If you are struggling with cellulite problem, here is a simple and effective cellulite reduction routine for you to follow.

We love it when people spread positive body image, like when Meghan Trainor, for instance, sang that “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”. Still, many women do their best to achieve cellulite reduction.

We’ve even seen movements that celebrated a woman’s full curves, and a campaign that even put cellulite right smack in the middle of a major social media hashtag. Still, it wouldn’t be bad if you desired a body transformation like Khloe Kardashian’s, would it?

Sizing Up Your Booty

Exercising can improve the appearance of your cellulite with the proper forms and exercises. However, you need to remember that your personal motivation is your best weapon to beat those orange peels.

So, gather up your guts because detailed below is your step-by-step cellulite reduction routine:

1. Swimming

This can be your best cardiovascular workout yet. Swimming makes use of almost every major muscle group in your body — arms, thighs, legs, ankles, back, abdomen, and shoulders.

If you learn the right form and take laps, you will be exercising your way to a firmer, sexier body, and you will hardly even recognize it.

The water adds handicap and helps build your resistance further. If you don’t know how to swim, no problem. Now’s the best time to learn. Or, just dip, floaters on both arms. You can even just stay on one side, hold up your arms to the sides and start kicking, with your tummy into the water.

Set aside time to run from end-to-end for at least 15 minutes. It’s like running with ankle weights on both legs, except you’re not aware of it.

2. Climb up the stairs

As much as you can, make that at least 15 floors up. Take it slowly, you don’t have to run. If you feel that you cannot do 15 floors on your first day, gradually build up.

Once you feel that your muscles have adapted to the routine, you can add handicap by doing the routine twice or, add ankle weights so that there’s more resistance every time you bring your legs up.

3. Glute Raises

Don’t worry if you don’t have a gym membership or, the equipment to do this. Simply add ankle weights to both legs. Go down on all fours with your elbows and knees pressed against the floor.

Raise up your right leg, stretching your leg up so that your right foot is perpendicular to the ceiling. Do this 15 for 15 repetitions. Then, shift to your left foot.

4. Side cross under

Ever seen a boxer train? This is one way you can firm up your legs while strengthening your upper body. With an invisible rope (or a real one) hanging about the height of your torso, cross under to your right then under again to your left.

Do this until you reach the other end with both knees bent and feet in slight tiptoe position.

5. Yoga Poses

Learn yoga poses that will train you to support your own weight. That will greatly help firm up your muscles. For starters, you can start with the plank, side plank, Utkatassana and tree pose. This will also be a great way to improve your circulation as you cool off.

The Trouble with Exercising for Cellulite Reduction

When you’re headed down the cellulite reduction routine, keep in mind that there are no shortcuts. You’ll find to treat that wrinkle on the corner of one eye.

To magnify the results of your cellulite reduction workout, therefore, you need a more holistic strategy and follow the best treatment for cellulite.

Here are other tactics that can help:

1. Add more protein to your diet. Studies suggest that eating more protein forces your body to exert more effort to burn more calories and metabolize more of your excess, unwanted fats. Protein also helps you build more muscle, keeps your bones strong, and regulates your cravings.

2. Stay active. Keep walking, keep running, keep sweating. Don’t just sweat it when you’re actively exercising.

3. Sleep well. Exercise improves sleep so, give in. It helps you forget late night snacking which packs in more fat. Chronic sleeplessness makes your body lose track of hunger and satiation signals.


Cellulite is made of stubborn fat. It took you several years to pack them in. It may not take you the same length of time to lose it, but you have to double up your efforts.


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