Do you feel you’re falling into a routine lately? Do you need a push to escape it? Here is how you can achieve your best life by challenging yourself.

They say that we should try one task that scares us every day, but can we really find enough scary things to try?

Roller coasters seem like a great idea, but it can’t really be our everyday project.

So, here are fourteen small tasks to achieve during two weeks, or more if you wish. Not all of them are actually scary, but they are challenging you to become more active and perhaps achieve your best life.

So let’s get started:

1. Expose yourself

Express your point of view about an issue you’re not sure people agree with you. Try asking out someone who might not say yes. Confide your feelings in someone, even if it makes you anxious.

Sure, you may feel a little uncomfortable or a little embarrassed. Embarrassment itself is not the point here. The point is to comprehend your vulnerable parts and learn how to deal with them. This is a way to know yourself better and thus, evolve.

2. Go for your dream work

Ok, there’s no add on the job sites, and you don’t have all the qualifications for the job. It seems to take a while to fill in the online application on the company’s career page, but so what? Give it some time, fill in the application and send it.

You never know! I myself have been hired for jobs for which I was quite underqualified. It wouldn’t hurt trying, there’s nothing to lose here. The worst thing that could happen is to find out which are the skills that need some work and moreover, you let the company know you are interested.

A way towards your best life requires constant action and challenges!

3. Give yourself one hour of exercise in something completely new

Skip visiting your gym today and offer yourself a new experience! It could be anything that you’ve never tried before. Consider a dance lesson, indoor or outdoor climbing, water ski, self-defense classes, paintball etc. Give it a try and you never know, you may discover your next hobby!

4. Use your favorite pen to write a list of everything you love and respect about a beloved person and give it to them

You can send it or preferably, hand it over yourself. It will definitely put a smile on their face, and so will on yours. It can be very fulfilling to make someone’s day!

5. Text all your phone contacts. Unless you’re willing to get in touch, delete the contact

Your phone list may be quite long, including plenty of contact numbers, but how many of them are you actually using? This could be a chance to reconnect with all those who are really important to you and leave those who are not.

6. Disconnect for 24 hours

Forget about your phone, tablet, and PC for the whole day. It seems impossible but it’s not! Go out without any devices and so, escape facebook, twitter, email and texting for the whole day.

It sure sounds weird, but trust me, it could be liberating! Go out and enjoy your day without being stuck in front of a screen.

7. Give yourself a whole day of only new tastes

This shall be a special day food-wise! Try that Indian restaurant you’ve seen in your neighborhood, grab a strawberry smoothy instead of ice tea. An experiment in your own kitchen with a recipe that seems delicious and you have never tried before.

You may find new treats you’ll love!

8. Make a discussion with someone you’ve never talked to before

It could be someone at the coffee house or on the train. Or a neighbor you never had the chance to talk with. Try to communicate with a person you didn’t know. You will get over your fear to talk to strangers and who knows? You could make a new friend out of it!

9. No lies for an entire day

That’s right, not even once! This way you will observe the way of thinking you’re used to. And every time you put some effort to be truthful, you will become conscious of the fact that normally, you would have lied in that case.

It could make you change some habitsthat prevent you from achieving your best life.

10. Donate some money anonymously

It could be a charity or even a beloved person who needs help. If you cannot afford to offer money for the time being, you could always offer some voluntary work to an important cause. Helping people is great, and it could be really fulfilling to offer someone relief from their problems.

11. Devour a book at once

It could be a small book, no need to get a 600-page novel. Sit comfortably with a cup of chocolate, coffee or whatever you prefer. Begin reading your new book and do not leave it until you’ve reached the last page!

Ok, you could make a small break or two if you have to, but get back to finish it! Rarely do we take the time to focus on something we love without any distraction. You will take real joy in it!

12. Get in touch with someone in the career field you’re interested in

It could be by email or a facebook inbox message. You could explain how you’re interested in a career of their own, and how you admire what they’ve accomplished. If they are open to it, you could go out for a cup of coffee and discuss it.

Ask them questions about how they first started working in the field. Learn from their experience. It could turn out to be easier than you thought! And plus, you will make a new connection.

13. Dedicate two straight hours to be taught a new skill

Did you ever want to learn how to tango? Or learn Italian? Did you ever wish you knew how to play the guitar? Or sing in a choir? This week, pick a day and devote two hours to learning something new.

If you have a nice time, go again next week. You’ll be impressed with how fast you can learn something you like when you offer yourself the time to work on it without interruption. So think, what is it that you like?

14. And the final tip for achieving your best life: Indulge yourself

Take some time to offer some enjoyment to yourself. Buy that shirt you’ve wanted, have dinner in a nice restaurant, sleep a little longer, have a nice hot bubble bath, go out with friends and have a great time.

Reward yourself for having worked a lot during the previous period. Spend an afternoon with the most important person in your life. When was the last time you spent some time taking care of yourself? Don’t wait any longer!

Follow these tips and help yourself to live your best life!

H/T: Thought Catalog

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