There are times when all of us stop to live in the present and start dreaming of the future. The past is the past, and we have no idea what the future holds.

All we have is now, and although it is okay to have dreams, we should be realistic. Tomorrow is only a concept and as the wise have been saying, it never comes. The reality of life is that you are living when it’s happening. When we simplify our lives and live in the present, we start focusing on what matters to us and not impressing the masses.

If you decide to live in the past or concentrate on the future, you will never appreciate the now. We spend our lives worrying about what could have been or what could be. The most advocated method of getting past your worries is to live in the present.

Appreciate what’s in your life as you plan for what will come in the future. Some people even study conscious living for them to educate individuals who feel that they need to be aware of their nature of being.

Here are 7 ways for you to live in the present:

1. Focus on the Now

When you go to a new place, it’s natural to appreciate the unique beauty. It is the truth, but it’s also a lie that we tell ourselves. In all our daily endeavors, we are surrounded by grace, and it is up to us to appreciate what it is that we have here.

Focus on the Now

Beauty surrounds us when we wake up, and it’s up to us to focus on what we have rather than dream of what could have been. Some of us have a decent job and a loving spouse and beautiful kids waiting for us at home.

The fact that we do not have as much money as we would hope for makes us forget that the happiness we have right now is worth more than money could buy. So be grateful for all that you have for there are many who did not even live to see the present.

2. Face Your Adversities

All of us have that thing that pisses us off. Either it’s the promotion we never get or the partner who left us without an explanation. For most of these things, the solutions lie within us. In life, we all always like to blame the negative things that we are going through on others rather than looking at what it is that brought us here.

Naturally, our brain is wired to avoid the things that hurt us most. When we get unpleasant thoughts, we will either try to blame them on something else or forget them altogether. The only problem that lies with this is our subconscious.

Deny all we want, but there is that thing at the back of our minds that always reminds us of what we did wrong or what we could have faced. The resisting pain only magnifies it in the future. Facing what hurts us the most at the moment is the best way to avoid negative memories.

To live in the present is to accept what it is that’s going on right now in your life. Trying to control or manipulate things that are already happening will cost you more than just looking forward to what has gone wrong and how to face what’s coming.

3. Focus on One Thing At a Time

The majority of us have the mindset of making a living from more than one financial activity without first mastering the one that we already have. You will find a person focusing on more than one thing at a time rather than trying to be proficient in only one thing.

It is a fact that working on more than one thing at a time will bring confusion to it. Live in the present moment, and the rest will slowly fall into place. Multitasking is a feat that only a few special ones can accomplish so unless you consider yourself one of them, you should stay away from it.

Focus on One Thing At a Time

Having more than one problem to fix at the same time increases stress levels. It will make you want to work faster to fix all of them on your own. It is a plausible effort but it will take away your focus from what you have achieved now and can appreciate.

Focus and complete one task at a time, and you will appreciate the things that you’ve accomplished in the present rather than what you can accomplish in the future.

4. Pardon the Past

We have all been through situations that could make us hurt someone. If it were not for our common sense, we could commit some bad deeds or even crimes. The fact that we cannot avenge what someone did in the past or the pain that they made us go through is very hurtful. It is a burden that we can carry for a long time waiting for the right moment to get even.

Forgetting the past and moving forward in life will inspire and motivate you. It may never happen, and we go on carrying grudges that carry no weight. Letting go of the past and shielding yourself from what could come in the future will make you appreciate what you have now and stay away from people and habits that ruin your happiness.

5. Smile

In life, there are moments that weigh us down, and it is acceptable to look and feel gloomy. But that should only be for a moment.

Yes, you have gone through a loss but that is in the past and right now you have the chance to overcome it and make something of it. Children tend to smile 400 times a day on average so at least try and emulate their behavior.

Many of us concentrate on what we have lost rather than appreciating the now. Look at a child, play with them, and you will find yourself smiling from ear to ear. The sunset or someone you love may also bring out that smile to your face. It’s never that serious and right now is the moment for you to start all over.

6. Be Grateful

Every day that you wake up and go to sleep is a gift. An excellent way to keep count of this is a diary where you write what it is that you are grateful for that day and what you hope to achieve tomorrow. It is a way to appreciate the blessings that you have right now.

7. Appreciate the Beauty Around You

Those butterflies flapping their wings next to you or the sunrise sweeping across your room are some examples of the natural free beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. Take a walk in the evening and look at the beautiful flowers, birds chirping and children playing around you.

It is one of the best feelings that you can experience right now. If you start seeing what you have, you will be able to live a life without limitations. You do not have to spend loads of cash to find happiness, and it is the little things around you that matter the most.


To Truly Live in the Present - Conclusion

If you are waiting on someone or an event to come and fulfill your life, you have a long way to go. Start by appreciating the little things that you have at the moment, and you will see a change in your life.

Most of us believe that having money is the way to being happy but today, forget the hype and look around you and appreciate the blessings that you have at present.

Try conscious living education today to get in touch with the moment and truly live in the present. Its development is based on an experienced education that mainly focuses on healing, fulfillment, and consciousness.

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