We love each other but somewhere in our daily routine forget to express it often and hence, it becomes important to take time off from our busy schedules and take a vacation. A good destination plays a crucial role in giving you a relaxed and rejuvenated time.

From wine yard country retreats to beach paradises, we bring you a super cool list of enchanting vacation destinations to swoon over.

Read on the 12 best destinations for romantic getaways.

1. Paris – France

One of the most romantic getaways in the world, the capital of France- Paris comes first on the list for obvious reasons. Whether you enjoy the iconic view of the 19th century Eiffel Toweror take a peek into history at The Louvre museum, Paris exudes charm in every sight.

2. Venice – Italy

2. Destinations for Romantic Getaways Venice - Italy

One place that can completely take your regular life off your mind and bring you closer as a couple is Venice. This city built on more than 100 islands together is sans cars or roadways and only has boats and canals for transportation. Take a romantic boat ride together cuddled in the arms and forget the worries of the world in Venice.

3. Aruba – Venezuela

Spend a dreamy time together on the sandy coastlines of the beaches of Aruba. Enjoy adventure water sports like snorkeling, Scuba diving and more while relishing sumptuous seafood. With Hooiberg mountain peaks on one side and Eagle beach on the other, Aruba makes for a perfect vacation destination for couples.

4. Dubai – United Arab Emirates

4. Destinations for Romantic Getaways Dubai - United Arab Emirates

This world entertainment hub offers you a rare mix of exceptional attractions of land, water, and snow; all in one place. Dubai is the world’s safest city and boasts of innumerable world-record-holding attractions. From beachside candlelight dinners to doing skydiving together; Dubai beckons people in love to have the best times of their lives.

5. Maldives

5. Destinations for Romantic Getaways Maldives

Home to unparalleled luxury, white sandy crystal beaches, and amazing underwater life; the Maldives makes you instantly fall in love with it. Almost all the 1200 islands of this country are so close to perfect that it is hard to ignore the paradisiacal beauty of the place having the power to instantly lift up your spirits. One of the most popular romantic getaways.

6. Tahiti – French Polynesia

6. Tahiti - French Polynesia

It’s a shame to not see a place so beautiful as Tahiti in the bucket list of many travelers. This black sand island is the heart of French Polynesia. Come here for shadowy mountains, the unparalleled beauty of waterfronts and flabbergasting archeological sites. Tahiti, for couples looking to rekindle their romance, is a gem in its own right.

7. Rhineland – Germany

One place in Germany that can be affirmed as having romance in its air is Rhineland. More than 500 castles crowning the banks of the Rhine Riverland a breathtaking beauty to the place. The vine-terraced hills that come as a legacy of the Romans give a majestic feel to this city of adorable sunsets. Come here for a holiday that seems to be taken out straight from a romantic poem.

8. Prague – Czech Republic

8. Prague - Czech Republic

How can anyone not fall in love with a place that constantly beckons you to explore it a bit further? The city of ancient chapels, old fashioned stylish bars, hidden courtyards and beauty no less than Paris, Prague beckons all the couples to fall in love all over again. With art all around and Beer a demigod; Prague is one city you’ll never feel bored with.

9. Maui – Hawaii

If you are an adventurous couple, Maui is your place to be. A destination to undertake one of the world’s best romantic getaways on a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of waterfalls plunging into shimmering pools, Maui awaits you with its exquisite sunrise. Come here to treat your taste buds with sumptuous local food and friendly locals offering impeccable hospitality.

10. Virgin Gorda – British Virgin Islands

10. Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands

With majestic beaches unfurling all around, Virgin Gorda, although boasts of many celebrity homes (Morgan Freeman, Richard Branson), the place still is tad away from the exasperating commercialism. The place is all about palm fronds swaying alongside the white sandy beaches with turquoise water and astounding landscapes.

11. Las Vegas – USA

11. Las Vegas - USA

While Las Vegas is a Technicolor dream city of rolling dices, glittering glamor; it is also a surreal place with an ultimate escape from your cultured routine.

Party hard, dance all night, spoil yourself in sinful cocktails and stay devoid of all worries in this city of adrenaline-fueled indulgence. Take a wacky turn from your sophisticated lifestyle and treat your wild side in Las Vegas.

12. Florence – Italy

12. Florence - Italy

A city with an abundance of masterpieces and architectural marvels, Florence can be refreshingly great for a vacation together. The city literally breathes art and culture and being in Florence feels like being in a living museum.

Other than art masterpieces, the city has amazing street markets for shopping souvenirs and irresistible Gelatos to indulge in. Come to Florence to savor time together in this classic city.

While hassle-free Dubai Visa makes Dubai a destination that can be planned at the last minute, Las Vegas and Paris are places that have tourist season all through the year.

The idea is that the destinations for romantic getaways are all waiting for you to come and embrace their refreshing feel, it’s all up to you to realize the importance of spending quality time together away from the routine lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Plan a vacation escape today, because the best time is now.


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