No matter what day and age you grew up in, there are some diet and exercise fads that just never seem to go away.

We have all seen our fair share of them, and what have we learned?

Fads are not going to give you the results you want! Instead, you need a consistent routine that will contribute to the overall big picture. Since these fads are still around, here are some tips on how to break the cycle.

1. Weight Loss Miracle Pills

A majority of our population has jumped on this bandwagon at some time during their lives. You cannot take a pill to lose weight overnight and expect to keep it off!

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is through learning what caused you to put the weight on and exercising. Those pills only help shed water weight, bloat, and that is why so many people get hooked on them because “they saw results”.

2. Avoiding Fat/ Diet Soda

Going with diet anything or tending towards “fat-free” options are not that great for you. For some, this comes as a shock, but instead of reformulating the recipe for these foods and drinks, they substitute in sugar substitutes, which do more damage to your body than you think.

To put it simply, if you are on a diet, you should not be drinking soda/pop at all, and those “fat-free” foods need to be reconsidered. You can have the normal version of anything, with moderation while on a diet.

3. One-Week Exercise Extravaganza

It took a whole lot longer than a week to put it on, it will take more than a week to tone it up. Currently, most New Year’s “resolutions” are in this stage, the stage when they are busting their behind at the gym, ignoring their trainers, and doing what they feel their body needs.

This is entirely wrong. When exercising, you need to work your body up to where you want to be and keep going. Doing too much at once will make the gym a miserable experience.

Listen to your trainer if you have one or listen to your body. When you need a break, take one, you will benefit from it.

4. Depriving Yourself

The number one reason why diets fail is that people think they cannot eat certain foods. As soon as that thought comes into your find you will start craving those fatty, salty French fries, or a really amazing piece of cake.

You know what, you can make your cake and eat it too while you are on a diet. The trick is, eat a little less of it and cut back throughout the day to make room in your calorie budget for this small splurge.

While some fads come and go in the blink of an eye, some seem to stick around for no reason. When starting a new diet, the most important part of any new change is ensuring that it is right for your body.

Anything that promises grand results in a short amount of time may not be the healthiest for your body. Consult your doctor or a professional before starting a new exercise plan or diet, they may be able to give you pointers on becoming your best!

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