Honesty is the best policy because it takes a thousand lies to cover a lie. Sometimes it’s not worth it in certain situations.

It doesn’t seem like a big problem to say a little white lie, but in the long run, it brings a lot of pain and hurt. This is why honesty is the best policy.

How do we identify an honest person?

Honesty is the best policy since being honest is authentic and objective. It expresses respect for yourself and for others.

What is honesty?

Honesty is a human value, an attitude that shows confidence in oneself and in those who are in contact with an honest person. Honesty makes a person always act on the basis of truth and authentic justice, giving each person what he or she deserves.

The well-known and highly respected Abraham Lincoln was actually revered for his honesty. A virtue with which we are all born in the first days of our life, it is the innocence and purity of feelings that govern our actions. This virtue becomes distorted as envy, anger, jealousy and other negative feelings begin to appear.

There are even those who tolerate a greater loss of values, which exceed the legal and illegal line and, therefore, are people who violate the law.

Here Are 10 Situations In Life Where Honesty Is The Best Policy.

#1. If You break up with someone

It may seem harmless to make excuses and tell the other person that you are leaving for family reasons, but the person deserves to know the truth about the breakup. So you want to be brave enough to explain the real reason.

#2. When you go on leave in your office

Prove in the office that honesty is the best policy. Taking days off just to go shopping or have a break is always a risk. You never want to risk meeting your boss in the shopping center. Even worse, your boss seeing the photos of your party on Facebook if you had sick leave.

#3. If your credit card bill is too high

Hiding the bill may seem like the perfect plan, but it’s better to go and tell the truth since honesty is the best policy. At least in this way, there is a possibility that you will receive some worthwhile help.

#4. When discussing personal finance topics

Why are you talking about money you don’t have? Or why apologize for missing the big dinner with your friends? Just tell them the truth and you’ll be surprised at how understanding they can be.

#5. If you have any problems with the authorities

Whether it’s a debate about red light or something to do with a major crisis, always tell the truth to the authorities. Lies only get you into bigger problems.

#6. When a pet dies

Parents tend to tell their children that their beloved pet has been sent to the farm. This can actually harm them than do more good. Death is a very normal event in our world and the sooner children learn to handle it, the stronger they will be.

#7. If you are running late

Why do you say to someone “I’ll be there in five minutes” when you really need an hour? You can actually prove to the world that honesty is the best policy. You want to think about the other person’s phone bill and let them understand you will get there late so they never have to call every five minutes!

#8. To be responsible for your actions

You want to be responsible for your actions, particularly, if someone else gets into trouble because of you. It is better to take responsibility for our own mistakes and to not let others suffer.

#9. If someone asks you out and you are not truly interested

It is better to tell them you are not really ready for an outing and to not keep deceiving them if you’re not interested. It may hurt the person at first, but he or she will eventually thank you for your honesty.

#10. If you go away somewhere for some time

If for nothing else but for security reasons, it’s better, to tell the truth rather than to lie about it. You would need your parents or loved ones in case of any problems, so always tell them where you are going.

Honesty is the best policy and it’s a fundamental condition for human relationships, for friendship and authentic community life. To be dishonest is to be false. Dishonesty does not respect the person himself and seeks concealment; honesty, on the other hand, respects life, is characterized by trust, sincerity, and openness, and expresses the willingness to live in the light of truth.

Honesty acts without hypocrisy or artificiality that creates confusion and distrust in others. The honest person has a whole life. Your behavior and your thinking are not contradictory. Saying what you think and doing what you say is the easiest and best way to live without regrets and worry.

And, above all, it’s the best way to gain respect and trust from others around you.


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