Every single child in the world has special ambitions and personal dreams. However, at some decisive point in life, there comes a situation that directs the person’s future.

A certain group of people will strive forwards and achieve their goals, whilst another group will let them slip away and will finally let go of their dreams.

There is something called conformity – the natural inclination of people to fit into an expected role and comply with the standards imposed by the environment. Most people don’t mind turning their childhood dreams into distant memories, and that’s a big problem.

The frustrating thing about this is that most of us cannot pinpoint a specific reason for letting our dreams go; that just happens with age and experience. When trying to put a finger on the exact reason why we have forgotten our ambitions, it’s not unusual to see the same old excuses come to the surface.

Here are eight bad and unnecessary reasons why people let go of their dreams:

1. “I’m Not Good Enough”

A lack of confidence is often the cause for somebody to fail following their dreams. What you need to remember is that the little voice telling you that you are not good enough isn’t a divine, all-knowing power. It’s not intuition either; it is simply the fear everyone faces when contemplating something new or exciting. Not listening to this voice is a key component of striding forward your ultimate goals.

2. “I Don’t Have Enough Time”

Again, this excuse tends to be used to mask an altogether different emotion, and that is apprehension. People are afraid of failure, so they choose to stay occupied with routine tasks. When they are too busy, they don’t feel guilty for neglecting their greatest goals and, as a result, let go of their dreams.

If something is truly important to you and you’re determined enough to achieve it, then you can always find time for it. Your plan may require taking some time off from work or carving out an hour a day. One thing is certain: you can always find the time if you try hard enough.

3. “My Peers Don’t Support Me”

If this is the case, then you need to consider two different points. Firstly, you need to evaluate who you are trying to make happy with this goal. The only person that matters should be you, and your self-confidence is the only support you could possibly need. Secondly, why are your friends and peers not supportive? Perhaps you should talk to them and explain your ambitions. Maybe all they need is to see your passion and commitment.

4. “I’m Not Ready”

This is simply a delaying tactic caused by more fear and apprehension. Sit down and consider your life situation. Can you name the specific reasons that are preventing you from being ready? If the only answer you can come up with is that same voice in your head, then you really need to push yourself through the obstacles if you want to come out happier on the other side.

5. “I’m Doing My Best”

People often let go of their dreams because they tend to lie to themselves in a subconscious attempt to justify several things, one of them being the inactivity in achieving their goals. Your anxiety about attempting the unknown is most likely keeping you from facing the truth. It takes a lot of soul searching to finally realize you’re holding yourself back. However, once you take ownership of your own thoughts feelings, you will be able to give yourself the shot of energy and motivation that you need to really do your best.

6. “I’ll Do It Next Year”

That’s another classic delaying tactic. If you remain the same person year after year, what magical occurrence do you expect to happen next year to inspire you to start chasing your dreams? Just start the journey towards your ambition, whatever it may be and whatever it may entail! There is not a minute to waste.

7. “I Don’t Have The Skills”

Trust me, very few people were born with the skills to do what they want to do. It takes hard work and dedication, even a few special courses to become ready to challenge for your goals. If you use the excuse of not having the needed knowledge, it’s only because you still haven’t sought it out.

8. “I Tried Before, It Didn’t Work Out”

Well, if you don’t succeed the first time, pick yourself up and try again! People are incredibly resilient. There is no reason for you to let go of your dreams simply because the first try wasn’t successful. Keep on plugging away at your goals. Hard work and determination can go a long, long way.

So, did any of these excuses sound familiar to you? If so, what are you waiting for? Leave your excuses behind you and start a challenging journey to make your dreams come true. You can do it!

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