Have you ever tried coconut oil coffee?

Coconut oil has so many redeeming qualities that it can and should be added to pretty much everything. It can withstand high and low temperatures. This means you can do anything with it and it doesn’t lose its redeeming properties.

The latest discovery by which you should be adding coconut oil to is your morning coffee. Whilst it will certainly make your coffee take extra delicious it will also benefit you health wise.

Below are three reasons why you should start drinking coconut oil coffee:

1. Increases energy

Coconut oil does give you more energy. Its molecular makeup is made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs for short. These type of fatty acids are found in abundance in coconut oil, around 65% of fatty acids found in coconut oil are MCTs.

MCTs are not found commonly in Western diets due to the general public being lead to believe that all saturated fat is bad for us. Up to the 1960s, Avocados were deemed bad for us because they contained fats.

This, however, is not true and it’s recommended to consume these kinds of fatty acids daily. These oils are absorbed by the body quickly and are processed as fuel and not stored as fat within the body.

2. Metabolism increased

Eating these fatty acids found in coconut oil can help to speed up metabolism. The calories within MCTs are not stored as fat and instead are converted into fuel for the body with an immediate use.

It is understood that MCTs help the body to produce ketones, which will give you the same benefits as being on a Ketogenic diet (a no carb diet) without actually having to cut out carbs.

Whilst it can help with speeding up metabolism it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be eating large amounts of it. Instead, it’s better to incorporate it into a healthy diet, along with regular exercise.

3. Boosts your immunity

MCTs found in Coconut Oil are actually natural antibiotics and help balance out the gut. As we are experiencing an antibiotic resistance wave, it’s good to know that we can rely on Mother Nature to provide some natural methods to attack unhealthy bacteria.

The following bacteria can actually be killed by the MCTs found in coconut oil: streptococcus, staphylococcus, and Neisseria. These combined bacteria’s cause pneumonia, food poisoning, urinary infections, meningitis and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

By simply having a daily dose of MCT from a source such as Coconut Oil can prevent and treat these bacterias.

Try this tasty coconut oil coffee recipe:


  • Organic freshly brewed coffee
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil
  • Honey (optional)
  • Vanilla (optional)
  • Peppermint (optional)


  • Pour your coffee and coconut oil into a blender
  • Add any additional ingredients you like
  • Blend up all the ingredients
  • Pour back into your cup and enjoy

Another great thing about cooking your food and drinking your coffee with coconut oil is that it can withstand high temperatures and not lose any of its goodness.

So even if you fry it, bake with it, mix with hot drinks, you will still reap the benefits of the yummy properties.

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  1. Nanci Wadsworth

    Hmmm. I’ll try this

  2. Zorica Zoe

    I like to try this some time

  3. Margaret

    Couldn’t agree more! Coconut oil coffee is very yummy and if you add some cinnamon or other fancy little flavors, it can really enhance the cuppa making it oh so yummy. Adding honey, vanilla, and peppermint to it? I definitely need to try that. Thanks for sharing that recipe.

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