Herbs are good for you, right? Most people know that herbs benefit health in one or more ways.

Lavender soothes the nerves, sage clarifies the air and mint cures diarrhea. There are also many herbs that have a questionable reputation – Aconitum is one of these, seen as a highly toxic plant. Another controversial plant is Cannabis, and you probably know a few popular names for this one.

Cannabis, before it was “Bad News”

Before Cheech and Chong and before Woodstock, Cannabis was popular for things that didn’t include being “stoned”. In fact, Cannabis has always had many healing properties that were often overlooked by those who ridiculed the “stoners” and the “potheads”.

Cannabis actually had several different chemicals, besides THC. There are so many people who feel they are advocates for the miracle magical herb. Of course, most people see Cannabis as a drug, well, at least they used to, back in the 80s and 90s.

Now cannabis is slowing, but surely becoming a legalized herb, thanks to science. People all over the world are standing firm on the belief that Cannabis is no different than any other herb-it has healing properties and life-saving attributes.

The more they speak for this plant’s freedom, the more areas that Cannabis is legalized. According to reports, Cannabis, for social use, is legal in two American states and for medical use, legal in 23 of the free states of America. Cannabis is legal in many other countries as well.

The Science of Cannabis

Cannabis is very interesting indeed. This plant has many substances which complement and regulate themselves. The THC, which causes psychosis and euphoria, is actually kept in check by the CBD (Cannabidiol). With this being said, the various chemicals, CBG, THC-V.CBC and CBN also have many positive properties.

To name a few benefits, notable with these chemicals are appetite reduction, with THC-V, and anti-inflammatory, cancer fighters, and antipsychotics with the other three chemicals. It stands to reckon that Cannabis might just be good for you, right? Science says a resounding YES!

Before we get too excited, we should remember that Cannabis is still illegal in many places. Authorities are constantly on the look-out for this illegal substances-searching and ransacking cars, persons and homes. So, how free is the use of Cannabis?

Apparently, not that free at all. In fact, just in the recent news, someone attempted to grow a big crop of this herb on Norfolk Island. The government, of course, flew in and played the hero to stop this diabolical scheme to grow the infectious plant.

The truth of the matter is, the government, the authorities, and many others see Cannabis as one thing. Unfortunately, it is so much different than the reputation of cilantro, parsley, and other such herbs.

Are Herbs Good for You? – The Unfortunate Truth

Unfortunately, the authorities and government officials cannot see past the drug mentality. Although THC in Cannabis is addictive and causes an altered state of reality, there are many other parts and chemicals that are very important to science.

In fact, THC itself has been found to have several positive health benefits as well. The benefits also outweigh the hazy symptoms, but sadly falls victim to stereotypes. Some of those in authority feel that the defensive tactics of the stoners are to reinforce the use of drugs, but some are actually advocating the use of medicinal herbs, no different than opiates.

The cause is a deeply rooted one and a sensitive one at that. Try as they might, government officials have no firm standing on why Cannabis is still not legal in all areas of the world. Even when faced with the facts, these characters retain their standing against Cannabis and its uses.

Maybe the future will continue to see legalized use of this beneficial herb. Our future selves may see the positive aspects of this herb. Maybe they will even treat illnesses that otherwise may have continued to run rampant among the population of the lawful, the sober and the drug-free nation.

At least we can dream.


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