Contrary to society’s wrong perceptions, a relationship with a shy guy can be happy and rewarding due to his underestimated qualities.

For many years, society has portrayed the ideal husband/boyfriend as a confident, strong, dominant and fearless man. While those qualities may indeed inspire security and safety, they do not always describe the character of a loving partner, who can happen to be a shy guy.

Due to this social stereotype, emotional or shy men have often been seen as weak individuals, incapable of offering reliability and reassurance.

But contrary to these wrong assumptions, a relationship with a shy guy can be as rewarding as dating a confident man and here is why:

1. He can listen to you talking about your emotions for hours

A shy guy is aware of the emotional side of humans and understands the importance of acknowledging their presence.

As opposed to the dominant males, a shy man will always be your rock in times of need, giving you the support you need.

2. He wants to spend time with you

With a shy guy, you do not have to worry that his career will be more important than you. It does not mean that he will neglect his goals or profession, but he will make sure that he spends quality time with you.

That is because he knows that a durable and happy relationship is built by special moments.

3. He is there when you need him

Whether you struggle to reach your new professional goal or simply what to start a new adventure, your shy guy will be by your side step by step, encouraging you and working with you on every aspect that could help your dreams come true.

4. Romantic, yet passionate

Although the effect of an “intimidating” sexy man similar to Christian from “50 Shades of Grey” is quite intense and attractive, its effect on the durability of the relationship may be short.

A shy guy, on the other hand, knows how to combine romance with passion. He may not be so upfront with his sexuality and may give you the impression that his sexual style is boring. But do not let the appearances fool you.

A shy guy does not see the point in attracting women with their sex-appeal as they believe in connecting at an emotional and mental level before reaching a more intimate stage.

So, if you are after mystery, romance mixed with diversity, a shy guy will keep the relationship interesting for a long time.

5. He will not suffocate you

Even if at the first glance a shy guy may seem clingy, he will not try to control you or suffocate you with his emotions or presence. You will be surprised to see that he admires and supports your independence and personal growth by giving you the space you need to be yourself.

6. He is humble

The society usually considers that shy or emotional guys tend to achieve less in their career, but that is another wrong stigma.

Shy guys calmly chase their goals and when they reach them, they hardly brag about it. Instead, they prefer to let their actions and results speak for themselves.

7. He is loyal

As mentioned above, a shy guy is in tune with his and other people’s emotions. Thus, they do not disregard feelings nor take yours for granted, which means that your heart is safe in his hands.

You do not have to question his loyalty as he will dedicate all of himself to you.

8. He is realistic

Do not mistake a shy man for an unrealistic one. He stands with his feet on the ground when necessary, and will do it with respect and logic. He might trust his intuition, but he will know how to control his emotions as well.

A shy guy will not be freighted by issues or challenges nor lose his self-control, but instead, he will silently try to walk through the journey, aiming to learn, solve and grow.

9. Beautifully surprising you when you expect it less

Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays are occasions where more or less we all expect some sort of special attention or gift from our loved ones.

A shy or emotional guy will want to make you feel special any day of the year, so be ready to receive random surprises and special dinners.

10. Understands your silence

Verbalizing our emotions is not always an easy task. Sometimes the pain, stress or worries can leave us speechless, but that does not mean we do not want to be heard and healed.

With a shy guy, you do not have to say many words. Being an expert at understanding his own emotions, he will easily recognize yours and connect with you.

More than often he will be your best friend, sitting with you on the sofa trying to help you understand and resolve the tangled emotions.

So, next time a shy guy approaches you, it would be worth giving him time to reveal the layers of his personality and you may actually find the man you have been looking for.



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