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Do Plants Feel Pain? New Research Says They Can Communicate, Form Bonds, and Feel Emotions

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Do plants feel pain and emotion? Is it possible that they can bond and communicate? Do plants feel pain and other human-like sensations? Prince Charles always believed they did. For years the public has laughed at the British Royal for talking to his plants. He was ridiculed for years after being filmed making the following statement on a 1986 documentary filmed about him in the UK. ‘I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important to talk to them. They respond.’ New


10 Possible Medical Treatments of the Future

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In the coming decades, we will be probably amazed by the advances in technology and medical treatments that will come along with them. In the last 50 years, the advances in medical technology have skyrocketed. Today, with more resources being devoted to finding new ways to manage and treat disease, there are even more possibilities for the future. As the world’s population continues to increase and the average person’s lifespan improves, more medical breakthroughs are being discovered. Here are 10 possible medical treatments that may


This Innovative Vein Visualization Device Makes Drawing Blood Effortless

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Going to a doctor’s office or a hospital is not usually a fun outing. These visits can be particularly stressful if you need to give blood or engage in a procedure that requires a needle stick. This process can cause anxiety, especially if your nurse or another practitioner cannot find a vein to begin your blood draw or IV. Touching an arm to feel for the vein is not a tried-and-true method for locating a vein. However, technological advances provide great solutions to these problems,


14-Year-Old Girl Was Born Deaf, But In a Single Moment, Her Life Changed Forever

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Fourteen-year-old Maggie Gleason is a survivor. Born with a host of chronic conditions which included weakened lungs, kidneys, a heart condition and cleft palette, she has—despite the odds—thrived.Maggie was born deaf with auditory nerve damage in both ears. Maggie was born deaf with auditory nerve damage in both ears. Still, her family has always dreamed that one day she might hear. Now with a technological breakthrough that dream has become a reality thanks to hearing specialists in Cleveland, Ohio. After waiting eleven years for


10 Books To Expand Your Consciousness

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Here is a list of 10 books you can read to expand your consciousness. They are about Consciousness, Science, New Age, Aliens/UFO’s, you name it. It’s a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about. Please bookmark this page and keep checking back. This is an ever-changing list with new books added often. We are aiming for 100 can you help? Please let us know if you have read a book that has changed your life. Books contain magic we want to share that with the


Proven by Science: You Can Actually Change Your DNA and Here’s How

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DNA generally can’t be changed, right? We are the way we are, we have a set genetic makeup that we can’t alter? Wrong. The science of epigenetics (the study of how environmental factors outside of DNA influence changes in gene expression) have proved that stem cells and DNA can possibly be altered. This can be done through magnetic fields, heart coherence, positive mental states, and intention. Curbing the genetic victim mentality Despite what you may previously believe, our DNA is not the sole determinant for our


Blind Man Sees Again After 33 Years, Thanks to Bionic Eye Implant

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There’s a new invention that can restore sight even to those who have been blind for decades. Larry Hester from North Carolina was one of the first patients to receive the new technology, which gave him a chance to see again, after 33 years of blindness. Larry Hester lost his sight in his 30s, when he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called retinitis pigmentosa. It involves degenerative retinal changes, which lead to the loss of peripheral vision and the so-called night blindness. The disease is hereditary in 60%


7 Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation Backed by Science

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Age-old practices backed by modern science. No matter the tradition, as skeptical Americans, we require empirical evidence before we embrace any philosophy. When science catches up with the physiology behind the experienced effects of any medicine, there is a reason to drop pre-conceived ideas and consider. Such is the case with meditation. Practiced for millennia in other cultures, only those with direct experience can tell you what it does for them–“yoga pants” have become a fashion fad but it’s no joke or passing fancy. They may not