Traditional dates are great, but why not try some unique first date ideas to liven things? Unusual dates help you get to know someone faster.

It’s been a while since I went on a “first” date, but I will admit, I’ve been on a few unusual ones. First date ideas can range from movies to walks in the park, and those are just the ordinary ones. What we’re after here are the more unique versions, the strange encounters, and fun-filled adventures. These first date ideas are what really brings the truth out in a person.

A selection of unusual first date ideas

So, if you’ve met someone new and you’re at a loss for date ideas, so it’s time to choose something a bit out of the ordinary, don’t you think. Why not, you only live once, right? So, here are a few ideas. Go ahead, mix and match, and create the perfect unique first date!

1. The 3…course…meal

Here’s an idea! Why not have a 3-course meal. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “That’s just an ordinary date.” Well, it would be if you had all those courses in the same place. Here’s the jest of it.

Have an appetizer at one location, maybe take a walk to another restaurant and have a main dish, and then possibly ice cream, at the creamery for dessert. Now, do you see where I’m going with this?

Separating these courses gives you an opportunity to talk and discuss the silliness of the situation. It helps you break the ice and also gives you a bit of variety for dinner. For a first date, you can see how well you connected during this quirky adventure.

2. Breakfast for dinner….why not!

Instead of meeting for breakfast in the morning, why not have breakfast at dinnertime. Nothing breaks the ice easier than a tall stack of pancakes, frosty orange juice, and scrumptious eggs. Yum! If you aren’t a breakfast lover, then maybe brunch out of order will do just fine.

Nothing says unusual first date ideas like mixing things up a bit.

3. Visit the zoo

It’s really that simple. A perfect first date idea is to take a visit to your local zoo or aquarium. If you love animals or you’re trying to gauge just how much your new acquaintance loves them, then this will let you know. The zoo is also a great way to feel comfortable with someone new because animals love to be comical.

If you want to make the date even more fun, opt for a picnic as well and plan to go BYO everything. Pick and choose which snacks you will each bring and then surprise each other when you get together. It doesn’t have to be a fancy picnic.

All it takes it a light snack, cold drinks and a bit of childish fun.

4. Cooking class

As far as first date ideas go, the cooking class is one of the best options. Joining a cooking class with a date will help you get an idea about how much you both know about cooking. This helps in more ways than one. It also provides a friendly atmosphere where you can both get to know one another, but without the awkwardness of being alone. Who knows, you might discover that you’re both amateur chefs.

5. Painting class

Guess what! You might be going on the first date with a budding artist! Well, maybe. Just as with cooking class, painting or art classes provide an optimal setting for the first date as well. Any sort of experience where you are allowed to express yourself openly allows the “true” you to emerge.

This is healthy for you and it lets your date get a glimpse of what’s in store for their future as well. This works both ways, by the way.

6. Try bowling

Even if you’re not that great at bowling, it’s still an interesting way to have fun with few expectations. Since you’re on a first date, let’s face it, you don’t really know what to expect anyway. If you do happen to enjoy bowling, this type of the first date will help you loosen up.

If both of you tend to enjoy the sport, this can help you build a connection. Most bowling alleys also have arcades and snacks and can fulfill all aspects of a certified date. Since the atmosphere will usually be pretty lively, you won’t have to worry about feeling awkward either.

7. Amusement park

Roller coasters and games aren’t just for kids. They can also be a great source of fun for first date ideas. Most first dates can be nerve-wracking, but when you add the excitement of an amusement park, this takes the spotlight off the stress and brings attention to all the colorful surroundings.

You can notice all the sights and thrills together without any of the odd feelings of the first meeting.

8. A night of Karaoke

If you’re trying to discover a more outgoing form of date, then Karaoke is your thing. I’ve enjoyed Karaoke once, and I can tell you, you will lose your inhibitions, and you will lose them FAST. When choosing between first date ideas, be brave and take a shot with Karaoke.

It’s also the best way to weed out those who may be a bit too uptight for your tastes. If it’s a more reserved person you desire, you will also notice this by the way they perform their act, or by their reluctance to perform at all. Either way, Karaoke has a way of helping you get to know a person much faster.

First dates are still first dates

First dates are still first dates

If you’re looking for the best fit among first date ideas, then you can try some of these. You can also create your own first date. Just remember to be creative and open-minded because this is how the best date ideas are born.

Life is short. Just get out and have some fun.


By Sherrie H.

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