Do you feel the need to just end a friendship? Sometimes certain friendships can be extremely toxic to your life.

They end up bringing the worst out of you, or worse, they just add to your problems. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends with someone – if they aren’t good for you, there comes a time they should leave your life. This is when you understand that you need to end a friendship for your own good.

Below are signs that you might need to end a friendship:

1. They Keep Repeating Mistakes

People make mistakes, its human nature. No matter who the person is, your feelings will get hurt. And when a friend does hurt you, the best thing to do is explain your feelings to them (once you’ve calmed down and your anger is subdued).

However, if they keep repeating their mistakes, without having any disregard to your feelings, this person is either not sensitive towards your feelings or doesn’t really care how their actions cause other people to react. If the cycle keeps repeating, especially when you have been hanging out with them on a regular basis, then there is a huge problem.

2. Their Unhealthy Lifestyle Affects You

Sometimes certain friendships are built on foundations that are the basis of hobbies, interests, and entertainment. And with time, some of these interests fade out – which isn’t a big problem. However, if the basis of your friendship is partying and dangerous behavior, then that is a big problem.

If you two can commit to achieving a better and healthier lifestyle, then great. But if you are and they are not, it can hold you back on so many levels.

3. They Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Sometimes our close friends know a thing or two about us that no one else does. So there are certain topics that they know and they also know what may prompt us to revisit something very painful. No, it doesn’t mean that your friends should constantly walk on eggshells around you. Still, their sensitivity or lack of it can be deemed as thoughtless.

So, if there is a pattern of the insensitivity of thoughtless jokes, talking incessantly about something that is hurtful – they need to stop.

4. When They Are In a Relationship, They Don’t Spend Time with You

We all understand that when a friend has gone from single to in a relationship, they won’t have that much time to spend with you anymore. And you may feel it even more when you’re single. However, if they just contact you when they are single and don’t know what to do with their weekend nights, it seems a little selfish.

Everyone needs to be able to balance their life and the relationships out maturely. If they are not able to do so, it could be thatthey don’t take your friendship with them that seriously.

5. They Have No Respect for Your Beliefs

We all have different beliefs, be it political or religious ones. It is something natural that people don’t agree with one another all the time. It’s perfectly fine to have a debatable healthy discussion about our point of views. However, if your friend has no regard for your views and dismisses them as stupid or idiotic, that is being disrespectful and that is not acceptable.

No one has the right to disrespect you nor your intellect just because they don’t see eye-to-eye with you.

6. They Make You Self-Doubt Yourself

When a friend loves you, especially a true one, their love for you is completely unconditional. As life progresses, we all have a habit of making different choices in our life that make us take a different path. This means that our priorities also change.

It is absolutely terrible when a friend makes snide and hurtful remarks about your or someone else’s lifestyle that could be similar to yours. It could an implication that they are judging you. Something like this should be up for discussion, if it continues – then you know what to do.

7. Finally, It’s Time to End a Friendship If You No Longer Create Happy Memories Whenever You Spend Time Together

Sometimes we have some wonderful memories we make with people. Memories filled with happiness, inside jokes, experiences that you may have bonded over and helped you grow as a person. It sometimes gets hard to end a friendship since you put in a great deal of emotional investment over the years.

However, if you are more attached to the memories than the person, maybe it’s time you let go. It will be hurtful to end a friendship initially, and you may even be tempted to let reverse things.

Hopefully, when you look back, you’ll be thankful for the friendship you had with them and thank them for the memories.


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  1. Lauren

    While Dominic did text and was pretty good at it he never texted first accept for on my birthday once and he never made time to hang out there was a time when he only texted me and wouldn’t talk to me in in person he made his girlfriend seem more important than his friends so needless to say I ended the friendship with him he fought it again tooth and nail but I did what was right for me I’m not sorry that I ended the friendship it was the right thing to do besides he wasn’t really that great a friend

  2. Sandra

    I had a fake friend when one day I was having an upsetting experience and my friend kept talking about himself and could see that i felt sad, but never asked why. I then revealed by accident that someone had told me they thought he was gay, and my friend knows that i am not homophobic, and I never revealed the person’s name.
    We always met up for lunch together, but he didn’t bother one day after words were spoken, I had already said to him that i was sorry if i offended him, but he said things were fine.
    But on the day he never showed up for lunch, i found him alone and asked if things were ok with us, he said no. That nobody had ever caused tension in his life like me ! Well, i couldn’t believe it, how can he drop me at the first hurdle. I apologised again and explained my feelings of sadness of the day to him, but he said that maybe we could be friends in a few months time. Well, I can’t accept his behaviour and now i don’t want anything to do with him as I believe that i have seen him in his true colours ! A fake friend indeed .

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