Often, toxic persons fake themselves to seem like they are nice people. But they really aren’t.

Friendships are probably the most important relationships in our lives, especially if we have good solid friends. But sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a nice and a fake person.

Use this guide to sift through who the truly nice people are and remove yourself from the fake ones.

1. Genuinely nice people will support your actions.

A nice person will support and encourage you in any capacity. It can be a hobby or a career change, but an authentic, real friend cares and will be on the journey with you.

2. Love your quirky personality.

We all have elements of our personality that are a little quirky, and a real friend will stand by you despite your quirks.

3. Eternal forgiveness.

At the same time, we all make mistakes, so a truly nice person will always forgive you. They will do this because they value the friendship more than the mistake you made.

4. Always in touch.

Your real friends will always stay in touch with you because they are interested in you and your life. You might notice that fake people will only contact you when they need something.

5. They make time for you.

Your real friends will always make time for you. Whether it’s a Saturday morning coffee or a phone call after work, they want to spend time with you and they will.

It’s also important to be able to recognize the signs of a fake friend, and not just what a real friend is.

Below are some things to look out for if you suspect a fake friend.

1. Fake people are passive-aggressive.

Fake friends are really good at speaking in a passive-aggressive way. They always find a way to insult you with a compliment. This will slowly reduce your self-confidence and often, you won’t realize it’s even happening.

2. Fake people constantly let you down.

Fake friends will often initiate plans and never follow through. They agree to plan an event with you but leave it up to you to do everything. They will often have the perfect excuse as to why they couldn’t make it so that they don’t have to feel guilty about it.

3. Fake people expect you to drop everything.

A fake friend will expect you to always put them first. They think that your life revolves around them and their situation will always be worse. Again, this is all about competition.

4. Fake people gossip a lot.

This should be a huge red flag for you if your “friend” gossips about others. If they are saying things about others, what do you think they are saying about you? We all need to vent, but when they are ripping apart, it goes to show they aren’t truly nice people.

5. Fake people will always make themselves seem more important.

Even if you got a new job or a promotion at work, your fake friend will always out-do you. They will always outdo you and your news won’t be good news, their news will always be better. To them, it’s a competition.

One less fake person is better than a bunch of unreliable people in your life. Remember these points the next time a friend lets you down. They could just be having a bad time or they are a fake and it is better to cut them out of your life.

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  1. Sonia M. Franco Acevedo

    Everything is true.

  2. Adrienne Wright

    Thank you! A good birthday gift!

  3. Veronica Hinds

    Ohhhhhh I know a few of these!

  4. Patrick Graven

    Your heart may have been broken, but broken open, to reveal the only place you haven’t looked, within. Feelings change from time to time, like the passing weather, sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness, but beneath it all is the simple perfection of your life unfolding. The battles we fight are on the inside, for peace. Every thought comes and goes, maybe because of the changes of life, the seasons in cycle or the circumstances that surround us all. Focus on accepting thoughts and feelings whatever they are as natural to you in the moment and focus on making a change. In this moment here, life will unfold as it will, we can resist it, complain about it or we can make the best of it.

  5. Alex Raissez

    Yes there r fake people out there. They have a fake smile, manners., u name it. God did not make fake people! Js!

    1. Vonda Gee

      To be honest I would rather experience a fake person with manners than an ill mannered person. It really

  6. Crystal Lee

    One just cleared themself out of my world… I still Pray and Send Blessings tho… Will not change who I am…I just get Blessed in return

  7. Marilyn Pierre

    They act like Jekyll and Hyde

  8. Tomm Boswell

    There is love and there is selfishness. Choosing one is easy. Its when we try to mix them that we get confused.

  9. Lisa N Andrew Banks

    Maybe nice people don’t want to be your friends. But their just being nice and you think there your friend . Or maybe there just assholes

  10. Drapez Drapeau

    Pay Attention, or listen to another fren that observes ur interactions. Do the same things ppl do to u to them and you’ll see an Odd look appear on there face OR they’ll be furious with u. DON’T APOLOGIZE, eventual good or bad, it was for the best.

    1. Vonda Gee

      The only reason I can’t cosign on doing what someone does to you (due to retaliation) is because they’re really controlling your emotions. I think people in general should always know and be aware of who they’re dealing with before they can feel comfortable to disrespect you in an way. Thenthing about being angry and expressing yourself via your anger is that person will never see or know how you will deal with them. Fornthe most part, folk that love to step on others and flex their muscles believe that everyone is ok with their behavior

    2. Drapez Drapeau

      Retaliation, yes but not really. No violence provocation, just a mirror sample of what they think is acceptable behaviors. U see, these frenemies usually take advantage of and emotionally assault “friends” that are timid, good-hearted, nonviolent ppl. But, the “friend” can choose to be forthwright and STOP the behavior by telling the frenemy to quit. Or also, the “friend” can alternatively, return the rude behavior, showing that frenemy whatever that entails.
      -interrupting, 4ever “borrowing”, namecalling, using, ditching.

    3. Vonda Gee

      I get what you’re saying. But from experience I know that misery loves company, interrupting things, drama, *unnecessary change, antics, shenanigans, contradiction, confusion…….this list can go on. Most frienimies try to get close in order to upset what they’ve deemed too sane/different, or maybe good, orderly or whatever….as a true friend doesn’t have these type of goals. The only thing these frienemy types understand is when they no longer have access to you. You neither respect them or care for them in ways that a true friend would. Whatever you allowed, is no longer allowed, because you’re fine with life moving on. You’d be surprised to know the fulfillment these types find in knowing they’ve upset your spirit. Their contentment in seeing you behave in ways that confirm he/she’s losing it…..finally

    4. Drapez Drapeau

      i see ur point,
      plain & simple, we should all be honest & upfront.
      Tell someone what bothers u about their actions. A respectful person will understand & stop. The uncouth person will repeat the behavior still & u will need to break the behavior by just getting up & leaving. Walking away from a friendship is necessary sometimes for ur own contentment.

  11. Sara Catherine Blaise

    Yikes! I’m surrounbded :/

  12. Elena Anele

    Totally agreed!!

  13. Sonia Kurfess

    I can spot a fake person from a mile away before they open their fake mouths

  14. Harman Mrar

    got it

  15. Nades Charleton

    Not sure if I agree with all that was sàid. Id tell my bestie if I thought they were being unreasonable… “bro, dont be a farkn jackass” and I would hope they tell me too. It becomes fake when friends dont speak up, allowing you to be a jerk. Noone wants a permanent ahole in their group. One of my besties was always at me… “Jesus your harsh” or “dont bash them to death” (figure of speech)… but it was because me besties spoke up that I was able to be better… and thats what best friends do, look out for each other but also diverting each other away from catastrophes. Fake peeps wont say a word while you drive yourself off a cliff (metaphor) taking others with you. Thought I better tidy up the vocabulary hence the edits.

  16. Alok Manish Dasadia

    That is so you Aman Hamza.
    Do read carefully.
    Totally describes you.

  17. Jen Kaefer Haag

    We have an innate sense to spot these people called intuition. Most people ignore it

  18. Karen Sheahan

    No need …I sum people up extremely well and accurate 98% of time …I go with my instincts

  19. Elsamaria A Melendez

    Jajajajajajaj thank you!!!!

  20. Matjaž Pribošič

    Often some toxics is also healing.

  21. In Dy

    Haha the real deal babay

  22. Frank Achon

    So true! We gotta keep the toxic people away from us

  23. Laura Stollorz Schroeder

    Be aware of people that tell you how to change yourself the first day they meet you. They like to point out your flaws immediately and tell you how to improve. Totally annoying- especially if you like yourself enough and are content in your life.

  24. John Hart

    If you were a real friend you’d make time for coffee on sat. I work night shift on the road. So if I want to be a real friend I need to drive home to have coffee with my buddies…..yeah I’ve gotta work. This article has gotta be a joke. It’s not how to spot or how to be a real friend. It’s how to only have ass kissing yes men and women as friends.

  25. Vonda Gee

    Really a guide?!? If you are of a certain age and do not know left from right, right from wrong, genuine from fake and who you would rather trust vs who you would like to be able to trust……I don’t know. Your internal compass, instincts, heads up and last but not least past experience should be more than enough insight to bring you up ti speed, when certain things/people are concerned. Most folk will try to punk you and use you in ways that’ll probably make you believe all sorts of odd things…….more than likely that’s negative about you and positive about them.

  26. Luisa Guiala

    So true!

  27. Ashwini Rathod

    most of the ppl pretends,they r nice.but we cant judge bad or gud ppl…experience is best teacher.just we hav to keep faith.:)

  28. Melissa Carrieri

    Oh I can spot them very easy. Got a couple on my page now snoop snoop

  29. Katia Baptista

    I use my intuition… I know who’s who

  30. Scharlotte Liggon

    Be ever vigilant!

  31. Dixie Roop

    There is no guide. It’s a surprise, unfortunately.

  32. Kam Satori

    Yeah. . . nah this is really not an intelligent assessment of human behavior. Ignores variables and personal aspects of individuals.

  33. Poju Oni

    Its when u keep believing their bs time over time

  34. Lea Oswald

    Don’t need a guide my instincts are accurate

  35. Loweeze Kennedy

    Interesting but not too detailed

  36. John Malewicki

    I know my share of them

  37. Harlem Pinheiro

    Thanks , I’ll go deep in it, as I seem a magnet to fake nice people

  38. Melissa Green

    We have choices if the person acts fake then its not worth my time

  39. Brian Schelter

    Or maybe sometimes people smile and act nice because it’s better than giving everyone the evil eye and yelling at everyone everywhere you go..I don’t see anything wrong with that. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still stand up for yourself if done wrong…

  40. Lasab Ttocs

    I love the fake nice!

  41. Jenny Burls Sprackett

    I’m always so aware of that super sweet person, they generally turn out to be toxic.

  42. Silvanna Corthen


  43. Cindy Godwin Winkup

    Very interesting information.

  44. Aided Joanna

    I know many fakes! Haha

  45. Leila Hakulinen

    Trust your gut feeling

  46. Cordero Canales

    is it me or did this just contradict itself. On the “nice people” part, it sounds like the “fake person” they describe is the narrator of the what a ” good friend”/ “nice” people does or should do? Hahahaha wtf? Talk about spinning shit. Not all nice people are subordinate to everyones beckoning. I sure as hell don’t anymore. People got lives and kids lol.

  47. Kirsten Moore

    Generally it’s good if people can look you straight in the eye when they talk to you, body language is very interesting. good intuition if you go by your gut feeling’s as well about people, it dosn’t usually lie. Lol

  48. Askar Asanuly

    Hedgehog has needles but soft inside, snake is soft but full of venom. Khagani

  49. JIm Ross

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good—Ann Landers
    In other words observe how they treat other people and do not gauge them by the way they treat you (especially if they want to woo you and win your affections). This way they will (ignorantly) show their true colours of the character of who they really are.

  50. Lesego Moroke

    Irene Moemise we know who she is…

    1. Irene Moemise

      Lollest my friend…. master of Fake

  51. Richard Paul


  52. Frank Murphy

    Wendy Ann, keep those eyes peeled.

  53. Susan Rillo Mark Williams

    My family is overrun by fakes. You can fool some of the people ……. Mark

  54. Pamela Shaw

    I know a few

  55. Gerry Kent

    And sometimes seemingly we’ll meaning con artists pray on the emotional weakness of others…….

  56. Trisha Carey

    I’m an observer of patterns and watch how the person in question treat others. My other tip off is when I’m exhausted after dealing with them.

  57. Natasha Button

    This remind you of someone? I think we both know who this one is in our lives or was in our lives

  58. Tony Mobbs

    Wow … that opened up my mind … time to declutter the little black book of ‘friends’

    1. Caroline Bell

      Not me I’m new !! Loving my flowers smell devine Darling x

  59. Ann Marie

    umm authentic people aren’t nice 100% of the time, fake people can be though. The truth hurts sometimes and my definition of a true friend is someone who tells the truth not tells me what I want to hear! I don’t agree with this list.

  60. Jules Murden-Brown

    Helen… praps this might help me with my lil problem?!

  61. Johnny Martinez

    Only women are not capable of figuring this out… if they are Christians or educated may be a clue.

  62. Craig Booth

    Indeed.. fake praise would be another…

  63. Dina Samano-Kolls


  64. Chris Austin

    And they usually hang out with other fake people. Feeding each others egos. They can talk a good game but if there is nothing in it for them, they won’t put any effort in.

  65. Kat Ziemann


  66. Pana Ionel Laurentiu

    I have such a good gut feeling when it comes to this pricks that I’m not worried

  67. Benybell Palmar

    True, true, true

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