There are some urine uses that you probably never thought or heard about.

You must have heard those survival stories where someone saved his or her own life by drinking urine! Yes, urine. That sounds disgusting, but it’s time to unravel the facts in your ‘number one’ call to the washroom.

First, did you know that urine is sterile, nontoxic and it mainly contains glucose, amino acids, and electrolytes? Hold your thoughts, there are more facts you didn’t know about urine uses or do you have any idea that you could use your pee to self-medicate at home and to also save the environment.

Let’s dissect through some very interesting facts about urine uses that will amaze you!

Peeing in the Shower Saves Water!

It has been found that most people around the world admit that they peed while taking a shower at one point or another. This is not something to be said out loud but I’m sure you also do it once in a while. There is really no harm in peeing in the shower if anything it actually saves more than 15 liters of water per person.

About 15 liters of water are used to flush the toilet after a short call. When this is multiplied by the millions of people in the world, a lot of water is wasted. Also think of it this way, peeing in the shower is another great way to save

Also think of it this way, peeing in the shower is another great way to save trees. After all, a lot of toilet paper is used after peeing so this way you just pee and wash instead if wiping.

Want to be an environmentalist? You are already one if you pee the shower sometimes! Don’t make it a habit, though.

Other Urine Uses

Treats wounds

Believe it or not, you can use urine to disinfect and soothe a clean wound. A wound can be a scrape or just a bruise. Just use a little urine to ease the pain and soothe the injury. This should work, but you have to seek medical advice for more serious injuries.

Treats skin conditions

Do you have eczema or psoriasis that won’t go away? Did you know that urine could be used in battling these skin issues?

Well, this is to let you know that urine can help out in solving these problems. Just rub fresh urine into your skin and wait a few hours before cleaning it. But still, see a dermatologist for proper treatment of these conditions.

Kills fungi

Fungi, especially the ones that attack the feet, can be some of the most irritating infections. Rub urine into the affected area and let it sit overnight under a compress.

Do this once in a while for better results in a few weeks time. If the fungi do not go away, seek medical advice for more details on fungal infection.

NB: Urine is a byproduct of your body so do not hold your urine for long as this may cause urinary tract infection or an overactive bladder.


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