Is your romantic relationship in need of fine-tuning? Advice may come from unexpected sources.

You may perceive the religious as having a narrow view of love and relationships in the conventional sense. After all, they abide by a vow of celibacy.

Going on a retreat with Buddhist nuns, Catholic priests or members of other religious communities may widen your view. While they may practice abstinence, they offer profound, wise advice when it comes to dating and relationships.

They transfer their desires for romance to the community. Hence, they have an in-depth view of the subject. Discover their advice on the tricky topic.

6 Things to Learn from Buddhist Nuns on Managing a Romantic Relationship

1. Ask questions before starting a romantic relationship.

First of all, like everyone else, you may have a tendency to rush headlong into a new relationship. Your emotions sway you and convince you that someone is perfect for you. You may want a romantic relationship with the person, but know that it is impossible.

Asking yourself questions will help you clear your thoughts. Some nuns suggest that you may have a fondness for a person because he or she has an attractive quality missing in yourself. They recommend channeling that urge by developing that trait instead.

2. Pace Yourself

Next, many people make the mistake of rushing into romances. Mimicking their impulsiveness can lead to a relationship disaster. Nuns recommend that you should, instead, have a thorough understanding of your partner. It will enable you to accept all the person’s positives and quirks. Complete knowledge of your better half fosters respect, the basis of all relationships.

3. Manage your feelings

Buddhist nuns are masters at managing frustration; anger management courses are unnecessary for them. These sages recommend that trying to correct a person’s ways is a mistake. It is micro-managing him and trying to make him acceptable. Instead, acknowledge your anger and take some time to cool off.

4. Practice self-love

Then, to love others, you must love yourself. Love like this is no different from romantic love. Treat yourself, and others in your community with respect. Self-love makes you a better partner.

5. Quash your wish for romantic excitement

In addition, to have a healthy love for others, you must quell your desire for excitement. That means avoiding love songs and or watching romantic movies. Such things increase your craving for unrealistic, romantic thrills (the sort in Mills and Boon stories) that will break your heart.

6. Stop “sexing” relationships

Further, many of us see sex as the cornerstone of a romantic relationship. Buddhist and Catholic nuns feel otherwise. To them, sex puts undue pressure on romance. Many people rate their relationships based on their partners’ physical reactions. What is worse is that they see such relationships as temporary. It is better to treat them as eternal commitments.

If you want to strengthen your romantic relationship, take some advice from those who live a religious life. You may learn some unexpected lessons.


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