The idea of taking at least two liters of water every day is quite popular around the world.

Medical experts, both the certified and the self-proclaimed swear by it.

Bottling companies make sure that somewhere on the bottle label, they will stress how absolutely vital it is to drink two liters of water a day and how much of a treat you are giving your body by indulging in their product.

The truth, however, is that an overwhelming majority of people still take a glass of water a day, sometimes two for those who are ahead on the ‘water challenge’.

Water is Life

Well, water is proven to account for about 60 percent of your body weight (depending on age and gender) plus it performs crucial functions in the body, such as aiding digestion and keeping joints lubricated.

So, it’s essential to stay hydrated by replacing the body’s normal water losses (through breathing, sweating and, obviously, excretion). But is this seemingly monstrous task of taking two liters of water actually possible?

The Water Challenge By Will Fulton

A curious journalist, by the name Will Fulton, decided to try the Water Gallon Challenge. This basically involved taking a gallon of water every day for a month!

Upon doing a quick Google search, I discovered that a gallon roughly equates to 3.7 liters or sixteen glasses. Think about that again, taking 16 glasses of water a day for a month. The thought itself is quite daunting.

Fulton had two major hurdles in the water challenges. To begin with, getting himself to drink all 16 glasses worth of a gallon faithfully. To deal with this problem he carried his gallon everywhere he went including to the office, to his car, and even to bed – which goes without saying, ‘someone’ was probably not pleased about sharing a bed with someone obsessed with some kind of water bottle.

Day 1: Fulton Found It Very Hard To Drink The Entire Gallon

Anyway, on the first day, he forced himself to chug down to the very last drop even as late as a few minutes to midnight. This felt like an accomplishment, after all, how many men can confidently stake claim to having taken four liters of any drink?

Of course, not counting the gentlemen who spend hours in the bar chatting and drinking beer one crate at a time.

The other hurdle in the water challenge was having to carry around a 4-liter capacity bottle literally everywhere as he figured it was easier to take it full gallon rather than dividing it by cups on the daily.

2-Audacious Water Challenge

Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrilist

Day 5; Fulton Is Peeing Every 20 Minutes & Everyone In The Office Think He Has a Drug Problem

Fast forward to day five and Mr. Will was still trying with continuously drink even when he was not thirsty. He points out, “If you feel thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated”. However, by this time he had already overcome the first part of the water challenge i.e thirst, but the other challenge was that he had to pee a lot.

On the other hand, some positives started coming along with his experiment: One, he did not eat a lot anymore as he just did not feel hungry plus he felt a marked increase in his energy levels. His hair also felt nice, silky smooth. He, however, notes that drinking a gallon a day had still not gotten any easier.

3-Audacious Water Challenge

Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrilist

2 Weeks Into The Water Challenge: He Is Feeling Refreshed & Energetic

A fortnight into the Gallon Challenge experiment and the benefits of taking in all this water really kicked in. He felt like a “ball of energy” and he no longer needed the regular 2-3 cups of coffee every day to keep him going.

That was a brilliant step away from caffeine he was so accustomed to. He even felt that he moved little faster in his “nightly runs”. He slept better too – the sort of refreshing sleep that comes as a result of not having to toss and turn in bed due to excessive heat in the body.

Most crucially, by this time it became easier to drink the whole gallon in a day. In fact, he felt extremely thirsty when he wasn’t drinking. What a difference a fortnight makes!

Three weeks later, his colleagues at work described him as being considerably less grumpy. Somehow, he thinks the water had something to do with uplifting his spirits.

Day 25: His Work Life Had Improved

By day 25, the compliments started coming in. His girlfriend asserted that his skin looked better, his editor begrudgingly admitted that his journal work had improved a notch. Even his pee became crystal clear, which is probably not so much of a compliment, but a feel-good factor. The thrilling energy still coursed through his veins.

Day 30: The Water Challenge Ends & Fulton is Happy To Have Found Out The Importance of Drinking Enough Water

By day 30 at the conclusion of this experiment, Fulton says “I think drinking a full gallon of water is a little excessive, but I did realize that I certainly had not been drinking enough this whole time.” This was probably a sentiment borne out of his body adapting to a super-hydrated state.

Well, that was one hell of a water challenge! However, we do not advocate for a gallon of water a day, as we are of different body sizes and in different occupations but still, the benefits of increased water apply to Will Fulton as they will to everyone who puts in some effort.

So, why not start your own water challenge today and see the benefits that water can have on your life?



Image credit: Cole Saladino/Thrilist

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  1. Marianne Pedley

    if your pee is clear you might be working your kidneys too hard

    1. Tarek Al-Dimashqi


  2. Anthony Fuller

    how is it a challenge when your suppose to at least consume a gallon of water a day?? are people really this stupid??

    1. Lisa Richards

      Omg stop, almost spit my coffee out! Lol

    2. Aaron Wendell

      they should try going 30 days with zero caffeine that shit is rough your first time

    3. Ryan Lee

      8 a day js.

    4. Chris Burns

      That’s not really true, the recommended amount is 4 pints

    5. Lauren Fields

      Exaggerate much?

    6. Brandon Mitchell

      Everyone here is wrong. The correct amount of water to drink in a day is whenever you are thirsty, there is no set amount you “should” drink. Everyone is built differently. Drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia which lowers the sodium and glucose levels in your blood, which can be fatal.

    7. Austin McCaslin

      Ya know what, we are made out of water, 4 pints, 8 glasses, 1 gallon, how about we just drink 2
      Gallons a day just to be safe, that’s a whole Lotta piss

    8. Ryan Lee

      Oh STFU I new this in pre School get real

    9. Joseph Paul

      Lisa Camerlin-Richards me too; laughed hard, pee’d a little

    10. Ryan Lee

      4Pints is half gallon, 8*8 Rule lmao

    11. Ryan Lee

      Brandon you just don’t drink water, obviously it’s your opinion. Health expert’s recommend 8 a day = Half Gallon, or yes for sure depends on if your excerizing ECT but it recommended of 8. So when you become a Dr let us all know and make us healthy.

    12. Ryan Lee

      I’ve never heard that in my life 90% of our bodies are water lol

    13. Austin McCaslin

      I dont understand why we are arguing over water, I tell ya humans have some short tempers

    14. Michael James

      No one argues over water better then me, and I’ll argue with anyone who disagree

    15. Loren Spunky Montgomery

      Brandon Mitchell if you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated

    16. Loren Spunky Montgomery

      It’s a challenge because not everyone drinks that much. I highly doubt you do. I could be wrong but your overreaction leads me to think I’m right

    17. Carrie Foster

      Pissed all over that bonfire didn’t ya!! Haha

    18. Carrie Foster

      That’s apparently not true

    19. Vikki Forster

      Definitely not true

    20. Brandon Mitchell

      Loren Spunky Montgomery it’s not an overreaction it’s basic science. No shit if you’re thirsty you’re dehydrated, so drink. My point was there’s no set limit to drink a day. Of course I don’t drink that much because I value my life. So I’ll take your ignorance as being uninformed

    21. Ryan Lee


    22. Loren Spunky Montgomery

      Brandon Mitchell will you chill out…. we all have our own opinions right?

    23. Ryan Lee

      We do, but facts always beats opinions.

    24. Loren Spunky Montgomery

      Ryan Lee I haven’t heard the facts he’s talking about so I do not agree. And I’m over it

  3. Joe Byrne

    I love these. A gallon is nothing. Live through 4 years of chemo and radiation and its after effects. A gallon a day? Hell, I’d like to cut back to that much!

    1. Inamorata Belladonna

      Oh my, I hope you’re cured and on the road to wellness now, poor guy, damn

    2. Joe Byrne

      Inamorata Belladonna Thanks 🙂 Cancer free for now (1) year, but lots of annoying after affects. Better than being dead though.

    3. Rubin Mendoza

      Best of luck to you!

  4. Jerry Lee

    I drink a gallon to one and half gallon of distilled water everyday. Been doing if for 4 years now. Never looked better-never had abs before…

    1. Justin Marlowe

      Distilled water will kill you cause it sucks vitamin and minerals from the body…

    2. Jerry Lee

      Thats a myth. Reverse osmosis is close to distilled. So don’t drink that either?? Lol. I get my nutrients and minerals from food not water.

    3. Brandon Mitchell

      Hate to break it to you bud but it’s not the water giving you abs that’s working out

    4. Belinda Tennyson

      I drink distilled water all the time by the gallon for up to a week. The rest of the time I drink bottled water. Its perfectly fine. Its a great way to lose weight tho. Ive lost up to six pounds overnight drinking distilled water.

    5. James Jaybee Bladen

      Brandon Mitchell everyone has abs you don’t need to work out to get them, it just depends on your body fat

    6. Brandon Mitchell

      Ok but water had nothing to do with it. Like I said in another post drinking too much can give you hyponatremia and kill you, so you should only drink when thirsty. Now if you work out regularly obviously you’d work up a thirst more than others, but still there is no set limit anyone should drink

    7. Jerry Lee

      Yes some will never get them unfortunately. Just not that body type. I was 200lbs before. 20% fat maybe more.

    8. Jerry Lee

      The TDS in bottle water is about 10-25 for reverse osmosis. Distilled is 0. Tap in Florida is 120. It’s just rocks, dirt, pesticides, petroleum products etc. Oh and fluoride! This clogs up your system. Pure water will detox you from it.

    9. Ryan Brown

      The fluoride is strong with this one

    10. Tabetha Launika Rae

      I love how he says drinking water had an amazing effect on him and here come the nay sayers to try and contradict him like they know his body better than him if its working for u then keep doing it Jerry Lee and yes abs are obtained from a good diet more so than exercise so clearly some people need to research more before giving unrequested advice

    11. Lennie Andersson

      Abs are made at the gym but revealed from the kitchen

    12. Jerry Lee

      Listen I just want to share my story. I can go further into detail about my heightened awareness and spiritual awakening. Health has so many benefits and it starts with a lot of clean water.

    13. Betty Osborne

      Distilled water won’t hurt you, it’s just slightly acidic. As long as you’re getting enough iron and brush your teeth regularly you shouldn’t develop any symptoms from it. However doctors recommend about 8 glasses of water a day, or 64oz. That’s actually only a half gallon! Anymore is just flushing your system, and if you’re trying to detox that’s fine, but otherwise isn’t entirely necessary

    14. Kathleen Ryan

      Aren’t the guidelines for water half your body weight in ounces a day? I couldn’t open the article but I heard too much water can have a negative effect on your body flooding the organs. Is that true?

    15. Betty Osborne

      I have a sciatic nerve issue as well though, is it the water that helps most? Do you stretch or anything? I drink about a half a gallon a day, sometimes a little more, but not distilled or anything. What have you tried?

    16. Joseph Albert

      There’s no substitute for personal experience

    17. Jerry Lee

      I got an inversion table and started yoga btw
      I will be 35 at end of this month. That photo is from 3 weeks ago. Please look up the correct stretches as the wrong one will make it worse!!

    18. Tobias Mattsson

      I find that i get flushed out? of signal substances? minerals , vitamins? (Fel a bit dizzy, lightheaded.) if i drink way to much on the day before training Taekwondo. How much would one recommend drinking a day? I weight about 72Kg

    19. Maria J. Toro

      That’s not entirely accurate. It’s drink half your weight in ounces. So a 200 pound person requires 100 ounces of water… also one must consider drinking anything dehydrating… like coffee or alcohol, more water is needed.

    20. Jerry Lee

      My problem with just drinking when thirty is by then you are already dehydrated. Tobias check out spirulina/chlorella by Thors Hammer. I take 10-25 grams a day. 70% amino acids and full of minerals and nutrients

    21. Jerry Lee

      If you sweat more then you need more water and more nutrients/minerals. It’s hot in Florida and some days I need more than others. You are the gauge!!

    22. Kevin Jay

      Lol drinking distilled water isn’t good

    23. Inamorata Belladonna

      Kevin Jay Lol he’s been doing it for 4 years and he’s doing great, so…

    24. Carol Rene Craig

      I recommend pink salt. A must if you are going to drown your body in water. You need salt or you will have a heart attack. If you drink a gallon of water in an hour you could actually die. Be careful. Two liters of water is more than enough

    25. Alev-Kev Everyday

      I’m a Collegiate trained Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist for Athletic Performance, and it is REDONKULOUS how misinformed SOME of you are about WHAT it takes to Look healthy and BE healthy. Reverse Osmosis is a purification process. Distilling is boiling, evaporating, then condensing the product water without ANY minerals etc… though BOTH are clean water, the distilled is slightly acidic due to the excitement of the electrons during the boiling that released some Hydrogen. Water IS LIFE! But ALKALINE is LIVING PURE! No disease or infirmity can flourish in an Alkaline environment. Kudos on the Spiru/Chlorel supplements cuz those work wonders. I take a 50 Organic SUPERFOODS as a Greens base in my smoothies, shakes, or just with water. Reduce SUGAR intake and cut pastry & processed grains to next to none. You can ONLY gain mass if you have ample EXTRA CALORIES and 1 Lb of lean muscle requires an extra 3200-3600 calories to create. If your metabolism is active, then by cutting calories below baseline, you’ll be in a Calorie Deficit and slim out a bit, exposing those hidden abs. Seeing them ISN’T the big deal though. WORKING THEM and being CORE strong is the GOAL. Be Functionally Fit! Your body will LOVE YOUR for it. Carry on!!!

    26. Jerry Lee

      If you think about the fact that almost all vegetables and meats are grown with tap water or carbon filtered. Some higher end places will actually have a huge distilled for live stock. So distilled water that I drink is accompanied with tap water from groceries that are store bought, organic or not. I do enjoy a cookie or pizza every now and then. So if there is so many precious minerals and nutrients in water that I have removed…unless you grow all your own food your getting some tap water/spring water regardless. With so much crap in our food maybe having one thing pure (distilled water) has made the difference.

    27. Jerry Lee

      Carol I do enjoy my pink salt. I have 5 lbs of it lol.

    28. Carol Rene Craig

      Jerry Lee Of course you do Jerry …sounds familiar

    29. Lillian Camaj Cutaj

      Belinda Tennyson please elaborate. That’s amazing; how much are you drinking a day?

    30. Ozel Baeza

      ty Alev-Kev Everyday, I was actually gonna say alkaline water is the way to go, and to research alkalinity, but you sir did me 1 better. I am definitely not as qualified to tell it ;p

    31. Jason Hoffman

      Diet gets you abs. 70 percent diet 30 percent working out

    32. Alev-Kev Everyday

      Ozel Baeza, ty, sir, for the kind words. I will share everything I know, in hopes it helps someone achieve their dream.

    33. Hollie Morton

      So does drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon juice help with alkalinity ?

    34. Nikolai Chabinevitch

      What a VERY NICE detailed AND THROUGH reading material ON ALKALINITY and DISTILLED water. It sure FEELS GOOD to cap lock CERTAIN words around here.

    35. Dander Vallz

      Drinking distilled water is quite bad for you, it’s acidic and does not contain minerals which are good for you. You are better drinking reverse osmosis filtered water.

    36. Dander Vallz

      Also people talking about pink salt and alkalinity have all succumb to mainstream health bull

    37. Alev-Kev Everyday

      Hey, shit bags, mainstream doesn’t push Himalayan salt, nor do they allow for our ACIDIC diet to be blamed for all the health ails it causes. I’m far from MAINSTREAM. I did my Due Diligence. Go do yours and shut up until you do. BTW the CAPS are for EMPHASIS, as if I were SPEAKING to you, since there isn’t any inflection through text.
      IGNORANCE isn’t sexy, gentlemen. (using the word very loosely with you clowns, i know)

    38. Ar Gee Lew

      People don’t understand what alkalinity is or the logarithmic definition of pH.

    39. Alev-Kev Everyday

      If ya say percent of available Hydrogen they go blank… I know Ar Gee Lew, its terrible.

    40. Christina Bohannon

      False. Distilled water is the best you can drink.

    41. Krystal Fergus

      Belinda Tennyson plastic water bottles is a known endocrine disrupter. ( ie screws up your hormones) maybe get a system that attaches to your facet

    42. Dander Vallz


    43. Sarah Faone

      Hollie Morton you want your body to be alkaline. Acidity is where cancer and other health problems thrive. An all alkaline diet is the dream.

    44. Geoffrey Stephens

      Drinking distilled water can cause damage to your body. You don’t have to take my word for it, ask your doctor or Google it.

    45. Alev-Kev Everyday

      Christina Bohannon, FALSE! You’re dumb as fuck to hop on a thread with your IGNORANT OPINION. It’s NOT based in fact. Smarten up.

    46. Jerry Lee

      This all started because of the word “distilled” Iol so I should add 10 to 20 total dissolved solids to my pure aka distilled water to achieve reverse osmosis quality? The water we wash cars with at my shop is about 250TDS so that’s about 3x of tap water or 10x of Reverse Osomsis water (which btw wastes water like crazy). Then think about the fact that that last 10-20 TDS is the hardest and most toxic chemicals. Don’t believe me look up target purified water test results.
      So If you drink of eat food made with tap you will get these so called precious minerals and nutrients lol. I don’t get how people are so stubord and can’t imagine getting it from food?!?

    47. Jesse Maneiro

      Sooo is distilled water good or bad for you….?? Didn’t get any clarification from this thread haha

    48. Dodocea Ionut

      humans and all other animals are made through evolution to drink the “bad” water not the distilled one by drinking the distilled water in time we willreduce our body’s defence , and abuse is bad even in water, obly give your body what it requires from you, it’s a really smart gadget…

  5. Chad Fannon

    Ive drank a gallon of beer a day for 20 years and feel fooking great.

    1. Marcia Johnson

      My hero!

    2. Tina Chatham

      Beer is flavored water with hops, so you did good man! LOL

    3. Kokuryu Ha

      How big is your belly

    4. Chad Fannon

      Nowhere near as big as my appetite for beer my dear friend 🙂

    5. Cody Norton

      Beer has some health benefits actually

    6. Dave Fisher

      Is your liver sponsored by Sarsons?

    7. Kari Simpson


    8. Deney Carino B Lorilla

      Nailed it!

    9. Denis Bourgoin

      I don’t want to brag, but you’ve got some catching up to do. Why do you think I learned to drink so much water?

    10. Michelle Pacheco

      Lol lmaaaoooo

    11. Lisa Morrison

      thanks for the laugh

    12. James Fakayode

      And ur liver is still intact?

    13. Maureen Du Plessis

      Thats why u cant smile

    14. Chad Fannon

      Is this a health and pyscology assessment or something???…All major organs in tact thank you and I smile constantly due to the fact that life should be enjoyed ….And I insist on living it my way and my way alone x

    15. Stephan George

      I don’t drink but this is actually funny…

    16. Patty Forte


    17. Rhondalyn Daniel

      You do look great. Wish I was closer we could have Tea and chat.

    18. Saúl Azëul Paita

      What is beer but water that has natural herbs and spices added to it. So it still works.

    19. Christian Rezner
  6. Ryan Mullaney

    Katherine Mazzaferro you’re spot on!!! Keep drinking all that water

    1. Katherine Mazzaferro

      It’s my Vice 🙂

  7. James Ford

    Y’all are acting like this ain’t shit. I know people who haven’t drank water in months or more. People who can’t drink a glass of water a day. Most people drink cokes and coffee and other types of drinks and before this guy did a gallon a day he was probably one of them.

    1. Shaquelle Hallums

      And that’s why all of them have short life span and health problems.

    2. Melissa LaRose

      Well Boo hoo to those people who don’t have the will power to reach for healthier choices.

    3. James Ford

      I mean it don’t matter to me what anybody drinks. I’m just saying not everybody can drink water because it’s too plain

    4. Don Richard

      Needing sweetness sounds like an evolutionary weakness then… And such weak willpower to pass on water because it’s “too plain.” Know what you tell a 4 year old who says their tasty dinner is too plain? “Too bad!!”

    5. Roddy Grant


    6. James Ford

      Lol yeah exactly. Water is an essential part of our body and we need it to survive. I try to drink as much as I can but i don’t drink as much in cold weather and I can really tell a difference in my skin, energy, flexibility etc. It’s hard to drink water when I’m not thirsty but once you’re thirsty you’re already semi dehydrated. I just think it’s funny when people say “I don’t like water” lol

    7. Daniel Libengood

      Eh there’s water in coffee and and soda so Im sure I get enough of it. Who wants to be 80 anyway?

    8. James Ford

      Haha I feel ya. I want to drink coffee too but i don’t want to feel 80 when I’m 40 and die at 55. So I drink some coffee in the morning after I’ve drank a big glass of water to get me started. Then water the rest of the day unless i go out to eat I’ll drink something else, but i rarely do.

    9. Andrew Mckendrick

      Sugars a helluva drug. Trying to quit it cold turkey usually has people reaching for their soda and snacks.

    10. James Ford

      Yeah man, hard to hold back those cravings for something sweet. But some fruit will do the trick , but you have to buy fruit instead of sugary snacks and drinks.

    11. Joanne Fonseca

      I tried to do this and had water intoxication..I was extremely dizzy and nauseous..I could hardly turn my head without throwing up…People should be aware that if they drink too much water or any other liquid in one day it could be detrimental to their health..Please look it up before you criticize this post.

    12. Joanne Cutting

      I Love water and drink it above all else. However I know this 85 year old man who hasn’t drank water since he was 7 years old. Guess what? He’s strong and healthy. He amazes me.

    13. James Ford

      A gallon of water over a 14 hour day will not harm you, active people drink more than that. But water intoxication is possible if you drink as much as you can as fast as you can. Which in that case is your fault. I did it in high school with 2 liters of water. I still recommend drinking plenty, throughout the day. You’re not a camel

    14. Shannon Manrique

      I am a known water snob. Carrying my RO water in my nalgene everywhere I go. So are my children. People are always amazed that my boys will ask for water… it also blows people mind when my 5 year old tells them.. no thank you..on juice because they have been sick of some sort and they know sugar feeds yeast and to much yeast keeps you sick…. that same 5 year old boys knows the difference between hard cheese & processed cheese and every living food in our garden. (we forage and I’m an herbalist)

    15. James Ford

      That’s cool. Keep it natural. It’s the simplicity of life that keeps it going

    16. James Ford

      Joanne Cutting I bet he is black though and that don’t really count because black people are magical anyway. I had to go to the hospital for dehydration one summer, just sweating too much while working and not able to replace my fluids.

    17. Don Richard

      I think as with most things, everything in moderation. Sugar is indeed a helluva drug.

    18. James Ford

      Yeah it is

    19. Fauzi

      nice comments,people!
      classy and well it!
      hope everyone drink enough water today 😀

    20. James Ford

      I have drank twice as much as I normally do just because of this post lol

    21. Lisa Colvin

      My husband is one that will NOT drink water. I’ve been with him for almost 20 years and only a handful of times has he drank water…then not much. Not even a half a glass or so. He doesn’t drink sodas or teas either. Just a glass of milk or two a day and that’s about it. Every once in a while he might drink juice with a meal. He’s 67 BTW. Our kids and I drink water all day long though.

    22. James Ford

      Yeah some people can get away with it but once one feels the difference after being well hydrated you can’t get them to stop drinking water lol

    23. Fauzi

      I always apply ‘everything in moderation’ as it’s simply the best.but if u feel u need more fluids,please go ahead drink more.anw u can also consume watermelon or cucumber to supply fluids in ur’s more fun and comes wth fibre n vitamins

    24. James Ford

      Yeah i do need some more, my skin is a little dry. I was eating cucumber a couple days ago on my salad and it reminded me a lot of watermelon rind. I think they’re related

    25. Fauzi

      ahh thats man

    26. James Ford

      Cucumber is a heartless watermelon lol

    27. Fauzi

      try mango and papaya

    28. James Ford

      Idk that I’ve ever eaten papaya but mangos are pretty awesome.

    29. Fauzi

      umm papaya is also awesome.I mean if u like something really sweet n juicy

    30. James Ford

      I’ll have to try it then. Thanks bud

    31. Fauzi

      it costs like 40 cents each in my place.other tropical fruits are also super cheap

    32. James Ford

      It’s so cheap it’s like they grow on trees or something haha

    33. Fauzi

      haha.really they are super cheap.but not for imported fruits.loll

    34. Fauzi

      yeah.tropical fruits are cheap.but not imported

    35. James Ford

      Yeah there has to be a mark up in order to make a profit because of the cost of transport. I’m willing to pay a little more for foods from other lands

    36. Michaelj Spina

      Definitely right
      They just interviewed this guy like he’s done something amazing though. They should interview me the man who drink 2 gallons of water a dayfor the past couple years. Real talk I do for bodybuilding

    37. James Ford

      Yeah it’s not really something to make a big deal about, it’s good for you, you’re supposed to drink plenty of water. But when you realize how many people don’t it makes it more of an impressive feat. To interview a guy because he drank a gallon a day is like those ex addicts who always bring up how long they have been clean.. well yeah you’re not supposed to be addicted to drugs, congratulations, you’re normal now. You don’t get a cookie for being normal. And don’t bring it up again because it’s kinda sad you’re proud of screwing up for so long and then not screwing up and want attention because of it.
      Drink water, don’t do drugs.

    38. Danielle Tuttle

      I myself am one of the ones who hate the taste of water but to help offset that i add lemon juice or sometimes drink it plain if thirsty enough

    39. James Ford

      Yeah that makes bit better but trust me, if you’re truely thirsty, water never tasted so good

    40. Stewey Stu

      You say most people drink sodas. I have found that not to be the case with people I know. I haven’t drank a soda in years. I do drink coffee, but afterwards at least a half gallon of water a day. Others I know may drink soda occasionally, but have started drinking far more water and those that don’t like plain water add lemon juice or mixed fruit into it. Their soda consumption is down.

    41. James Ford

      That’s good man, your friends are pretty health conscious. But I can only speak about all the people I’ve met and not many of them choose water at the coke machine lol

  8. Mészáros N. Márk

    “If you feel thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated”. This is so untrue… did you ever see any animal drinking from out of fun? Nope, they were THIRSTY. OMG this shit. Besides nobody can have a job for long if skipping out for a piss every 20-30 minutes

    1. Michael Sears

      Your body sucks it up, that’s a common myth. It doesn’t increase bathroom breaks. Coffee does though

    2. Mészáros N. Márk

      Michael Sears Well I guess I do know my own body at the age of 32. I drink just one glass more than usual and I go 3 times more a day. And no, I have no issues with kidneys or anything.

    3. Julie Heaton

      Wait until your 46. I drink water all day..I pee all day!

    4. Elzabeth Murry


    5. Ingrid MV

      Mészáros N. Márk same issue here, that’s why I avoid drinking water. Otherwise I’d spend a working day peeing.

    6. Taylor Handloser Bohn

      If you’re peeing out all your water you need potassium and salt, you need electrolytes in your body when you excessively pee it means you need salt, try a bite of hard cheese or some nuts. And when you do up your water intake you should only increase by a half a cup a day to not overwhelm your kidneys etc. You definitely cant go from a few glasses a day to a gallon in under a day good way to make a visit to the ER. I have to drink around 10 glasses everyday and keep my electrolytes in balance for my chronic daily migraines, it’s a science keeping your hydration in correct ratio with electrolytes but it helps greatly.

    7. Dave Coots

      Your body just sucks it up… stupid really needs a higher mortality influence. 8 cups a day, including what is in the food you eat, up to ten in you exercise or are in an extreme environment. Stupid is viral

    8. Mészáros N. Márk

      Taylor Handloser Bohn I eat quite salty already.

    9. Taylor Handloser Bohn

      Meszaros, it’s a science if the ratio is off, you eat too much carbs etc it all plays in. If you’re not retaining your water the healthy way it will cause edema, excess urination and other issues. It’s not just getting salt and water randomly. Hope this helps in a small way.

    10. Mészáros N. Márk

      Taylor Handloser Bohn Not really. To be honest, did a lot of dietary research when I first started working out (I was very, very thin and needed to understand why I cannot gain weight). I perfectly know how all this works, the metabolism, how the food and water is handled in the body. No, you do not need a gallon, and quite usually not even 8×8. It only washes out the vitamins and minerals while providing literally NO advantages.

    11. Taylor Handloser Bohn

      My friend who has her ph.d in neuroscience and wrote in many medical journals about this and the thousands of her members who need to stay hydrated properly to control their migraines some how got lucky and by fluke we’re all doing better than ever? Her studies are begining to hold in the medical community and catching on in the migraine world. Our blood tests and physicals we all get must be wrong also. Members finally being able to get off certain meds and their doctors stunned by their progress. All because of diet and proper hydration, not everyone needs a gallon I’ll agree, it depends on your body, the weather hot vs cold and the amount of physical activities you do. If you’d like to join the group so you can see the proof let me know, plenty of medical professionals and students there just to study her findings.

    12. Jen Lara-Holman

      I would like to join the group. Please provide that information. Thank you in advance!!

    13. Taylor Handloser Bohn

      Jen Lara-Holman the group is called Migraine Sufferers who Want to be Cured. Type that in the search bar and it’ll pull up, and join 🙂 it’s lots of reading but Dr.Angela who is the Ph.D runs the group and wrote the book about the protocol we all follow in the group, think it’s like $4 for e-book which if you’re a migraine sufferer it’s the cheapest thing you’ll ever buy that will actually help you. If you’ve been through all the meds and b.s. procedures they push on us it’s a relief, it just explains the diet (protocol) and things we migrainers all share, like prodomes, the fact that our brains use more energy then non migrainers. And she will send you a pm of a personal questionnaire about your diet meds etc to get you started. Unless you are there to just study her findings from an academic view then disregard that lol.

    14. Taylor Handloser Bohn

      I forgot to add I live with chronic daily migraines as long as I’m following the protocol correctly it’s amazing went from multiple ones daily to a maybe once a week, i have other head and neck injuries that effect and can trigger a migraine or cluster headaches but it’s helped me greatly and most members are not like me, they just have migraine no ON or clusters to juggle and differentiate which they’re very similar. Anyways hope you join and if you’re a migraineur I’m excited for you to start it!

    15. Danielle Tuttle

      I already go to the restroom enough to not hold a proper job so i really wont be increasing water intake.

  9. Joshua Yell

    I don’t get how this is new the positive research has always been there

  10. Christopher Hall

    Said the guy followin them

  11. Trent Nicolajsen

    what is a gallon? the world is metric!

    1. Marie Upton

      I had to google this 1 gallon is 3.7 L

    2. Trent Nicolajsen


    3. Marie Upton

      Yup that’s the one

    4. Dave Burke

      We deal in gallons here in America ya know where the Internet and Facebook were invented. Metric is rubbish.

    5. Marlys Olson

      Metric is for those who can’t do the math!!

  12. Michelle Jordan

    Interesting – I drink a lot of water everyday, but I have allergies and take a lot of antihistamines, which makes me very thirsty. I can tell when I don’t drink as much as I usually do on a day to day basis. My comment/question is – how did he feel after a few/weeks after not drinking a whole gallon of water every day? How much did he drink instead?

  13. Alli Nepoose

    How did you end up here Christopher?

  14. Panos Ladvancer

    it is not broken, it is just overcrowded! 😛

  15. Louise Egan

    My kidney specialist told me that for my small frame , a litre of water a day was sufficient., unless working hard in the heat and perspiring excessively and that our bodies are not drains to be be flushed out with large amounts of water.
    Many people with kidney illnesses don’t experience thirst at all , resulting in chronic dehydration.
    Moderation and commonsense is the key.

    1. Wendy Kynaston

      I was told the same thing

    2. Bella Holopov

      I have one kidney and don’t drink any water I can’t stand it – makes me want to throw up. I’ll probably die within a couple years anyway

    3. Rosa Frickson

      I have low sodium and have to take salt tabs. I’m restricted to 48 oz. of liquid a day. Everyone is different. I do know you can die from water intoxication.

  16. Gilenn Michael

    He explained!

  17. Mark Vickers

    Drink what you enjoy.
    For me…water is merely an emergency fluid…if I’m parched and there’s absolutely nothing else.

  18. M Angel Wings

    Not everyone can drink this amount of water safely. You need to make sure you replace your mineral loss. I have a health condition that causes me to become dehydrated the more water I drink.

    1. NaQuita Archery

      What’s the name of your condition please?

    2. Vikki Forster

      Hyponatraemia could be

    3. M Angel Wings

      Hypocalcimia with kidney issues still being looked into.

  19. Al Levi

    How come his weight loss isn’t mentioned. Drink a gallon a day and you can’t help losing weight.

  20. Ahmad Khaled Raouf

    Been drinking a gallon+ a day for the past 5 years now… never been healthier… haven’t even caught a cold or any type of sickness…

  21. Sara Catherine Blaise

    Most people, when asked, say they drink plenty of water, but you never see them drinking water. I drink a gallon of water every day with himalayan salt, mega hydrate and other assorted goodies. The actual formula for proper hydration is half your body weight in ounces of water pre day with a quarter teaspoon of unrefined (not white) salt in each liter. Our body contains salt water, not fresh water, so real salt is vital to cellular function.

    1. Sara Catherine Blaise

      Cristoforo Gambino My blood pressure happens to be low and it hasn’t changed. You confuse sodium chloride with real salt. I’ve been drinking my water protocol for 5 years and I feel my cells active and alive. I suggest you research the benefits of water for yourself … or be happy with your incoming diseases. Of course, your colon is probably clogged as well. Good luck.

    2. NaQuita Archery

      Why is rusty salt better than White Sea salt?

    3. Elisabeth Nadler

      Lady, you are still going to one day end up a decomposing mass of cells. Dafuq out of here with your sanctimonious bullshit

    4. Linda Ní Mhaolchraoibhne

      Which would you recommend Himalayan or sea salt ? I have been picking and drying out seaweed to collect sea salt

    5. Stephanie Dawn Trujillo

      That’s why drinking the ocean water is so good for you.

    6. Donnie Yarbour III

      All you ppl are dumb I don’t think you would even taste a 1/4 tsp of salt in a liter of water lol 1/4 tsp is like a big pinch and they recently found that you need like 2500 mils of salt a day and most ppl don’t get enough

    7. Melissa Pedersen

      Himalayan salt is loaded with lead. Maybe switch to Celtic

    8. Kerrianne Christine Ferrier

      Don’t consume salt from the North Pacific anymore. It’s becoming highly irradiated from Fukishima.

    9. Sara Catherine Blaise

      I’m not sure what you mean by *rusty,* unless you’re being sarcastic. Real salt is not white.

    10. Rachel Engelbrecht

      I’m confused if I weigh 65kg how much water should I drink and how much salt should I put in. I drink about 2litres of water a day.

    11. Ems Bush

      Sole water ?

    12. Sara Catherine Blaise

      Ems Bush Yes!

    13. Sara Catherine Blaise

      Elisabeth Nadler Every time we talk about life, there are real dopes who can only respond with death.

    14. Sara Catherine Blaise

      Rachel Engelbrecht You have enough information to research on your own. Google *water cure,* *your bodys’ many cries for water,* *water cure by dr. batmanghelidj* to name a few. Happy researching!

    15. Charles Alegria

      So you people still believe what you read on the internet? …wow, gl with that.

    16. Brian Hoover

      Real salt isn’t NaCl?

    17. Rane Page

      So many salty bitches. All she did was give advice. She didn’t grab your mom’s tits ffs.

    18. Rae Winters

      Rane Page wins

    19. Tori Anne Rouse

      Wouldn’t you get dehydrated if you drank salt water?

    20. Jackie Stubblefield Yu

      All I know is my sodium levels were so low, I was put into the hospital and made to drink juice

    21. Krystale Willet

      I love Himalayan pink salt!

    22. Sara Catherine Blaise

      Rane Page Lol! Good one!

    23. Tara Dunning

      Rachel – 65 kgs is 143 lbs so that’s 71.5 ozs or approx 2 liters of water you should drink.

    24. Anastasia Kitelinger

      So, since I’m tiny I only need to drink a liter and a half of water a day and I’m good? Coolies

    25. Cassandra Rosengard

      I thought salt was bad for blood pressure. My family member cant eat too much cause it makes her swell. She puts it on everything, even salad.

    26. Vishma Maharaj

      Do tell more…

    27. John Doyle

      There is salt in everything you eat.. I drink 2 gallons of water a day

    28. Roberto Orozco

      This thread gave me high blood pressure.

    29. Kayla Rua

      I drink 3 gallons a day.. And a formula for hydration? Got to be kidding me…

    30. Sara Catherine Blaise

      Kayla Rua The water in your body is salt water. So, yes, there is a formula for optimal health, especially since real salt has been labeled as bad for you with its 84 minerals that are extracted from table salt.

  22. Katie Corlew Dailey

    Amber McDonald we need to try this again lol

  23. Tridev Guha

    its very unhealthy according to science to drink gallon water per day. let him continue he will die in a year

    1. Leonora Fletcher

      Got a crystal ball have you?

    2. Tridev Guha

      one should drink water half of their weight per day.. not the unlimited.thats what i read 😉

  24. Mészáros N. Márk

    Panos Ladvancer Actually true, was able to open later on.

  25. Johanny Marcelo

    I’ve already been on that wave

  26. Dave Taylor

    Where do ya get water from 😉

  27. Ahmad Moeenuddin

    I drink a bit, all it does it send me to the bathroom a lot, wait i think i have to go again!

  28. Squish Engine

    Great anecdote. Please don’t confuse this with science.

  29. Jeramy Farnsworth

    This is great. But, collect your own rainwater, and filter it on your own, and don’t tell anybody about it. The additives in your bottled water, and tap water, are doing more damage to your body than you can imagine. Your brain. Your ability to evolve.

    1. Matt Farnsworth

      ,well said

  30. Kemper May

    Pharma is evil and doesn’t want you to drink all this water

    1. Vikki Forster

      It’s nothing to do with pharma it’s basic human biology

  31. David Taylor

    He pished the bed!!

  32. Jim Chance

    He took a piss more often that’s what happened!!

  33. Denise Duray

    All I drink is water. And my coffee in the morning. No sodas, no juice, just water. Allot of pep think it’s strange. Lol

  34. Rick Henkel

    He drown

  35. Dakotah Baney

    He probably was hydrated and felt good. I drink about a gal a day.

  36. A.j. Huttemeyer

    He pissed alot. The end

  37. Karen Smith Amster

    Overconsuming water can be extremely dangerous. In my case, it dramatically reduced the sodium level in my blood and nearly killed me. Hyponatremia is no joke – be careful!

    1. Stephen Hudson

      My mother almost died when I was a teenager. She had severe problems with acid in her stomach that caused her to have a great deal of pain. She drank so much water trying to dilute the acid, she washed most of the minerals out if her body. So, I can attest to what you’re saying.

    2. Angelina Lim

      Yes I agree with you. Too much water leads to drainage of vital minerals from our body

    3. Rosa Frickson

      Yup. I deal with low sodium everyday. 48 oz. of liquid a day and 4 g of sodium chloride tabs. I ended up in ICU once due to drinking too much water. My sodium was at 119! Don’t take the layman’s advice ask your doctor.

  38. Ntokozo Dlamini

    Did he become brain damaged from all of that fluoride?

  39. Simone Varekamp

    Chrystel hier ben ik niets bij
    Hij dronk 30 dagen 3.80 liter water

  40. Billey Gardner

    Heart association says half ur body weight in ounces of water u weight is 200pounds u drink 100ounces of water doesn’t include other liquids just water

  41. Don James

    What happened?! He peed a lot i guess

  42. George Applegate

    He went to the toilet often!?

  43. John Butler

    He died of water poisoning.

  44. Sherry Cerezita

    I bet he was peeing like every half hour.

  45. Jacob L. Wilkerson

    I drink a gallon of Coca Cola a day.. does that count for something ??

  46. Amy Brooks

    It’s recommend to drink half your weight in ounces every day…. So if you weigh 100 lbs, you’re supposed to drink 50 oz. Per day.

    1. Sarah McHaney

      Correct!! This is what I have found through research and asking Doctors…I drink 60oz cause I run and lift weights…to much can lower your sodium levels and damage little can as well…moderation and balance is key to homeostasis

    2. Amy Brooks


    3. Rachel Engelbrecht


    4. Amy Brooks

      It’s common to have to pee like every 20 mins for the first few days of increased water intake but that will subside.

  47. Mindy Edwards-King

    A 2 quart challenge is far more appropriate, A full gallon risks sodium and electrolyte imbalances. It’s called hyponatremia and it can be fatal.

    1. Suyash Gupta

      Won’t happen, until there is something going on with kidneys or pituitary. Kidneys and posterior pituitary have extreme ranges over which they can perform osmoregulation.

    2. Mark Repnyek

      It is dependent upon the persons weight. Someone who is 135 lbs. can get by on the 2 litres, but someone like myself who weighs 260 lbs. 3-4 litres is more appropriate. But there are also some mitigating factors as well. If your urine is running clear back off the water intake. Urine should be light yellow, not clear.

  48. Mindy Edwards-King

    Drinking too much water is called called hyponatremia and it can be fatal. Bet 2 quarts of water a day would be appropriatly beneficial.

    1. Craig Schatzberg

      Only if you’re running a marathon. Lol

    2. Robin Leach

      Hyponatremia is a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in the blood is too low. This can be caused by hyper-hydration (water intoxication), which is drinking too much water in a short period of time thereby depleting your body of sodium, k+ and other essential minerals.

  49. Constance Em

    Please make sure you keep your mine real levels up if you are going to drink that much water, especially distilled water. That much water through your system can wash out your minerals/electrolytes which can be dangerous. All the best

    1. Constance Em


    2. Rhiannon Fieldhouse

      what this lady says. You must be careful how much you drink. I have a friend who drank too much water and it completely flushed his electrolytes and got really quite ill. Must make sure you get the proper balance for your body weight

    3. Leonora Fletcher

      Just make sure you’re eating properly as well as hydrating

  50. Caleb Tilley

    I like how it’s called audacious like a gallon of water is a lot lol!

  51. Jeremy Granados

    I drink more beer than I do water….

  52. Denny Antonio Toazza

    I bet he peed a lot!

  53. Denis Bourgoin

    I’f been drinking more than 3 litters of water all my life. The color of my pee is a constant reminder. The first one in the morning is lemon coloured but the rest are all clear. Unless I performe a task that exercises my bigger muscles such as my legs. Something involving hundreds of squats as when rebuilding a deck. This will make me eject deep down dirt that gets stuck in our muscles if we don’t exercise enough. I’m 62 & my hair isn’t even white yet!

  54. Bryon Dunn

    I very seldom leave the house without my gallon jug.

  55. Denis Bourgoin

    I’m 62 & my hair isn’t even white yet. One reason is that I have been drinking 3+ litters of water all my life. You shower every day, you need water to do that. Well the inside of you body needs cleaning too & you can’t do that with a bottle of a Pepsi!

    1. Lisa Marie

      I guess your eyebrows, beard and mustachio missed that memo.

    2. Rebecca Dublin

      Lisa Marie you’re very naughty

    3. Denis Bourgoin

      Lisa Marie can’t have it all….

    4. Missy Bednark

      Why can’t drinking soda clean your insides, pouring coke on battery terminal cleans them.. lol

    5. Denis Bourgoin

      Missy Bednark So does Round-Up…

    6. Marcelle Fafard-Godbout

      Il va flotter !!

    7. Kairen Hammond

      Have you seen how clean Coke can make a 2p coin lol

  56. Tommy Strangie

    flint water ?

  57. Steve Rosetta

    That’s not a fucking challenge. That’s supposed to be normal.

  58. Enzo Rivera Benois

    He went 15 times to the bathroom

  59. Corey Lamberto

    I drink a gallon a day for years ..ITS CALLED BODYBUILDERS ARE WAY AHEAD OF THE MEDIA

  60. Paolo Castañeda Villalobos

    jajajajajaja como tu !

  61. Rose Walker

    Akilah Guzman (Goose) this person ain’t nothing lol

    1. Akilah Guzman


  62. Dr Erskine Fenty

    Consider eating an extra banana [ripe/semi ripe ] for every litre of water you drink, this will help with your potassium levels as from 2.5L – 3L + you are gonna be stripping/washing out your minerals and some people do get cramps at this stage..

    1. Danielle Tuttle

      Bananas are tasty too

    2. Daniel Dolbel

      Thanks Doc!

    3. Jason Carlo


    4. Elizabeth Sawyer

      Good thing we have a doctor on here!

    5. Meanie Queenie Evilina

      So that’s why I get cramps so often. I drink 4-5 litres per day I love water

    6. Kebba Webba

      I get light headed and anxious if i don’t drink plenty of water. I do crave bananas, I eat at least 2 a day.

    7. Kebba Webba

      I never get cramps.

    8. Stephen Regan

      Bananas are the most radioactive foods we eat….but youd have to eat something like 50 a day to run any risk.

    9. Dr Erskine Fenty

      Meanie Queenie Evilina cramps are often the body’s way of letting us know that our mineral levels are a little low.. best example to see this at work is in endurance sports – watch tennis and you will notice that the players will often have a range of them on the side of the court – not so ripe at the start of the game and more ripe as the game goes on.

  63. Vikki Forster

    1.5 to 2 litres in total fluid per day unless you’re in a desert. You risk low sodium and seizures otherwise

  64. Derek Frailey


  65. Aymerick Desbiens

    Audacious challenge? Thats how much water i must be drinking in a day ahah.

  66. Diana M. Wenzel

    Incoming!! All the comments from the self-proclaimed experts are rolling in

  67. Yanie Granada


  68. Rachita Tandon

    Gotta try this!

  69. James Dee

    Nothing changes I’ve been drinking water for five years. Get over yourselves

  70. Will Sklepowich

    Krista Hope Dejager make sure you friggin read this

  71. Josh Michael

    I was to lazy to read the article or watch the video..What happened to him. Ahh who am I kidding I don’t care..

  72. Seth Hubbard

    this is because there is caffeine and antidepressants in our water also, opiates and other drugs.

  73. Lance McClain

    Waste of water, and you are training your body to operate on overflow. Everyone should drink more water, but this much can cause harm.

  74. Hayley Johnston

    It’s not a “challenge”, it’s just life.

  75. Nanteza Sudat

    Dr Erskine Fenty for me I take I litre of water every morning is there any problem with that?

  76. Megan Lomasney

    drink up butter cups Julisa Orozco Alyssa Johnson Stephanie Giron Stephanie Crandell Brenna Arslanian Christina Lama Marcelle Denise Cordova

    1. Christina Lama

      Dang I’ve been lagging

  77. Randall Wood

    I am getting up to get a glass right now!

  78. Anthony Murphy

    Arizonans are like “Psh, amateur.” 😛

  79. Sean Van Auken

    He peed a gallon of water??

  80. Alannah Rashelle Pasychny

    Drink a gallon of this water a day and you’ll see your body/life change before your very eyes!

  81. Chris Brown

    I’ve not read it but I’m guessing he need a pee

  82. Gerald Watts

    Not buying it, water is typically not the best for our bod, fruit juices are best, preferably from eating raw fruit, never thirsty, plenty of energy.

    1. Dr Erskine Fenty

      Are you being serious… fruit juices, even natural are loaded with sugar,, wow.. water when free of additives is defo good for the body… when in a hospital bed and a patient needs fluids, could you imagine putting in a drip with fruit juice.

    2. Leonora Fletcher

      That a completely rubbish. Water is what’s best. Juices and fruit has sugars. Too much fruit is bad for your digestive system.

    3. Kyle Coffman

      You are mistaken my friend.

    4. Gerald Watts

      Leonora Fletcher Ah but not just any sugar, it’s what your body was designed for AND the water has been filtered through the plant and is charged appropriately to hydrate without stripping nutrients like water does

    5. Gerald Watts

      this is all based on Master Fast System, Dr Robert Morse and a host of other very learned people. Not entirely sure I’ve completely bought it yet but it makes pretty good sense.

    6. Lindy Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Gerald Watts I’m curious. Water strips nutrients from the body?

    7. Scott Samuel

      That’s a complete crock. Do you have any clinicals on this Master Fast System? Fructose is actually more difficult to use and digest than regular glucose. Drinking fruit juice will jack both your blood sugar and daily caloric intake resulting in elevated insulin levels and weight gain.Our bodies made up of 60+% water, not fruit juice.

    8. Gerald Watts

      Lindy Anastasia Beaverhausen I’ve read and listened to so much in the past week that I don’t remember where I found that. Also possible I may be full of crap like Scott thinks. I will ask on the MFS FB page and see what answer I get and let you know.

    9. Gerald Watts

      Scott Samuel MFS has worked miracles for a lot of people, it’s not the fruit that messes people up, it’s the milk, meat, wheat and cooking everything, it all creates congestion in the lymphatic systems, that’s where weight gain and disease comes from. Lots of testimonies in the files section of the Master Fast System FB page. Could be crap too but I’m giving them benefit of doubt for now.

    10. Robyn Toohey

      What a load of crap

  83. Shawn Alfaro

    He peed. A lot.

  84. Calvin Dermody


  85. Haileemarie Bergman


  86. Calvin Dermody

    Okay! I get it!

  87. Haileemarie Bergman

    Sooooo we’re both gna start this challenge. Devin Brink can help hold is to it

  88. Jonah Secord McLean

    Lmao I’d drink 7 liters a day landscaping that’s pussy shit

  89. Calvin Dermody

    Okay, but I mean its already the 11th. Might as well wait for a new month to start…

  90. Kevin Lawton

    Try living in Arizona or any desert for that mater and not drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day. I live & work in AZ and drinking a gallon a day is nothing. Just healthy (if you want to stay alive) 🙂

    1. Danielle Tuttle

      Im currently in nm and still dont drink that much water i do drink a bit more than when i was in tn though

    2. Francis Melenhorst

      Same in Australia mate drink shit loads of water in the day but more than make up for it in the evening with amber fluid

    3. Lynda Osborne

      Southern AZ lots of water is a requirement, I live in Why AZ

    4. Laurie Englund

      Hi, neighbor!! I live in your town…. LOL what a coincidence. And I drink at least a 1/2 gallon of water a day. More if I am hiking or exercising.

    5. Kelsey Morris

      Same here!!

  91. Emily Self

    Beau Self drink water

  92. Crystal De Ocampo

    He died.

  93. Charles Zeno

    Been on that

  94. Lelani Walker

    Trisha Rodriguez…..I love you. ❤

    1. Trisha Rodriguez


    2. Lelani Walker

      Healthy. Beneficial. Wonderful

  95. Ollie Jones

    Pavel Fielding give it a go dude

    1. Pavel Fielding

      That’s crazy! I might actually try u kno xdd

    2. Ollie Jones

      Do it!

    3. Pavel Fielding


    4. Ollie Jones

      Too much water can kill you though..

    5. Ollie Jones

      I reckon you should still do it

    6. Pavel Fielding


  96. Haileemarie Bergman

    Hahahah . Orrrr we can just not go a full 30 days this time , your choice

  97. Lucinda Ferguson

    Lol was just gonna tag Heath

  98. Chris Deans

    Flouride poisoning lol

  99. Lionel Newman

    I’m just here in the comments hoping somebody had mentioned what happened

  100. Dawne Knop

    Let’s realize too much water can hurt your kidneys

  101. Sam Oakes

    I’ve done this for years.. I don’t know what the big deal is.

  102. Kathy Bennett

    He pissed alot..

  103. Joey Blakely


  104. Neil Lucas

    To many experts on here

  105. Adw Brgtm

    Great benefits but hard to do especially later in the night so you don’t have to get up 3 times at night to piss Megan Murphy

  106. Emma Burns

    Jordan do you even water?

    1. Jordan James Dembinski

      Hmmm interesting

  107. Cody Grotjohn

    Note “different occupations” .. It isn’t tough when your landscaping in the heat. Sweating out a liter a day

  108. Stanly Yelnats

    I like my fluoride lemon flavored

  109. Robert Foster

    I take it safe too say, the good gentleman wasent from Flint, Michigan..

  110. Robert Foster

    I believe it safe too say that the good gentleman wasn’t from Flint, Michigan…

    1. Natalie Renfroe

      Wondered how long before someone made that observation

  111. Libby Davis

    He peed a lot

  112. Justin Sheppard

    Bathroom break every hour

  113. Francis Melenhorst

    I drink near 3 gallons a day because I dont like dying from thirst and heatstroke

  114. Stefan Murphy

    We are made of mostly water.. So it’s beneficial.. But you don’t need a full gallon.. Every single day.. People who don’t have access to water manage to be ok.. Balance a diet with fresh veg etc you’ll get water from them too.. Some fruits.. Two litres is great but if your drinking tea and whatever that’s fine too.. Don’t try too hard with fads find your balance

  115. Kady Walsh

    lol I don’t know what your talking about my gallon never left

  116. James Slypto

    And his new nickname is flouride

  117. Marilyn DeRochemont

    Pooped himself silly

  118. Frank Chappelle

    He pee’s a lot? That’s a joke right

  119. Russ King

    Can’t get anything done pissing all the time

  120. Chad O'Cain

    I am trying to drink more water for all it’s benifits especially to your vasculary

  121. Shawna King

    I tried this (and still do my best) and I know it’s stupid to say this, but it’s harder than you think! After awhile, you really don’t want to drink any more water. You’re peeing all the time too. Yes I know that’s good for you, and I applaud those who can keep up on this. I can’t do a gallon a day, but I always opt for water when given a choice.

  122. Janell AllianceSoldier Buncome

    Chupz somebody plz challenge me, i can drink a gallon of water in one sitting, i go through about 6 gallons un two days!! Try me!!

  123. John Myers

    you can over hydrate yourself. you should only be drinking water when you’re actually thirsty. not because of some rhetoric that is perpetrated by bottle water companies to sell you bottled water. your body naturally tells you when you’re dehydrated by making you thirsty.

    1. Christa Vago

      Or feeling hungry!
      If you feel hungry, ask yourself if you want to eat an apple. If the answer is yes, you are hungry. If the answer is no, you are probably thirsty! A fun fact. 🙂

  124. Michele Ries

    Wow, just how stupid are people? His Electrolytes have got to be off. Wow.

  125. Aneri Nanavaty

    Quentin Godefroy Sauraj Gambhir The real reason why we bought giant gallons of water

  126. Jackie Stubblefield Yu

    I drank water and allot of it. Ended up in the hospital. My sodium levels dropped very low. But I sit behind a desk all day.

  127. Jonathan Duran

    I wish I knew this was a thing ive been drinking a gallon+ a day for like a year LMAO XD

  128. Steven Kirchner

    Lesley Castanaza read the end of it. I be telling you

  129. David Klein

    Drank two gallons a day on a construction site. Still felt tired.

  130. Pearse O'Connor

    Hope it wasn’t “fluoridated” water or later in life he will regret it. Toxic substance accumulation.

  131. Jim Strang

    Gotta watch out for flushing your sodium and electrolytes,down to low drinking all that water , there is a certain syndrome of over consumption of water and cardiac abnormalities…”. ” hyponatremia “

  132. Erin Willow Raven

    He peed….a lot….? Lol

  133. Tony Summers

    Old-school rule: the darker you urine, the more water you should drink; the lighter the urine, the more you need to cut back. Clear urine, all the time? You may have water poisoning.

    1. Stacey L McCarthy

      Clear urine does not mean you have water poisoning.

    2. Robyn Toohey

      Water poisoning? LOL

    3. Krystal Fergus

      He means water toxicity where you dilute the salt water balance too much ( by osmosis) and than you become hyponatremic which can be deadly

    4. Ar Gee Lew

      Urine is generally always yellowish. You do not perceive the color in a stream and it is diluted once mixed in the toilet bowl.

    5. Robyn Toohey

      I’m aware of that Krystal but that takes much more than the normal person cam dtink

    6. Erin Debrower

      ^^I’ve had water poisoning. It’s very real. Almost went into a coma because my salt levels were so low

  134. Alexander Moor Freeman


  135. Laura-Lynn Collins

    This makes me think of you, Julia Gorham

  136. Hu MedMy

    I drink one gallon per day every other day for about two months now and my skin is smoother. I am not tossing and turning at night. I no longer drink any type of coffee (and I was addicted to coffee). I’m sharing this just to tell those who feel that can’t do this, yes you can. Just try for a day and see how you feel and go from there ✨Good Luck ✨

  137. Randy Herpel

    You do know that there is no actual medical evidence that drinking a whole bunch of water does anything for you at all. Thruth<<. It probably wouldnt hurt to drink an extra glass or 2 a day non the less.

    1. Aleckks Zawadzki

      Drinking two big glasses of water stabilises your blood pressure quicker than any form of medication, I have Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and water and salt are the number one treatments for us!

  138. Hanis Syuhada

    No picture. Okay

  139. Chris Enright

    I’ve been doing this since high school. Not a big deal…

  140. Graeme Knapp

    He went pee

  141. Kyler Sellers

    Taylor Bunderson this is why I believe you need to drink more water

  142. Sid Curtis

    I wouldn’t mind drinking water but I don’t like the idea of having so many Pharmaceutical drugs in it along with corrosion and everything else.. Minerals in natural water is essential to our body whereas all the other forms of water is poison so really it doesn’t even matter what you drink unless it’s natural and you know for yourself it’s natural. Welcome to 2017

  143. Greg O'Brien

    He peed a lot?

  144. Latrice TK

    Let me guess: His skin cleared and he lost weight?

  145. Gary Hollis

    I’m on a gallon of coffee a day diet

  146. Michael Schlimm

    A gallon isn’t that much. A gallon of beer can have an impact though.

  147. Lisa Ann Daly

    I was told to drink a gallon day while pregnant. It was difficult

  148. Greg Ham

    Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces per day. Example: if you weigh 150 lbs. drink 75 ounces of water.

  149. Sarah Weidling Bledsoe

    Kirk Bledsoe Emily McNutt Leslie Martin want to try this with me?

    1. Emily McNutt

      I need to do this!

    2. Sarah Weidling Bledsoe

      I’m down to really try it. For the really real!

  150. Chris Lange

    Sounds like literally nothing changed. Almost like … bullshit clickbait …

  151. Rebecca Kate Nicholaidis

    Love this!

  152. Maggie Kathleen Mahar

    Yesss!! I try and drink 150 ounces a day!! I dont know if thats a gallon but its what i can drink without feeling sick

  153. Ryann Elizabeth O'Dell

    I drank 80oz of water yesterday and I swear I peed more than I drank!!

  154. Triston Joseph Samuel Dominion

    Jordan Lynn Gluth it’s what the souls desires

  155. Matthew Collette

    To much water is bad for you actually 20 years health experience as a nutritionist , water should only be drank if you have a poor diet and during exercise but just to drink water is not good , you can mess up your natural ph balance in your body and also flush out good nutrients your body needs

    1. Bobbijean Glaze

      What vitamins and nutrients should you consume to prevent this? I feel like I get water logged drinking so much wAter trying to diet compared to the awful diet of junk and no water before.

    2. Matthew Collette

      Start juicing raw organic fruits and vegetables

  156. Angela Beard

    I want to know if he continued to drink that much after the challenge. Doesn’t sound sustainable to me, esp having to constantly think about it.

  157. Bobby Sarapuk

    He is now a chronic bedwetter, but still couldn’t be happier about it!

  158. Eashwer Iyer


  159. Fiona Stewart

    Gallon is 3.785 litres.
    You’re supposed to drink 1 litre to every 22kgs of weight.. so that’s correct for a bigger human.. 85+kgs

  160. David Erich Sanchez

    Practically the best thing you can do for yourself, have a high protein low carb dinner with green vegetables too and you’re golden.

  161. Monika Griesser

    Only a gallon/day? Wow step up your game man

  162. Peter DeLury

    Short version? Water is supposed to make you feel like god…Drink beer…..go through the hard shit and appreciate life.

  163. Roda Langrana

    I too drink on an average about 4 litres per day .. more visits to the loo are a problem

  164. Ankur Kamboj

    Many people don’t have access to fresh drinking water.

    Seeing this, I started drinking 4 pints of corona every day & I am absolutely awesome!!

  165. Bhagyashree Goyal

    Archit Saki this is wht i was talking abt..

    1. Archit Saki

      He felt like a “ball of energy” and he no longer needed the regular 2-3 cups of coffee every day to keep him going.

      This cracked me hard

  166. Pan Muraell

    he pissed a lot…

  167. Paul Cameron Klee

    He peed a lot?

  168. Kristijan Zikic

    I find that perfectly normal to be honest. I’ not fat, have no diabetes, and I usually drink around 10-12 liters per day, which is my normal every day intake, and up to 16 per day when the heat is extreme (45+ degrees), if I don’t, I start to feel dehydrated, and it’s been going on like that for plenty of years, and I certainly have no issues of needing to pee every 20-30 minutes

    1. Kayla May Good

      10-12 liters? Holy crap that sound like a lot! Good for you though!

    2. Kristijan Zikic

      Yeah, I get that a lot from friends and coworkers, but I find that perfectly normal..To me, it is kinda strange how some people are satisfied with a cup or two..

    3. Patty Forte

      45 + degrees is extreme heat? Seriously??? Do you live inside of a freezer?

    4. Kristijan Zikic

      No, but for me, it is extreme, when there is 45+ in the shadow, and above 50-55 on the sun. I enjoy 20-25 max, anything above for me is too warm, whereas above 40 is something that causes my body to dehydrate, migraines so hard that I can barely remember what I did yesterday, overall body weakness etc. While it may sound strange to you, I can barely stand such heats, thus I consider them extreme, because of the influence they have on my body and organism. On the other hand, I am enjoying around 20 degrees, and I did not feel too cold when negative 27 degrees hit us 2 years ago.

    5. Doug Allitt

      Don’t get stuck in a traffic jam then!

  169. Amber Topps

    Drinking to much water is not good also.

  170. Lauren Myers

    I read this last night the struggle is real

  171. Valy Val

    I already pee ever 20 mins I’ll pass

  172. Tanika Davis

    Josh Pholi could you do This?

  173. Heidi Renee

    Katya Strohl Jackie Jette possible link to share for water challenges

    1. Katya Strohl

      Challenge accepted

    2. Jackie Jette


  174. Geoff Iles

    He burst!!!!!!!

  175. Angel Hernandez

    We should do this water challenge Damena Hernandez

    1. Damena Hernandez

      I’m down ❤️

  176. Caryn OZaye

    8 glasses a day all is needed to help organs work properly , on a daily basis .. but need more if you work out in the gym

  177. Catia Baker

    He peed a lot?

  178. Julia Noelle Carstensen

    Why is this so hard? I used to carry around this 52 oz Bubba keg with ice water and fill it and drink it three times a day! This was in addition to my flavored drinks with meals and randomly drinking out of the tap when I washed my hands at home.

  179. Stefán Erlendsson

    Iris … talandi um læknavísindi

  180. Elke Robertson

    Tara Imlach. Wonder if we can substitute for wine??

  181. Donald Lee Sexton


  182. Shannon Park

    I’ve been drinking water for 4 days XD lol

  183. Zac Lawson

    I drank yack piss , topped with lime , for a year , I’m sick as Fuck now .

  184. Amalia Ramirez

    If I drink a gallon a day will it clean the THC out of me??? I was a heavy smoker and quit on February 28th.

  185. Peter W Roberts

    He got hydrated

  186. Kate Cavalcante

    He went to the bathroom a lot

  187. Guilherme Carvalho

    Jiřina Cintavá make sure you read this article

    1. Jiřina Cintavá

      I need you to help me with this, a moral support darling

  188. Jennifer Leigh LeMoine Turner

    Is it really unusual to drink a gallon of water in a day? I thought that was normal.

  189. Colin Gray

    he did a big wee wee

  190. Karyn Purdy

    Between my boyfriend and I we drink 7 Gallons of water every day.

  191. Annette Passco

    Good xx

  192. Jay Davies

    Drinking 3l of water per day is also amazing for reducing kidney load and will drastically slow the onset of some kidney diseases

  193. Dhwani Mehta

    I am gonna do this..

    1. Darsh Panchal

      I remember telling you the same thing..Like umm..Maybe a thousand fucking times

    2. Dhwani Mehta

      Yeah yeah..I remember..

    3. Darsh Panchal

      Ya and you forget again

  194. Dustin Barnes

    He pissed clear

  195. Angus Martin

    1 gallon = 3.7L

  196. Angus Martin

    not on the same level

  197. Dean Enslin

    You guys drank the first 5 days of his experiment just on the drive in.

  198. Jonathon Mathews

    Angie Wan Jenny Grabs mate my target is now 3 bottles before 4pm

  199. Cody James Rockwell

    I’ve done this is and it’s really pretty easy. I could easily drink a gallon a day again

  200. Alicia Espinosa

    He’s must not be from Texas. Lol it gets hot here. Drinking a gallon a day is pretty normal!

  201. Cathleen Baldwin

    COOL water

  202. Tobias Bayer

    I drink 3 liter every day and its easy! “monstrous task” woooooohh! Drink quality mineral or spring water water and actually get hydrated. Reverse osmosis is junk food.

  203. Melissa Bryce

    George Golding same same ☺️

  204. Sahiba Singh

    Sudeep Bhattacharya read and then tell me what you think :/

  205. Tim Gonzales

    I live in California. This guy would be fined if they knew he recklessly used so much water.

  206. Eva Scott-Keen

    Headache-“Have a glass of water.” Sore foot- “Have a glass of water.” Any issue-“Have a glass of water.” “keep your liquids up’

  207. Frankster Romain

    I drink a gallon a day‍♀️

  208. Erin Debrower

    And his electrolytes got out of balance and he went into a coma

  209. Heidi Rae Lauren

    Yes! Yes! I drink about 10-12 glasses a day lately.
    When I forget to my body feels it with a headache or something

  210. Maryann Hodgden

    For people who don’t want to read the click bait all it says is that he had to urinate a lot more

  211. Maryann Hodgden

    Honestly you don’t need to drink that much water. It’s good if you want to but humans don’t HAVE to to be healthy. It’s how we adapt to climates that don’t have enough

  212. Stephen Roberts

    He had to piss every 10 mins

  213. Rukhshana Jana

    The hardest thing in this world is drinking one glass of water a day I need more motivation

  214. Benno Von Janowski

    Wtf! I dont see where the challenge is! I drink litres a day as standard and have done for years. Yes it makes you piss loads as it cleans out your system!

    1. Lewy Kusyn

      YEAH but his drinking water not beer benno

    2. Lewy Kusyn


  215. Terry Hoss Chittock

    My nephrologist would freak at this! I have kidney failure and am only allowed 1-2 pints of ANYTHING a day

  216. Moweezy Monelle Mawo

    I love water

  217. Bob Rooke

    i drink more water than that every day and im still a fat twat

  218. Sohit Kumar Singh

    He pee’d a lot…I’m guessing

  219. Nayanmoni Baishya

    Hahaha. Yeah. One of the side effect.

  220. Steve Howden

    yuck with or without fluoride

  221. Brittany Meade

    I really need to up my water intake. I’m getting dry skin and have heard it helps with acne and hair loss.

  222. Nancy Ileen Campbell

    In Syria, in August, I drank NINE liters of water a day (and sweat it out again) My skin looked cleaner, healthier and younger than it had in years.

  223. Kebba Webba

    I drink at least 5 litres of water a day. Most people don’t drink nearly enough…

  224. Jake Ward

    What do we look for first when searching for life on other planets? Yep, water is that important!

  225. Rosa Frickson

    You can die from water intoxication!

  226. Martin Dilworth

    Yep. M

  227. Eric Stidham

    Nothing, iv done the challenge, you do pee a lot more though.

  228. Gareth O'Ryan

    He pissed a lot

  229. John Pallant

    Let me guess, did he piss the bed?

  230. Joshua Rognstad

    I do more then that every day and it’s no challenge it’s what everyone needs to be doing we are water. Lacking in it means we are ourselves lacking

  231. Christian Rezner

    …he is the world champion in taking a leak

  232. Disnie de Leon

    Haha! Water is life 🙂

  233. Marc Pitt

    Katie Bes interesting for you

  234. Sally JS

    Isn’t this normal. Doesn’t everyone drink that much everyday? Ain’t nobody got time for a dehydration headache

  235. Stephen Regan

    I drink more water than probably anyone I know, my urine is crystal clear, but I have also been told that’s not necessarily a good thing.

  236. David Johnson

    “how many men can confidently stake claim to having taken four liters of any drink? Of course, not counting the gentlemen who spend hours in the bar chatting and drinking beer one crate at a time” LOL

  237. Matty Zull

    Stu Dow Daniel Chew the gallon Challenge

  238. Dani Butrum

    Lisa Butrum you didn’t even make it 2 days…

  239. Gareth Eales

    He peed like a twin dicked race horse

  240. Edna Paz

    Water is good and healthy, but not everyone need is drinking water all day long. I only need 3 glasses of 8 ounces, 2 regular cokes (12 ounces ea.), 2 cups (6 ounces ea.) of coffee a day.

    1. Shari P

      Cokes. That has to be one of the worst things for you. Gross. Try to cut that crap out if you can. It is seriously really bad for you. If it’s not the high fructose corn syrup it’s the carbon dioxide (a toxin to people, that’s why we exhale it) and caramel coloring chemicals.

  241. Edna Paz

    Water will not give us energy.

  242. Jin Hooi Tan

    “Water is life”

  243. Scott J Parker

    Yeh 1 do minimum 3L per day, on days with workouts 5-6L, distilled water very cleansing.

  244. Shopashion

    I see many negative comments on these articles…if you’re a negative person and you don’t want to change why bother us? Move on this site!

  245. John

    Did he lose any weight?

  246. Ray

    What the hell is a gallon?? Only in America

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