their loved one in the first place.

This makes it hard to express why they are angry or upset. This can lead to frustration and becoming overwhelmed quickly.

If there is a problem, the best way to address it with a highly sensitive partner is to talk it through and stay calm. Avoid shouting wherever possible and give each other time to cool off afterwards.

7. You may need some time alone

Sensitive people get overwhelmed, so they can need some time alone to ‘come down’. A highly sensitive person in love may need space often because they get overwhelmed from spending a lot of time with people in busy environments.

Your partner needs to understand that this is not a reflection on them, just you needing some personal time to relax and decompress from stressful situations.

8. You enjoy connecting at a deeper level

A highly sensitive person in love will want to connect with you as deeply as possible. They think about the bigger picture and will wonder what your relationship might look like in the future.

They want to connect with you deeply now to can build a solid foundation for the years to come. Be open and honest with your highly sensitive partner and they will show you a special and meaningful relationship.

It is easy to misunderstand a highly sensitive person, but once in a relationship, they are the most loving and giving partner. A highly sensitive person in love will do all they can to make you happy, but they need you to understand some things.


By Francesca F.

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