Let’s take a look at the many inventions that we now take for granted by great European inventors such as Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, and others.

This list contains the European inventors that gave the world genius inventions.

Archimedes (Archimedes of Syracuse)

The well-known Archimedes was a former physicist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, and Greek astronomer. Among other things, he calculated and developed the Archimedes screw to extract water from mines or wells.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Italian, scientific and political artist and probably one of the most well-known European inventors of all times. Da Vinci invented a wide range of machines and drew models that proved useful 500 years later. These include prototypes of parachutes, tanks, flying machines and bridges with a lapse. Other practical inventions included an optical lens sharpener and several hydraulic machines.


Italian scientist. He developed a very influential telescope as well as established revolutionary theories regarding the nature of our great world. He as well developed a better compass!

Sir Isaac Newton

An English scientist. He invented the mirror telescope. This significantly improved the telescope’s capacity and even reduced optical warp. Sir Isaac was a well-known astronomer and physicist.


The inventor Savery was an Englishman. Savery created one of the very first steam machines to pump water from the mines. This unique Savery steam machine was simple, but it was used as a starting point for the further development of the steam engine.

The Newcomen

A German inventor who created the first practical steam machine to pump water from mines. It worked with Savery’s original design, but it improved significantly by using atmospheric pressure, which was safer and more effective for use in mines to remove water.

Tull Jethro

An English agricultural capitalist. He invented a stunning seeder and the hoe pulled by horses. The planter improved the efficiency of agriculture and resulted in higher yields. It was an important invention in the agricultural revolution that increased yields before the Industrial Revolution. This makes Jethro one of the most outstanding European inventors on our list.

Abraham Darby

An English Quaker, a businessman as well as an inventor. He developed a nice process to produce huge quantities of the popular pig iron from coke. The molten iron coke was a vital raw material in the industrial revolution.

John Harrison

An English carpenter and watchmaker. He invented a handy device used to measure the length at sea. This was a crucial European invention to improve the safety of the seas.

William Cullen

The Scottish physician and chemist invented the basis for the first artificial refrigerator, although he needed others to design some of his designs for practical use.

John Wilkinson

An English industrialist. He developed the manufacture and use of cast iron. These precision casting cylinders were important in steam engines.

Sir Richard Arkwright

English businessman and “Father of the Industrial Revolution“. Arkwright was a leading pioneer in spinning. He invented the spinning machine and was able to use it successfully in mass production.

James Watt

Scottish inventor of the steam engine, which was suitable for use on trains. His invention of a separate condensing chamber has greatly improved steam efficiency. This allowed the steam engine to be used for more applications than just pumping water.

Alessandro Volta

An Italian physicist attributed to the invention of the battery. Volta invented the first electrochemical cell. Zinc, copper as well as an electrolyte were used as sulfuric acid and water.

Sir Humphrey Davy

A popular English inventor of the well known Davy lamp. The great Davy lamp could be employed by our miners in locations where there was actually methane gas since the design prevents the flame from escaping from the fine gauze.

Charles Babbage

English mathematician and inventor. He developed the first mechanical computer that proved to be a prototype for future computers. When the father considered the computer, although he did not finish a working model!

Michael Faraday

An English scientist who truly transformed electricity into an easy-to-use format. He discovered benzene and invented an early Bunsen burner.

Henry Fox Talbot

A British pioneer of photography. He invented the first negative, which could make several impressions. Henry Fox Talbot is recognized for inventing the lovely calotype process in photography.

Louis Braille

The French inventor was blinded in a childhood accident. He developed the Braille system for the blind. He also developed a Braille musical to read music, making him one of the greatest European inventors.

Kirkpatrick Macmillan

Scottish bicycle inventor. His contribution was to produce a rear-wheel-drive bicycle with a chain that represents the basic design of today’s bicycle.

James Clerk Maxwell

Scottish physicist and inventor. Maxwell invented the first process of color photography. Maxwell was considered one of the greatest physicists of the millennium.

Karl Benz

Inventor and German businessman – Benz developed the gasoline car. In 1879, Benz obtained his first patent for a gasoline internal combustion engine, making it a practical car. Benz also became a successful manufacturer.

Alexander Bell

The Scot invented the very first practical telephone. He also worked with optical telecommunications, hydrofoils, and aviation.

The European scientific revolution in the seventeenth-century stimulated innovation and discovery. Experimentation was considered the basis for innovation by groups such as the “Royal Society“, founded in 1660. The patent system in English evolved from its medieval origins to a system that recognized intellectual property.


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