Do you mean to tell me that cannabis cures cancer? Disbelieving people will drop their jaws at this suggestion. This plant has been a controversial plant since people started cultivating it. But cannabis can cure cancer, according to six peer-reviewed studies.

Marijuana and the Big C

At present, Cannabis is a controlled substance in many countries. According to the American Cancer Society, it has harmful substances, similar to those in tobacco smoke. Cannabis may also increase your heart rate, cause hallucinations or leave you with a dry mouth if taken in excess.

However, scientists have proven it useful in the fight against cancer. The dronabinol in it lowers nausea that comes with chemotherapy. It also helps to improve patients’ appetites and prevent weight loss.

Nabiximols, another compound in Cannabis, is a pain reliever. It eases the aches that accompany cancer treatment.

6 Peer-Reviewed Studies Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer

We still need more research to prove the effectiveness of cannabis in treating cancer. That said, these peer-reviewed studies show that it has this ability.

Brain Cancer

Several studies found that Cannabinoids arrest brain tumors.

1. First of all is theresearch from Complutense University in Madrid. Researchers from the Department of Molecular Biology discovered that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and other cannabinoid substances checked tumor growth.

Patients with glioblastoma received doses of THC. It had no adverse effects if delivered safely. THC decreased tumors in two out of nine patients.

2. Another study published in Molecular Cancer Therapeuticsshowed that cannabis could treat brain tumors better than conventional anti-cancer treatments. It is vital that doctors find new ways to cure patients who have tumoral growth. It also unveiled how it could reverse tumor growth in the brain.

Breast Cancer

Cannabinoids are good news for women. Research points out that they limit tumors in the breast.

3. Also, studies in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics shows that cannabinoids limit breast cancer cell growth.

4.Research shared in the US National Library of Medicine found that cannabidiol (CBD) stops breast cancer cells from invading healthy ones. It also decreased tumor mass.

Lung Cancer

5. The Experimental Medicine Department at Harvard Medical School found that THC causes lung cancer cells to migrate and limits their growth. The researchers

concluded that it is possible that cannabinoids can control lung cancer cell metastasis.

Oral Cancer

6.Research published in the US National Library of Medicine found that cannabinoids stop oxygen from reaching oral cancer cells. They are harmful to malignant oral tumors.

Cannabis Can Cure Cancer Without Making You High

The research proving that cannabis cures cancer is surprisingly extensive. In controlled amounts, it is a helpful medical aid.

Cannabis offers pain relief. Heart patients may benefit from it because it lowers artery blockage.

This plant is also an effective weight loss aid because it limits appetite. Conversely, it can stimulate the appetites of those who have problems eating.

And there’s more good news about cannabis. It won’t give you a high if administered correctly. Cannabis oil, taken by mouth,relieves chronic pain. The oil does not have the same effects as the smoke.

Cannabis can cure cancer, though it needs other research. It works well if used safely.

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