There is an inspiring trend emerging in coffee shops and cafes across the country, and it is restoring my faith in humanity.

Paying it forward is a new idea that has developed in cafes around the world, and its concept is very simple. You simply pay for the next person’s food or drink so that they get a free meal or drink.

In some cafes the concept of paying it forward has evolved into a scheme to help the homeless, offering free warm meals, drinks, and some offer schemes for jobs and skills. Schemes such as this have made a huge difference in helping the homeless get off the streets and develop skills, get jobs and homes, and ultimately help to lower the number of people living homeless.

Social Bite Sandwich Shop in Edinburgh is a key example of one of these inspirational shops. 1 in 4 members of the staff was formally homeless, offering suspended coffees and sandwiches, which those less fortunate can come in and claim. In Philadelphia, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza has walls decorated in post-it notes symbolizing free pizza slices for those who cannot afford to buy one.

The concept was born in Italy with ‘suspended coffees’ and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that just goes to show how kind and caring we humans can be.

It’s not just cafes and coffee shops, however, there are stories all over the Internet of men and women buying food for those who can’t afford it, showing kindness to people in their hour of need. One example of this is a Facebook status that went viral across the Internet.

A man bought a McDonald’s meal for a woman, who could only afford to feed her son, and went to great lengths not to let her know who did it. What’s even more heartwarming about this story is the note he wrote her with the words:

“Keep your head up and keep pushing forward. You can. You will.”

It is these small acts of kindness that remind us of what is important in life and make us have faith in humanity. The men and women in our society can’t afford the things we can need to love too; they need kindness and motivation, just as we all do.

The pay-it-forward phenomenon has proven that we are all capable of great acts of kindness, even if they seem small. What’s small to you can be huge to someone else.

Here is the note. Read it and it will surely restore your faith in humanity too!

Paying it forward

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  1. Roxy Gri

    pretty sure the Suspended Coffee originated in Canada ,I have been doing this for years .I dont believe a single day should go by without Paying It Forward even if its just a simple smile or holding the door for someone . What a better world this would be if everyone participated 🙂 Blessings To All <3

    1. Jennifer Connell

      I thought it origonated in Canada too. Glad I am not the only one.

    2. Julie Rose

      Of course it did, we’re awesome! 🙂

  2. Jeff Lambert

    This is a good story and helping our fellow man should always be our focus. However, there is a much more important lesson to be learned as well. We should teach our children how to choose a mate. Our families are in shambles because people fall in heat, fall in crush, fall in infatuation. Love is not about looks, or sex, or money, or party-time. Love is about consistency, honor, dependability, loyalty, hard work, truth, and freindship. You can sweep someone off their feet with “game” but that is not sustainable. A lifelong mate is not found at a club, in a bar, grinding groins on a dance floor, or usually in a quick hook up. If we taught our children this they could choose better and then their kids would not be shuttled back and forth. They would not feel the pain. They would not suffer the insecurity.
    My 2 cents…

    1. Erin Haynes

      I got married at 26. Had children at 30. 13 years and 2 children later my husband left because he didn’t want to be a father anymore. He took off with a childless woman. I could not pay the mortgage on my own salary. He said he couldn’t send money because he had to pay for his new beach house. I paid for food and electricity. 18 months later the court ordered child support. He still didn’t pay. 6 more months and his wages are now getting garnished. It is not always the fault of the mother. There are many deadbeat fathers out there.

    2. Turi Chic

      Erin Mooney Vanlandingham I don’t think he was pointing fingers only at moms. It’s for everyone who chooses to disregard that honor, dependability and loyalty. Your ex chose to not hold up his end and should have thought better than to put you through that as someone he chose to be his wife. Shame on him and I wish you the best!

    3. Jeff Lambert

      Turi Chic yes, exactly. Thank you.

    4. Mae Lou

      I think we need to teach our children how to survive and take care of themselves before they get hooked up with the mate and the baby. So, if they were ever in theur own becayse the relationship dud motvwork, they could fend for themselves and their child.

    5. Toshia Martin

      It is difficult for mothers always. I earned my degree but when my children were born my husband wanted me to stay home with them. I too did not want them raised by a stranger.

      Then when he went through some midlife crisis he hooked up with a 19 year old and I had been out of work for far too long. My resume was crap. He had no interest in paying child suppport.

      Mothers are always left holding the bag.

  3. Ed Burley

    Many single moms are those who thought they were “doing the right thing” by marrying the baby’s father. This is due to societal pressure to “keep the baby and get married.” This is not always the best advice.

  4. Jacob Reece Ricciardi

    i hate people that cant just do a good thing without letting the world know they about it. hes fishing for likes, i wouldn’t be surprised if he just made the story up, sounds made up, probably concocted it while on his 4th refill.

    1. Brenda Lee

      The balance wasn’t the balance of her account it was the balance of her bill. If your total is $20 But you only have $19 You have a $1 balance due for your purchase… does that make more sense Veronica Hind? They never used the word “account” so idk why you would think “balance” and “account” are the same thing.

    2. Jacob Reece Ricciardi

      brenda that is still private, how the hell would he know what she was owing, its made up, and if it isn’t he’s a dick for doing something just to get likes and recognition

    3. Micheal Wilson

      if you are one cent short it will decline .. if you are going to try and get the sun to shine out of ya ass , try being a little bit more intelligent with the back end

    4. Brenda Lee

      What are you talking about Jacob Reece Ricciardi??? You’ve never stood behind someone in a line at a cash register and saw how much money they spent? Or if they used a card or cash? What your total bill is at a cash register is NOT private information. Smh.

      The guy didn’t claim (or imply) to give explicit details like exactly what the words exchanged were. We don’t know if she used a gift card or maybe she knew she only had $5 or whatever so they charged the card $5 and she still needed to go to the car and get change.

      Micheal WilsonA gift card doesn’t decline and you can charge specific amounts ie what you know the balance is. So there’s no need for you to try and be a jerk just because you’re narrow minded and refuse to see that there are ways that you can use a “card” (because we weren’t given more details) to pay for something and still owe a balance. You guys are reading shit in the article and in my post that aren’t there. But you wanna talk about my intelligence? that really is laughable!!.

    5. Veronica Hind

      That’s how I interpreted the story. I do however, know how to subtract, thank you. ‘Balance’ can still refer to bank balance, not just ‘amount owing’ – which is how its phrased commonly here.

    6. Veronica Hind

      “the teen tells her her card has a balance of 37cents…” Sounds like she’s referring to a bank card to me?

    7. Samantha Stephens

      What if the card she was using was a gift card? The cashier would most certainly be able to tell her any remaining balance left on it.

    8. Jacob Reece Ricciardi

      but he wasn’t behind her, he says he was on his third refill, the story is bullshit, simple as that.

    9. Amanda Huculak

      Jacob Reece Ricciardi – could the drink machines be anywhere near the registers in a fast food restaurant?

    10. Brenda Lee

      Veronica Hind … you left an important word out of that quote, along with some others. You can’t quote something then leave words out just so it fits your agenda or interpretation
      “The teen at the counter tells her her card LEFT a balance of 37 cents.” In other words she owes 37 cents, which is why “She and the boy walk to her car where she digs and finds the change.” Does that still sound like a bank card to You? It sure doesn’t sound like a bank card to me because as other have pointed out a bank card would have been declined -that is unless she said to only charge $X or if she used a gift card which means the register would have taken what was left on the card and she would be responsible for the remaining balance of 37 cents. Nice try though Veronica Hind, nice try!!

    11. Brenda Lee

      Omg Amanda Huculak does that mean you’ve actually been INSIDE a McDonald’s before??!!! Who would have thought that the soda machine could possiably be in ear shot of the register?? I guess just you and me

    12. Brenda Lee

      Jacob Reece Ricciardi – I’m NOT saying the story was true I NEVER did. My initial reply on your comment was directed towards Veronica Hind which should have been pretty clear.
      But the guy also never specified what size his soda was, 4 refills on a small soda is feasible but still a bit ridiculous. Maybe you weren’t aware but McDonalds has free WiFi so he could have been hanging out playing Pokemon Go for all we know. However I have seen people, mostly elderly hang out at McDonald’s by themselves for long periods of time. How did I see this? Well when you take small children, especially more than one, to McDonalds and let them eat inside (idk why this is so important to them) it feels like it takes an eternity to get them to eat so you can leave. Children are very easily distracted by the happy meal toy, the box (if they’re using them), or just the plain fact they are inside a McDonald’s, you end up being there a lot longer than if they were adults or even teens. When someone (an adult) is already sitting down with their coffee (or their food) when you walk in the door and are still sitting there when you go to leave that means they’re hanging out in McDonald’s for whatever reason. Hence drinking 4 sodas that hopefully were 32oz sodas.

      That DOES NOT make the story real, just feasible. Just for shots and giggles let me reiterate that I never suggested other wise, I merely was trying to explain to Verionica that the cashier was not announcing the balance in her bank account, he was referring to the balance due on her tab. Since this was a Facebook post by someone most likely just trying to get 5 minutes of fame, he worded it a little funny. But she, you, and Micheal Wilson have all been adding words or ideas/implications to the story or to my comments. Veronica has also been removing words to make the story fit her narrative. Not one single person has attempted to argue that this story was 100% true, I’ve only said it is possiable. I’ve had someone give me a gift card while eating with my then toddler in a McDonald’s once so it’s not completely unheard of for people to just be nice.

    13. Amanda Huculak

      THANK YOU, Brenda Lee. And may I add that, yes, I have been inside of a McDonald’s before. I believe that most of the people who make snide, “Oh, yukky McDonald’s” posts have as well, yet it gives them some sort of falsly superiour feeling to put others down for resorting to eating to this kind of garbage. I mean, it’s okay to eat junk sometimes. Some people will call it a treat or a cheat day. It’s okay to admit that you feed your kids McDonald’s on occasion as well. What’s not okay is to judge others who do.

    14. Jacob Reece Ricciardi

      gees, how lonely must you be, who cares, get a life will ya

    15. Jacob Reece Ricciardi

      and he says he’s sitting down drinking sprite, he’s not refilling his cup so it doesn’t matter where the soda machine is, what does the position of the soda machine have to do with anything?, learn how to read.

    16. Lillian Kline

      I’ve been to a McDonalds with seats almost right next to the checkout. Doesn’t matter if he was refilling or sitting, the story is still plausible.

    17. Jacob Reece Ricciardi

      ok, sure the story is plausible , he’s still a dick though.

  5. Sen Ware

    A shitty parent/ex is never going to restore faith in anything. Teach your children about life including relationships. It isn’t happy or funny most of the time but it could spare them this mess.

  6. Tiffany Pang

    Is it so hard for people to feel good after reading a story (spam or otherwise) that they have to bash it and call it fake? Paying it forward does happen, and in general it is a positive experience. (wouldn’t you be happy if someone paid for something for you?)

    I have been both the payer and payee of Paying it Forward situations. It is a good thing that has always left me feeling appreciative and happy.

    I find it interesting that people will spend an insane amount of money to see a movie that is completely fictional, and walk away happy from seeing it. But one story on Facebook that may or may not be true and those same people get their panties in a bunch.

    It takes all kinds, I guess.

    1. Attila Takács

      I agree with you and I have been “paying forward” many times already. This is exactly why I am sensitive about this. Don’t get me wrong’ I’d love this story to be true, but I have doubts now. Credibility is very important to me.

    2. Tiffany Pang

      I understand that…I am a stickler when it comes to credibility myself.

      But I guess I don’t understand how a story that has no effect on my life, other than giving me something to smile about, can effect me negatively whether it is fake or not. If the story is a fabrication, then it is no more harmful than reading a fairy tale. And if it is true, then not only did it make me smile, but that means that a woman and her son had some good luck come their way.

      But anyway, it just saddened me that so many people had such negative things to say about a simple, little story.

    3. Brenda Lee

      It was a Facebook post so you never can know if it was true but there’s no reason to think it wasn’t. I would have done the same thing he did.
      Personally the mind unleashed rarely posts stories that I would consider credible by academic standards.

    4. Tiffany Pang

      Sad but true, Brenda Lee. I would be willing to bet thatat least 75% of Facebook posts are “fake.”

      I totally would have done what he did too, especially because I am a woman and a mother. It would bother me to not help another mother and her child, especially if I had the means to help her.

      I agree about the questionable credibility of the mind unleashed. In fact, I swear I unfollowed them, but must not have done it right cuz I still get their posts. Lol

    5. Brenda Lee

      When my son was little I worked at a Dunkin Donuts. This retired cop would come in on the weekends with his his grandson who was like 3 or 4, if it wasn’t real busy I would take the kid behind the counter to get a closer look and let him point out what he wanted.
      Anyway one afternoon I took my son to McDonald’s as a special treat for something, can’t remember what. That same cop came in while we were eating and after he ordered his food he came over and slipped a gift card on the table.

    6. Attila Takács

      Tiffany Pang See, that’s the thing: if it was presented as a fictional story, a fairy tale as you put it, I would be fine with it. But it has been presented as a real life story. And that makes all the difference. I really don’t want to over-explain myself here..

    7. Amanda Huculak

      Credibility has very little to do with the purpose of this story.

    8. Tiffany Pang

      No worries, Attila Takács, no explanations desired or required. I get the gist of what you’re saying. It’s a credibility thing. I can respect that.

    9. Tiffany Pang

      Omg Brenda Lee…I thought the same thing about the ex being a dick!! Lol Anyone who had to deal with him would be highly deserving of a meal and some kind words! Lol

      Aalmost 2 years ago, my brother was almost killed when a car slammed into him at 70mph when he was working. My brother came so close to dying that we were planning what his last hour would be like (turning off machines, pain management so he could pass comfortably, etc.) He had so many injuries, the worst being that he lost both of his legs.

      My brother was in the ICU for about 2 months. My mom, my 3.5 month old son, and I literally camped out in the waiting room, only leaving for a few hours to get clothes and essentials. People noticed us, and that we were always there. Most of them also knew why we were there.

      We had people bringing us food, drinks, and toiletries. People who never even knew my brother came to pray for him. Staff members and other families would come and talk to us, and lent an ear, a shoulder, or a hug. It all was so nice and so what we needed at the time.

      The best thing that happened was when an EKG Tech came and sat with us. He explained that he and his coworker has seen us there, and they were touched by our story. So the took the overtime pay they had and got us a gift card for the little coffee stand in the hospital. We were so shocked that people who we never met before would care enough to take their hard earned money and get us something. It helped us keep our heads up, believe that my brother would live. It meant the world to us, a ray of light in a very dark, chaotic situation for my family and I.

    10. Tiffany Pang

      I totally agree, Amanda Huculak. But I understand that we each can take away completely different things/points of view from the same story.

    11. Tomás Carrizo

      Movies are not expensive 🙂

    12. Kathy Greathouse

      You don’t walk out without spending $50 where I live, for 2 people. I’m sorry, that’s expensive.

    13. Tiffany Pang

      I know, right Kathy Greathouse?? Here in Hawai’i, we have almost the highest cost of living in the Nation! Milk can cost $6.00 to $7.00 a gallon, and sometimes even a half gallon is about the same price! And at fast food places like McDonald’s, (since we’re talking about McDonald’s lol) things here are usually about $2.00 to $3.00 more than what people on the Continent pay. They aren’t kidding when they say “prices slightly higher in Alaska and Hawai’i.”

      I haven’t been to a movie theatre in almost 3 years, it’s that expensive. I don’t even want to know what the prices are! Lol

    14. Joey Prothero

      We live in an age when people could be shown a video of something, and they’d still say it is fake. Don’t fret about it (Y) I mean, people still believe the Earth is flat.

    15. Tiffany Pang

      Good point, Joey Prothero. Lol

    16. Betty Yuen Druxman

      Joey Prothero The ridiculous thing is that people are so skeptical of positive stories/acts yet they believe every crappy/negative ‘news’ article. We can’t win.

    17. Tiffany Pang

      I know, right Betty Yuen?? Makes you wonder what has happened to society today that they are afaid or don’t want to believe the good stuff. Sometimes I wonder if it’s jealousy…people now days are so jealous of someones good fortune that they have to break it down and dismiss the good in order to make themselves feel better.

  7. George Young

    What we can be

  8. Jamie Godfrey

    If she weren’t eating at MC dicks she could afford proper food.

    1. Brenda Lee

      that’s funny

  9. Vikki Palma Nozza

    Started to cry. Been a single parent where every month I was minus 300. No room to even buy socks

  10. Brenda Lee

    It could have happened. I had someone give me a gift card in McDonald’s one time when my son was little. Not because I was short on cash but just to be nice.

  11. Amanda Huculak

    Omg! People like you are the reason these stories are posted! All of you who are so cynical and negative need to open your fucking minds and see that people can be kind to others and they don’t have to keep it to themselves. I bought myself a breakfast sandwich and gave it to a guy on the street who needed it more. I feel good about knowing that I helped feed someone who was hungry. Am I a bad person because I told you about it or did I make this story up, for some reason?
    Why not, instead of bitching and complaining that you don’t believe people could be kind and share their stories, you all go out and do something kind and share your own stories here. You can tag me in this thread. I’ll wait…

    1. Laura Marivel Misch

      This story loses it’s credibility and impact on a lot of people because it starts off about a seemingly desperate mother, who instead of using her last few dollars to make sure she and her child can eat the rest of the day, is instead getting him a happy meal…

      I’ve been in a position many times where I’ve had to stretch my last few dollars beyond belief because that is what a responsible parent does. Aside from that little tidbit, sure, who gives a shit what anyone else does with their money and charity. If ya got it, flaunt it.

      There’s a group of men that often stand at the intersection of a highway I pass every single week day to pick my husband up for lunch. They raise money for ex cons and drug addicts trying to turn their lives around. And every single time they’re there, I donate to their cause. Most people don’t even bother opening their windows to say no thank you/not interested – it disgusts me. Any time I see someone on the street asking for help, I offer them food/money – which ever I have available at the moment. Any time. If I have a chance to pull over and talk to them, I do that too. I ask what they need or could use, and then I do what I can to provide something useful to them. There was a small group of addicts living under a bridge near where I live. Two ladies and a man. Lived in a cardboard box. I always stopped to give them an offering as well. I do not discriminate. I hate seeing people hurt, lost, confused, suffering, struggling. I know sometimes the money I give away just goes right back into feeding someone’s habit, but I want to help. Even if that means helping them feel comfortable or unaware for a moment more. But that’s because I’ve lived through similar experiences throughout my life, in one way or another. I know what it is to be in a position of desperation. But after having kids, I got myself out and do everything possible to ensure none of us have to ever see anything like that for ourselves again. And I teach my children to be the same way – to give and give and give. They’ve seen me stop and help families. They’ve seen my cry in the process because seeing kids on the street reminds me so much of my childhood and those scary, stressful, no money having moments I’d never wish for any other child. I want them to understand how important it is to have compassion for others in need. I want them to understand that our true worth as humans, is entirely measured by the good deeds we deliver.

      But this is social media. Everyone here has got a facade. I’ve found the more miserable people are with their lives, the more they like to judge and condemn and critique. Everything is seen through a negative lens.

    2. Amanda Huculak

      The woman clearly had a gift card to use, from McDonald’s, to feed her child. It’s obvious, as the cashier told her she was short $.23 when she depleted it. Not sure how so many people have missed this.
      Aside from that, I appreciate your comment. Thank you for doing all that you do to help others.
      Take care.

  12. Sher E. Amore

    I for one, love to hear about people doing acts of kindness. This is what the world needs more of!!
    Wether you think it’s fake or not, is insignificant. The story is meant to inspire others to show kindness to one another.
    Do something nice for a complete stranger today.. One act of kindness.
    See how it makes you feel good about yourself.

  13. Sue Nemeth

    Would be nice if we could read this story without the negativity and learn a lesson from it. Pay It Forward. Exercise some humanity. If the story is in fact true I am touched by it, inspired to do the same and happy this person shared it.

  14. Joleen Godin

    Been there and aint going BACK !!!!!! Life is TOUGH !! But im TOUGHER !!!!

  15. Breezy Gilmore

    Pay it forward Isn’t new. The pizza place in Philly features $1 slices plus the paper plates on the wall for those who cant afford it. The idea started in italy with ‘Pending coffee”, not suspended coffee. I appreciate the sentiment here but this article is chock full of factual errors.

    1. Savit Sernvongsat

      I’ve heard the story of that pizza place. Good stuff. And it’s real.

  16. Xenia Von Carstein

    I do it as much as I can, don’t make posts about it though..

    1. Ronda Warner

      But you sure put out out there! ! What’s the difference?

    2. Xenia Von Carstein

      I don’t understand this question…

    3. Amanda Huculak

      You could. And I would love to read them!

    4. Joey Prothero

      No Xenia, you just post Cleavage Selfies, because that “clearly makes you a better person” (Y)

    5. Xenia Von Carstein

      LOL ok…
      – I used to be homeless when I was 14 until I was 19 due to an unstable parent, as I got older and more mature, I have and continue to do volunteer work for those less fortunate than myself.
      – When I go to the city and see random homeless people, I buy them a sandwich and a hot drink, give them a huge hug, talk with them for a bit and then continue with my life.
      – I’ve donated clothing, carried with me and handed out feminine products to ladies with nothing but the clothes on their backs, this isn’t a pissing competition however, I’m purely posting this because I’m not a pair of boobs…

      ALSO – bullying me for whatever content I post online is literally ridiculous, didnt realise that tit size meant I was less of a person than anyone else…

  17. Andrea Camp

    the story made me cry. I am a single mom. I think of all the kindnesses that were shown to me and it makes me feel good to know there are real people like this out there. I don’t doubt that something like this happens every weekend.

  18. ERika Erika

    I cried. Three tissue type of cry.

  19. Gitte Herdin

    It is the message of this story that is important, not the details. The message is, that we can all make a difference for someone. With food, smiles, hugs, a cup of coffee. All of us.
    Do not be scared to help. You have nothing to lose.

  20. Janet Thayer Phillips

    Been there; done that. On both sides. I’m exceptionally humbled and grateful for the blessings bestowed upon me by others who saw my need. I much prefer to be the one who sees the need and gives, and pay it forward every chance I get.

  21. Jodi Ouellette

    I live in Canada. I do this at the Tim Horton’s drive thru everyone I get myself a coffee.. but it is for reasons other than you would think. In Canada if a person needs to break a larger bill to make smaller change they often go through the Tim Horton’s drive thru and buy themselves a coffee to break a larger bill. I like to think that by buying the next person’s coffee that I am thwarting their plan to get change. I know…I’m evil…

    1. Amanda Huculak


  22. Jota Ele Tupapa

    Good story but it’s not really his, I have the original story. It wasn’t a man it was actually another woman.

  23. Rayn Craig

    Getting a job application stead of a burger. Looky there just changed the story from panhandling her ex to being a good mother and role model.

    1. Joey Prothero

      “Instead* of a burger” …… There, made your post make sense now (Y) You’re welcome

    2. Rayn Craig

      Stead of “make” makes would of made more sense. Just saying. . Before correcting someone else’s post you may want to assure your inclined to do so. 🙂 yr welcome.

  24. Amanda Huculak

    I didn’t see any ads

  25. Alev-Kev Everyday


    1. Amanda Huculak

      I don’t disagree there are healthier food options, but I disagree that yours is an appropriate response to the nature of this story. Go after McDonald’s corporation if you feel this strongly about it, but let this random act of kindness have it’s moment in the light.

    2. Alev-Kev Everyday

      No. I will NOT allow a limited intelligence to make choices for my assessment of situations. This will NOT get a fucking Participation Trophy!! Rationalizing that THIS is kindness, simply because her stomach was fed is the same as saying you keep MICE as “pets” when you feed them CHEESE on the Mouse Trap! No. Just, no.

  26. Amanda Huculak

    Not the point of the story, but okay. You were heard.

  27. Krissi Brill

    Pay it forward is not new it’s been around longer than me, we do it all the time at our local Dunkin’s and pretty much every where

  28. Carolyn Lueders Burica

    Yesterday, my daughter and I went to lunch at a restaurant called Melt. We were able to pay for our meal, no problem. Imagine our delight when our server said “an anonymous patron has decided to pay for your meal…”! I was so grateful! Because of this kind gesture, I went right across the street to White Barn Candle and anonymously paid for a patron’s 3 Wick candle. The manager arranged it to be a totally random customer, to take place after I left. It felt so good to pay it forward.

  29. Chan Johnny

    she have a car

  30. Leila Fraser

    “Pay it forward” isn’t a new idea. It’s a fucking movie from the 90’s.

  31. Kathy Derfler Contorno

    Paying it forward… is fun! I’ve been the recipient, and was so touched. It’s just one person caring for another and by doing so, letting them know that they matter. It’s actually fun to pay the tab for the person behind you, regardless their circumstance. Everyone should try it at least one time! You WILL feel better for it.

  32. Sigifredo Zepeda

    thank you

  33. K.E. Hall

    Paying it forward is not a new concept. It has been happening since time began. Why do you think so many small communities are very close knit and even the poorest seem to survive? It’s called being conscientious and being unconditional, unselfish, the ability to realize that that could be you under different circumstances, then you act; do what you can.

    1. Joey Prothero

      “Since time began”? ……. But Money is a man made invention though :/ (I’ll leave you think about that (Y) )

    2. K.E. Hall

      Joey Prothero, well, I have thought about it. Apparently it didn’t take me long. Paying it forward doesn’t have to have monetary value. Food from your garden, clothes sown, meat from your hunt, wood from your forest. There are thousands of ways to pay it forward without money. Money might be a man made invention, but the true and pure human condition is not. How do you think ancient and some modern but non modernized civilizations survive? Money has been the death of that ideology in our modern societies. Because money has created wants and wants have created greed. We have lost the ability to see what we need. Elders used to teach their young these lessons of community, to pay it forward so the next generation would survive to teach the next. Money has nothing to do with it, when you want to do a good deed you do, money be damned. Either you have empathy or you don’t. I chose to believe that most people are born with it, and it is something we are taught to ignore for the sake of selfishness. (That old ‘it’s not my fault or my problem’ ideology that has swept our so called religious world).

  34. Les Van Harlingen

    how could anyyone even a seperated/divorce person be so heartless in refusing food for his childs mother…..i find this very disturbing than anyone with the abiltily to provide and does not…….especially to those that they know….blows my mind…

  35. Ben Flarida

    It didn’t start in italy.. Been doing shit like that since I was 16 and I’m now 45. I know a lot of people who do things like this and have since before there was an internet..

    1. Katie Maree


  36. Arbër Halili

    Thats what we need everyday Im speechless

  37. John Rollason

    if someone wants anonymity, why post it onlne? just do it and leave it be.

  38. Jade Worthington

    Too poor to eat at Macca’s … that’s poverty… and any decent person would not let another human starve. Sure it is the corporations fault but as a community we are the solution.

  39. Cristi Banu

    It would have sounded way better, and a lot more credible, if mcdonalds’ wasn’t actually mentioned. Just a thought.

    1. Joey Prothero

      “More credible”? …..You make it sound like Kids don’t like going to MacDonalds :/

  40. Luvstar Dovstar

    I really fought myself, toxYy!!!! not to eat that shit today
    Bought frozen pizza instead, aaggghh. Not any better.

  41. Brandon Wagner-Rondeau

    “Damn you, starve” well that’s obviously nice “sarcasm”

  42. Steven Garcia

    That dude is a Jackass.

  43. Alexandra Grattan

    I dont know if this is true, but i know similar stories are. Im still in tears.

  44. Nico Woods

    Generic ass post… generic story. Why do people eat this shit for breakfast?

  45. Bahaa Tahtamouni

    Good deed is worth nothing when you go around telling people you did it.

    One more thing, wait what!!! She has a CAR, that she can sell and feed both herself and her son for a couple of monthes. And she can also spend money on real food, not McShit.

    1. Ryan Brown

      Hey I got one for you if you don’t have anything nice to say how about you keep that cock cleaner of yours shut

    2. Bahaa Tahtamouni

      Why so serious dude, relax.

    3. Brenda Lee

      You can have food at home and no money in your pocket. Personally I don’t think McDonald’s is the best place for a pick up/drop off location of children for visitations. You can’t bring a small child into McDonald’s then tell them they aren’t getting anything without a huge meltdown -so it’s not a good idea, not that you literally can’t do it. But I do understand the need for a public location that meets somewhere in the middle for visitation pick up/drop off when the parents can’t get along. Or when one is a total d-bag like the one portrayed in the story.

      They whole “look at me! look at me! look at me!” of social media is outta control. I can see how/why someone who does a good deed that makes them feel good might want to share that story with others -hopefully to mostly inspire them to also do a good deed every now and again. Since the guys picture, name, and date/location have all been blocked out he obviously didn’t give permission for the story to be told, maybe because he agrees with our opinion that doing a good deed then trying to get 15 minutes of fame from it ruins the good deed or (more likely lol) they just couldn’t get a hold of him to get permission or maybe he didn’t want all the hate mail he’d get of he was identified lol. There’s no way for us know.

    4. Lillian Kline

      It would be better in the long run to keep the car because without a car you can’t go long distances. What if she was offered a job at a place a few miles away, but it’d take her 4 hours to get there because she has to walk (possibly in the dark)? Then she can’t take the job because she doesn’t have the transport. She obviously doesn’t have a well-paying job, so she can’t just up and buy a new car to get her there. Basically, without a car, she’s worse off than before.

      And before you start shouting that she could catch a ride with someone- not all people live close enough to people to do that.

    5. Bahaa Tahtamouni

      Why you people comment here like your life depending on it :/

  46. Paul Ceely

    Beautiful story, negative comments really are not necessary

  47. Andy Macnicol

    “She walks back too the car” how many people that live in poverty have a car a car is a luxury

  48. Pat Glass

    The writer claims he wanted to be anonymous by telling the cashier not to tell them who did it. But then tells the world on social media. … Ok

  49. Tosca Gilbert

    Fake or not. There are people out there who do good things for strangers without seeking recognition. If this is true its just to inspire others to do something small for someone else without reward ,praise or recognition.

  50. Kim Rae

    This hits home. I’ve been that mom. Small kindnrsses make a huge impact.

  51. Kevin Sciallis

    Now what she said damn you and just gave her the money

  52. Brenda Lee

    I think it’s really sad that so many people choose to see the worst in this story. The guy is a liar it’s a fake story or the mother is a bad person or parent because she owns a car but can’t afford to buy McDonald’s. Why is no one complaining about what a jerk the dad was for telling her to starve in front of the kid???

    It also amazes me how many people add or remove words from the story to make it fit their version. Or those who do the same to people’s comments or decide that a commenter means something they never said or implied in anyway. (Example: if I only talk about what a jerk the dad is that doesn’t mean I believe the story is true. It only means I think the dad is a jerk.)

  53. Jane Johnson

    Lovely story. Helping people out it the human way

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