Why Are Genetic Disorders So Common Today While They Were Not in the Past?

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It appears that every time we turn on the news, new genetic disorders are being discussed. But is this because we have improved technology to detect them, or simply that they are on the increase? Before we go any further, what do we mean by genes, DNA, and genetic disorders? Human beings are made up of millions and millions of cells. Each one of these cells has a function. Some carry blood, some release enzymes so we can digest food, others detect light, and so

The Benefits of Vaping Which Make It a Viable Alternative to Cigarettes

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Because of the benefits of vaping, this method has become a very popular alternative to using traditional tobacco over the past few years. Everybody knows the dangers of smoking cigarettes by now, and vaping gives users the opportunity to still get the nicotine they crave without all of the harmful side effects. Choosing to vape not only keeps you from inhaling the bad chemicals that are found in cigarettes, but they can even help you quit smoking altogether. Here are a few of the best

Why Washing Hair Every Day Is a Waste of Time

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If you stop washing hair every day, it will have some benefits to your hair's health that you may not have thought of. I have really curly hair, so trying to make it look nice without washing my hair every day is a nightmare. While styling your hair when it's dry is best, it just makes my hair look like frizz. So I wash, dry, and then add heavy amounts of mousse and fixing serum etc. I know this is not the best route for

Cancer-Causing Chemicals Flood These 6 Things You Use Every Day

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Did you know that there are some things that contain cancer-causing chemicals and you use them almost every day? Let's see and analyze them. Recently, we have been bombed about the dangers of formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, and PVC. These carcinogens can be found in everyday items such as paints, perfumes, shampoos, plastics, and rubber. But there are more dangerous items that we use in our homes every day. By simply throwing or quitting using these six items that contain cancer-causing chemicals, you might save yourself and

How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair Color with 100% Safe Ingredients

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Did you know that by using bleach to lighten your hair color you can be doing more damage than good? The chemicals found in bleach products are often toxic and can result in the negative short-term and long-term effects on the health of your hair. Stop paying for dangerous chemicals that ruin your hair and start considering all-natural ingredients to lighten your hair color yourself. What's great about this recipe is that all of the ingredients are totally affordable, obtainable, you can easily apply them

Reboiling Water Is Dangerous for Your Health: Why You Should Never Do It Again

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Did you know that reboiling water is bad for your health? What does ‘reboiling’ actually mean? It’s very simple. Reboiling water is when you boil it once, let it cool down and then boil it again. Most of us do it all the time without thinking. Doesn’t sound very dangerous, does it? However, some scientists believe that reboiling water is incredibly bad for your health. But why? You put the kettle on to boil water and then forget about it. The hot water cools down,

How to Use Baking Soda to Make Homemade Shampoo, Toothpaste & More!

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Did you know that Baking soda could be used for other purposes other than baking? Well, scientists have long known its health and healing benefits. In fact, there are some great ways to use baking soda at home, with hair treatment and personal care being some good examples. The beauty is that it is cheap to acquire and when used, it takes a shorter time to achieve the desired results. How to use baking soda as hair shampoo. It can be used to improve hair

The Truth About Plastic – Infographic

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Plastic — can you imagine a day without it? It has come to be a component of nearly everything we buy and use, it seems. On the one hand, plastic has made things possible that might not have been possible. On the other hand, there are a few major problems (at least) with its widespread use: It lasts longer than we can adequately comprehend. It causes harm to countless animals and fish that try to consume it or get entangled in it. Much of it