The squat is a common term especially where exercising your gluteus is concerned. However, the exercise can start getting a bit boring for many after just after a few minutes of squatting.

It is close to impossible to hold a tight tush with squat only. The truth is that performing a combination of physical exercises can easily kick squats exercises right out of your routine.

Here are some of the best butt exercises that will keep you in shape.

1. The Heel Lifted Squat

1-The Heel Lifted Squat

Place your feet apart and lift your left heel. Push your hips behind and then lower your butt towards the floor. Take control to ensure you do not lose your balance. Maintain the same posture for a few seconds and then push your right heel to the starting position. Repeat the procedure for about 45-60 seconds then switch the legs.

2. One Leg Gluteus Bridge

2-One leg gluteus bridge

Here you need to lie on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor specifically close to your butt and hip. While maintaining the same position, extend one of your legs.

Exhale and hold tight your gluteus while pushing your hips as high as possible. Finally, lower your hips such that your butt is just closer to the floor but not touching the floor.

3. Bear Plank Lifts

3-Bear Plank Lifts

Start with a plank posture whilst keeping your shoulders placed above your wrist. Slightly flex both of your knees then keep your left knee bent to 90 Degrees.

Bend foot, tighten your glutes and then slowly lift up your right leg as high as possible. Hold it there for a few seconds and then lower your right knee until it meets the left knee.

4. The Rainbow Exercise

4-The Rainbow Exercise

For this one, hold your hip knees apart with your hand-stretched on the floor. Extend your left leg right behind you while at the same time maintaining a pointed toe then shift it to your left-hand side.

Squeeze your core and keep your left leg straight then slowly lower it till it touches the floor closer to the right leg. Finally, return back to the initial posture to complete the exercise and follow the same procedure with the right leg.

5. Squat to Sumo

5-Squat to Sumo

Hold your feet apart with your toes pointing forward. Sit back into a squat while ensuring that your knees are just above your ankles. Push into your knees and pulse forward with your feet turned to a 45 Degree angle. Go back to your starting point and repeat the same procedure.


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