When you meet a kindred spirit, you will experience a rare connection. Similar interests and standards will be a few of the indicators.

I’ve met a few people who’ve felt like kindred spirits to me. It was strange in a way at first because the connection was strong, so strong it was hard to believe. Have I been wrong about some of these people? I think so, but not all of them. In fact, most of them were platonic relationships and even groups of people.

Yes, kindred soul spirits can exist within groups of people who have similar interests. No matter how far these groups stray from one another, this bond doesn’t change.

7 Signs Kindred Spirits and How to Recognize If You’ve Found Yours

You may have found your kindred, but as I said, it could be more than one person. Although there are times you can be wrong about this person or group, there are ways to tell the difference between true connections and temporary ones built out of first impressions. Examine these indicators so you can discover the truth of your assumptions.

1. True Honesty

A soul spirit, as this person is also called, will always be honest. Loyalty to them means being upfront even if it hurts you. They have your best interests in mind, which is putting all forms of deception away.

Now, they do keep the surprises intact because they also know what makes you happy. Being honest comes easy between two people or a group of people who belong together. This is because a true connection is so important that honesty is a top priority.

2. The same beliefs

Most times, you will have the same beliefs as this special person. This can mean the same opinions, interests in charities, politics and other such things. You will probably have many of the same interests as well.

Although all the same beliefs aren’t necessary, most of them will be similar. You will still be able to debate on a few differences, but not as much as with others.

When debating about these differences, you will also be respectful and kind, understanding the importance of retaining this special bond.

3. Many similarities

What Are Kindred Spirits and 7 Signs You Have Found Yours

When you meet a kindred who matches your spirit, it may be due to similar hobbies or preferences. You may find yourself loving the same movies, books, or games. You could also bond by traveling to the same desirable locations. For instance, maybe your love for Italy is mutual and you wish to explore more of this country.

Most importantly of all, you may both have similar experiences when you see each other for the first time.

4. A better life

Some people come into your life and make it worse, while some actually make improvements. A soul spirit will also elevate your life by simply being there.

You will have more positive energy and more determination to meet your goals. You may even work together to attain certain of those goals, especially if you have many similarities.

Of course, you will know when you’ve met them when life starts to treat you a whole lot better because of their presence.

5. Senses trouble

A kindred soul will know when something is wrong with you. They can even tell by your texts, email, or voice mail. It’s amazing just how much these messages can be conveyed when not in each other’s presence.

It seems kindred types of spirits can be far away and come running when they sense their special friend is in need. Kindred groups will congregate when something seems wrong as well.

6. Learn from each other

Kindred spirits will learn from each other. Unlike some relationships where there’s often a one-sided dynamic, these special individuals will be teachable as well as intelligent. There will be no animosity when one tries to share better ways of doing things or differences in opinions.

Each person will be open to the knowledge of the other. This is a special kind of bond.

7. No judgment

When people recognize others as soul connections, they see the non-judgemental spirit as well. Many people judge their mates because they just don’t understand them.

There’s a lack of trust, and also a lack of insight when it comes to judgemental behavior. When spirits of kindred nature are together, there’s no negativity about flaws and imperfections. There’s just a strange amount to understanding as to why their mate struggles at times.

Have you found a true connection?

Have you found a true connection

There will be many people who come in and out of your life during your existence. Many of these people will be bad for you and many will make your life so much better.

Kindred souls, whether one person or a group, will help you reach your full potential when striving toward goals. As you go about your daily routine, pay attention to those you meet.

Have you found commonality so rare? Do you make connections that seem powerful enough to change your life? If so, it’s possible that you’ve found your kindred spirit. And if you have, you should appreciate to the fullest every moment you have together.

This is how we can truly have a life worth living.


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