Happy Valentine’s Day… actually, we’re looking for ways to enjoy an Anti-Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it’s more fun!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t a bad thing. It’s just that society has taken this “love day” and turned it into a materialistic day of spending tons of money to prove some point. Yes, you may enjoy getting flowers and candy, love letters and declarations, but just as many people rather not celebrate this holiday.

What Is an Anti-Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re alone this February, or you just don’t really like Valentine’s Day for some reason, you can still create your own holiday or non-holiday.

An Anti-Valentine’s Day means celebrating the freedom of not having to spend all that money on materialistic things, not stressing over what someone will like or not like as a gift. It provides a day to do whatever you want to be happy.

How to celebrate this un-holiday holiday

1. Binge-watching television

Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been the greatest holiday for me throughout the years. Some of those years felt exactly like an attack on love. Those were the hard days. Well, celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day may be a little different. Some people chose to not fall into society’s view of this love day.

One way I’ve always dealt with Valentine’s Day is by binge-watching a great show. From the time I wake up until bedtime, I try to enjoy the lives of others. I prefer comedies because they make me happy and rarely remind me of all that holiday hustle and bustle. Also, older comedies work better because they rarely mention Valentine’s Day.

2. Spend time with your pets

If you don’t want to celebrate this holiday but instead be anti-holiday, you can spend time with your pets. Pets have the ability to calm any stress or anxiety. Plus, they offer an unconditional love that another person cannot provide. They will love the extra attention too….well, most of them do.

3. Celebrate life instead

Instead of celebrating the love between you and your partner, celebrate life. For those who have no mate, celebrating life is even easier. You can celebrate in many ways. If you’re a nature person, you can go camping, if the weather allows, or you could spend time with friends celebrating life, maybe have a few drinks or dinner.

Anti-Valentine’s Day’s name can be changed then to Life Celebration Day, where you enjoy yourself, enjoy your children, if you have them, and appreciate your self-worth. Either way, take this day to be happy and not depressed.

4. Enjoy your favorite food

Why not take this day to order your absolute favorite meal, even if you have to splurge a little? Hey, everyone else is spending a fortune on candy, flowers and other Valentine gifts, so why not spend whatever you want on your favorite foods? If you want, order more than one portion and enjoy your favorite foods all day long.

5. Volunteer

There are more than a few reasons to dislike Valentine’s Day. That’s why we refer to it as Anti-Valentine’s Day. One reason could be because your relationship isn’t doing well. Another reason is that you have no relationship at all. Or, you could actually just dislike the day for its commercialism.

If you don’t want to think of dates and chocolates, or other things for yourself, then maybe you can try to do something for someone who needs help. This specific day can be used for volunteer work. Offer to help at a soup kitchen or help with cleanup. These things help others and keep your mind occupied as well.

6. Sleep the day away

If you have a bad record or history of Valentine’s Day, then you might just want to check out for a day. This means staying in bed and sleeping away from the dreaded holiday. Yes, it’s perfectly okay to shut out the world for a day, re-energize, and then move on toward March.

7. Read a book

If you rather not spend the day sleeping, you can spend the day reading, that is, if you are the reading type. There may be many books that you’ve been waiting to read, but they’re never seemed to be enough time.

If you’re celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day instead of Valentine’s Day, this is the day you can set things aside and read that book. By the end of the day, your head will be filled with characters from your book instead of disappointments, materialism, and everyone else’s opinion.

8. Buy candy for yourself

If candy exchange is not on the menu, then go buy some for yourself. I’ve never really been a fan of buying myself things on holidays. I usually find it selfish. But in this situation, if you’re alone, you have every right to do something for yourself. Buy chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, and caramel. Buy what you want and enjoy your guilty pleasure.

Anti-Valentine’s is now an official holiday!

Well, maybe it’s not really an official, official holiday, but it can be if you want. The point is, instead of feeling heartbroken, used, or buried in commercialism, try to have a great day doing something. Hopefully, these suggestions above can help. Go ahead, have the day you want.

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