Why do people gossip so much? I often ask myself this question.

It seems that gossip is one of the most popular hobbies out there. Otherwise, how would you explain that shallow tabloid shows are among the most-watched on TV and celebrity gossip websites are among the most visited on the web? People love reading and watching the latest celebrity news, just like they love talking about other people in their lives.

I could never understand this love for gossip. There are so many fascinating, intriguing, and deep topics to talk and think about, so why do people waste their time chitchatting about their neighbor’s new hairstyle or blabbering about some dirty Hollywood rumors?

The truth is that there is always a deeper reason why someone is adopting certain behaviors and interests, and spreading rumors is no exception. So let’s explore the most common reasons why people gossip.

Why Do People Gossip? 4 Types of People Who Gossip and Why They Do It

1. They are shallow

Okay, this is the most obvious one. People gossip because of their level of perception. Dull and shallow people never bother to look for meaning in things, which leaves them uninterested in deep topics and big questions.

They are only concerned about day-to-day happenings and superficial stuff. Since they can’t entertain their minds in more intellectual ways, they will look for all kinds of drama, either on the screen or in real life. At the same time, their lack of mature thinking makes them too quick to judge and unable to show understanding.

Shallow people will often gossip at work, in the neighborhood, and in their family and friend circles. Talking about others creates an illusion of excitement in their lives and gives them something to fill their minds with.

2. They are jealous

Why do people gossip? Many do it because they secretly envy others. Jealous personalities can sometimes behave in a particularly fake and nasty way, such as talking about people behind their back right after having a friendly dinner with them.

They gossip because they feel envious of jobs, relationships, and lives of those around them. Their own life is probably not as good as they want it to be and they believe that they deserve much more than what they have. So why would other people have it while they don’t?

In fact, you can have fake and jealous people in your circle of friends and not even know it. However, it is possible to spot them if you pay attention, no matter how nice they try to seem.

Does your friend often talk about others when they are not around? Be sure that they talk about you with someone else too. Do they sometimes become nosy and make uncomfortable personal questions? They are not genuinely interested in you, they just want to have something to gossip about.

Do they always belittle other people’s achievements or make fun of their personal life in a passive-aggressive way? For example, your friend could be making sarcastic comments or judgmental assumptions about someone’s relationship. Finally, do they always blame others for their failures and sound like the world owes them something?

If these behaviors sound like a friend of yours, you are most likely in the company of a jealous person. Beware of such personalities in your social circles and remember the timeless rule: if they gossip with you, they also gossip about you. So don’t get astonished when sooner or later, you catch these people talking about you behind your back.

3. They live unfulfilling lives

Sometimes people gossip because they are secretly unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. So they talk about others because their own life is dull and lacks meaning. This gives them the illusion of experiencing and relating to what happens to other people.

This could explain why many seniors engage in gossip – they may be feeling lonely and have nothing to fill their time with. Such people gossip with no ill intent and will be unlikely to get mean when doing so. They just try to distract themselves from the lack of excitement or meaning in their lives.

4. They are judgmental and bitter

Some people thrive on negativity. So they will speak ill of everyone and everything. You will never hear them saying something nice about others. Overly negative, judgmental, and bitter personalities are the unkindest type of people who gossip.

It’s not uncommon to see such a person spreading rumors and making nasty comments about someone behind their back. But the question is, why are they doing it?

The truth is that people who talk about others in a particularly hostile and disrespectful manner are most likely to have issues of their own. Deep inside, they hate themselves, so they project this negativity onto others. This gives them temporary relief, making them feel that other people have it even worse than they do.

So Why Do People Gossip After All?

As you have noticed, these four types of people have something in common. So here you have the main answer to our main questionpeople gossip because their lives lack fulfillment and meaning.

A happy person with inner peace and a mission in life would never waste their time on such shallow behaviors. Gossip is nothing but a way to distract yourself from the void in your soul. As soon as you fill it with meaning, you will become uninterested in talking about others.

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