Coconut oil has become so popular and many thought it might just end up as a fad, however, it is sticking around because it has so many uses.

It can be used in cooking, beauty, home, and healthcare.

So we have collected 13 of the most unexpected uses for Coconut oil just right for you:

1. Use it for crazy hair

You can use Coconut oil for a natural way to tame flyaway hair. Put a little oil in your palms and massage into your hair. Leave it in your hair for a few hours and wash it out. The Coconut oil moisturizes your hair as when the hair is dehydrated it will become fly away.

2. Use it as a moisturizer.

The oil of the coconut is a great, natural moisturizer and it’s great for all skin types.

3. Use it for wounds.

Coconut oil has lots of antibacterial properties making it great to apply to cuts to help them heal faster.

4. Use it as a facial scrub.

You can mix Coconut oil with Himalayan Crystal Salt and use it daily on your face. It’s gentle enough to use daily, but strong enough to remove the dead skin you have accumulated in the day.

5. Use it for babies.

Babies suffering from a nappy rash will benefit from a little coconut oil regularly to the bottom. Happy babies all around.

6. Use it for cats.

The oil of the coconut can improve your cat’s coat and reduce hairballs by rubbing a little on your cat’s paw.

7. Use it as polish.

Using Coconut oil on your wood can make it look healthy and last longer by absorbing into the wood instead of sitting on the top of the wood as most polishes do.

8. Use it for bug bites.

The oil of the coconut can be applied to the skin to soothe any bites acquired from summer bugs. It’s also suitable to use on animals if they also suffer from bug bites.

9. Use it for colds.

You can mix coconut and peppermint oils and use it as a vapor rub when you are suffering from a cold/cough or flu.

10. Use it for dogs.

Coconut oil on some cotton wool can be used to clean out your dog’s ears. It’s antiseptic and soothing, and once the ear is clean, you can use a little more and rub it into the skin for an itch-free ear.

11. Use it for knots.

Long-haired ladies will know the pain of knotty hair, but this can be eased without the use of hair conditioner. Rub some coconut oil into the hair and leave it for 2/3 minutes.

12. Use it for a flaky scalp.

The oil of the coconut is very moisturizing and nourishing if you suffer from a dry scalp causing white flakes. Try wetting the hair, massage the coconut oil into the scalp and leave for 15 minutes.  Then rinse out with a gentle shampoo and repeat 3 times per week or less as it improves.

13. Use it for rust.

Coconut oil is great for rusty tools in your home. Spread some coconut oil thinly over the rusted item and leave for 1-2 hours, run some warm water over the area and wipe with a cloth.



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  1. Kelly Mettam

    Amazing stuff love it x

  2. Cynthia Pineda

    I have used it as a deodorant for almost a year now. Works great. It is my go to product

  3. Kelly Mettam

    I can support the hair conditioning advice, it’s wonderful for hair and making it shine and also on skin complaints- natural healing.I will try the face scrub one,

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