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Christina holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Open University and has a passion for books, good food and movies. She can often be found reading self-help articles snuggled up in bed with a cup of coffee or writing about anything and everything in a quiet cafe somewhere.

5 Ways to Know if Your Friend is a True Friend

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Not every person in your life you consider to be your friend is indeed a true friend. Being let down by people in your life is the only way to learn that you shouldn’t rely on others. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. We all get let down at some point in our lives and those we thought were friends, didn’t have our best interests at heart. However, that being said, there are people who will be true friends, who will put you before many other aspects of

This Is How Cats Can Make You a Better Human

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Watching any animal as they go about their daily lives is fascinating, but with cats, there is so much we can learn. I’ve often said that my soul animal is a cat. They’re sleek felines who live for leisure – who wouldn’t want that kind of life?! It’s only after observing my friends cat that I decided we should all start living more like cats do, and we’ll be purring away in no time. Cats are Independent Cats are well-known for being an independent animal –

Saying These Two Words May Be the Secret to a Happy Marriage

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There have been endless studies, conversations, and speculation over the years as to what the secret formula is for a happy marriage. Some say the secret lies in laughing together, others claim a good sex life is the key to passing through life with another. However, a recent study at Georgia University has declared the secret to maintaining a happy marriage is in having gratitude towards your partner. In a study carried out with 468 married individuals, questions based on gratitude, finances, communication and other

3 Ways to Finally Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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Comparing yourself to others can leave you drained, unhappy and ultimately insecure in yourself because you’re looking at the things that they have, that you don’t, instead of focusing on the positives you have yourself. In today’s society, it’s easier than ever to compare yourself to others around you. Making yourself feel this way has hugely negative effects that you may not even be realising. Constantly comparing yourself to others can slowly eat away at your self-esteem and leave you insecure about things you previously

5 Reasons You Should Travel Alone at Least Once in Your Life

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What would you say if I told you that you need to travel alone, at least once in your life? This idea may sound crazy and risky to many people, but if you think about it in-depth, you will realise that when you travel alone, you open your mind and soul for new experiences and wise life lessons. I’ve always been a fan of traveling and whilst I have been to my fair share of countries, I haven’t even scratched the surface of the places

Break-ups Are More Painful for Men and Here Is Why

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We’ve all been through one or more break-ups, whether it was an amicable parting or a crushing, heartbreaking loss. However, we’re about to break the stereotype that men handle break-ups better than women. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A recent study in Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences has found that men are actually more vulnerable to long-term distress following a break-up than women. In a study of around 5,705 participants from 96 countries, it was found that whilst women experience intense pain immediately after a break-up,

6 Amazing Psychological Effects of Non-Sexual Touching

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When thinking of our five senses, the four most popular ones come to mind: sight, hearing, smell, and taste. But people don’t often realise how imperative touch can be to us, as humans, and how non-sexual touching at the correct time in the appropriate place can have a strong psychological effect. Here we present you 6 psychological effects of non-sexual touching: 1. Money Crusco & Wetzel (1984) carried out an experiment on the effect touch has when in the natural but controlled environment of a

This Is How Emotions Cause Pain in Different Body Parts

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We’re all aware of the way emotions such as anger, or sadness, or joy makes us feel. So we assume that these emotions are universal and we all feel the same way, right? But did you know that emotions can also cause physical pain? New research has actually found that scientifically, emotions are consistent in each individual, regardless of other influencers such as age or gender. Dr. Susanne Babbel published an article in Psychology Today exploring the connections between emotions, trauma, and physical pain. She