Inspired by the mood of renewal that accompanies the first months of the year, a lot of us itch to make changes to our homes, but we often let go of these home renovation ideas because of a budget crunch.

We bargain with ourselves to invest the money elsewhere rather than just on decoration for our home. Here are a few pocket-friendly home renovation ideas to give a breath of fresh air to your living space that will rejuvenate the way you live at home:

1. Paint walls.

While making a house look different, the first thing we often think of altering is the walls; either give them a fresh coat or change the color altogether. This can be an expensive affair. So, instead of redoing the entire house, select just one wall in each room and make changes to it.

You could use wallpaper or a shade of paint that contrasts the rest of the walls, but still compliments your general décor.

2. Add a sense of personality to your pre-existing decorations.

You can shop at vintage stores that have a ton of used but completely acceptable pieces. They will be affordable and most of these become great conversation starters! You could also upgrade parts of your furniture as a DIY project.

You can change the covers of your sofa or add fresh throw-pillows with quirky colors on it. Rearranging the way your furniture is placed can also add a refreshing change with almost no investment.

3. Mirrors make a great tool for experimenting with.

Creating artwork with broken pieces of a mirror can be a beautiful showpiece in your living room. If used intelligently, mirrors can also help in creating an illusion of a larger space. You can use glass painting colors to decorate pre-existing mirrors or windows which receive a lot of sunlight.

4. Change the way you use your lighting.

Textured or tinted mirrors are also available at local stores which can be used to highlight or hide certain parts of your home by making interesting lampshades, and voila! Add a throw of fairy lights to a quaint corner, or invest in LED bulbs which have a warmer shade of yellow.

Light dimmers are cheap and easily available, thus helping you create a lighting ambiance for every mood.

5. A new touch in your bathroom.

Bathrooms are often neglected while giving your home a makeover when they are the easiest to renovate and often, the most used part of your home. Use wooden ladders or used wrought iron centerpieces to act as shelves. You can even replace the old tiling and get some of the pending work of plumbing done.

Create layers of colors by investing in shades of towels which will have both a utilitarian and aesthetic purpose. Add a fresh potted flower or change the soap dispensers, and you will have an easy change of appeal.

6. Let’s dig some more.

Lastly, the most effective ways of making your home look larger than what it is are to get rid of all the clutter that you have hoarded over the year. It is a fun family activity too while you can reminisce about the year gone by, your home gets cleaner. While rummaging through all the clutter, you might even find other things that you can reuse instead of throwing away.

These home renovation ideas will definitely help you start and continue this year on a clean, crisp, and positive note.



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