Loving a highly sensitive person is not always easy, but it’s not a curse. You have to understand their unique beauty and emotions.

I am a highly sensitive person, and I love one too. Boy, is our relationship a whirlwind sometimes. On the other hand, it can be the most passionate and loving experience, filled with sensual adventures…ahem. Well, enough about that.

When I talk about sensitive, I don’t mean childish and prone to tantrums, well, not for the most part. I speak of a unique character which is gifted in the ability to bond with emotions. Feelings that others struggle to convey, come easily to the sensitive person.

Loving the highly sensitive person is not an average experience.

The highly sensitive person must be loved differently than others. There are many things you have to take into consideration when dating or marrying someone of this nature. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. They love HARD!

“This is no ordinary love.” Yeah, Sade said it best when she sang those words. Sensitive people love so much differently than others, putting their heart and souls into every gesture, word, and act. If you’re experiencing your first sensitive hard loving person, you will be shocked. It takes a little getting used to.

Sensitive people love so differently that you will think it’s too good to be true. They are loyal, they pay attention to detail and they rarely miss the opportunity to give gifts and celebrate special occasions. On the other hand, this love can seem suffocating at first, so be prepared. It’s worth it although, in my opinion.

2. They are hard on themselves

When a sensitive person makes a mistake or realizes they have done something wrong, they are the first ones to administer punishment. Unfortunately, they resort to calling themselves negative names, because they truly do feel bad about their actions.

Loving a highly sensitive person means helping them get over their own monumental guilt.

3. They really listen

You know how some people pretend to listen, but then can’t tell you what you even said? Yeah, sensitive people are not like that. Loving a highly sensitive person means you will have someone who truly listens, pays attention to every single word you say. You will be amazed when they remember important things.

However, they do listen to everything and will call you on inconsistencies according to things you have already spoken, and now making contradictions. When you deal with a sensitive person, you are dealing with a human recorder.

Wondering what you wrote the other day on chat? A highly sensitive person will tell you and then show you the screenshot to prove it.

4. Giving advice is a talent

Since sensitive people listen well, they are generally objective. This means they can give solid advice on anything from relationships to career choices. Since they are so in tune with their emotions, they understand how important it is to be fair, and so their advice will be impartial and logical.

5. They are hard to leave

On the downside of being sensitive lies the inability to get over things easily. This means, when loving a highly sensitive person turns into leaving a highly sensitive person, it could get messy. Sensitive people don’t like to give up, and this means in relationships as well.

If you break up with a highly sensitive person, you could experience more drama than with other individuals. They will be less likely to let go and may even cause a few scenes. It’s heartbreaking, but their hard love can often cause them to have breakdownscausingextreme mental anguish.

6. Sensitive people are attractive

People are often drawn to sensitive people. They are compassionate and caring, going above and beyond to make things right and make people comfortable, and it shows in their eyes, their expressions, and mannerisms.

That’s why loving a highly sensitive person means remaining in a state of attraction much longer than with other relationships. They are just magnetic!

7. They can be introverted

Sensitive people feel strongly all the time and about everything. That’s why it’s not surprising that some sensitive people are introverted. With all the emotional pull inside them, they need plenty of rest and time to get away from others so they can re-energize.

8. They are affected by society

Not only are sensitive people affected by close relationships, but they are also affected by the world’s problems. They often keep up news and politics, meditating on how they can improve the world from their standpoint.

Unfortunately, the negative aspects of society weigh them down. They can take the weight of the world as a personal responsibility.

9. Moody moody moody

Yes, a highly sensitive person can be moody. Things that aren’t that big of a deal to most people are way more important to the sensitive person. Their moods can also change quickly according to what they are dealing with.

Each of these moods, in turn, are heightened-they are happier, angrier and sadder than others. Small changes in the environment govern how a sensitive person’s day will be.

10. Decisions are hard for them

Making decisions is harder for a sensitive person. Being sensitive usually means being more intelligent than the average person, which means decision making is done slowly.

Sensitive people weigh options over and over in order to guarantee a positive result. Sometimes it’s hard to make the right decision, and they will hack it out until they feel comfortable.

11. They suffer from depression and anxiety

Most sensitive people suffer from either depression or anxiety, sometimes both. It’s impossible for such large hearts with such high capacities to love to ever make it through life without being depressed or anxious. Fortunately, good days are awesome days and they help balance out the bad ones.

Loving a highly sensitive person is a task, but It’s my favorite one.

I love a sensitive person, and sometimes it gets taxing. But when I experience the big love he has to offer, it’s all worth the work. And, as I said, I’m a sensitive person as well, and he has to endure much of the same experience.

As with anyone else, learning to navigate the territory helps you learn how to love in the right way and experience the unique qualities of a highly sensitive person. Believe me, you’ve never been loved like this before! I think it’s the best choice I’ve ever made.

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