Being yourself is about being honest with yourself and other people. Being afraid of being yourself means that your life doesn’t align with your true needs.

When you stop being afraid of being yourself, your internal and external reality transforms.

Here are 8 miracles that will happen as soon as you do:

1. You accept yourself

When you stop being afraid of being yourself, you stop trying to hide aspects of yourself for which you feel irrational shame. You accept yourself as a unique individual, who has the same right as anyone else to exist.

You forgive yourself the mistakes and blunders you’ve made on the road to becoming who you are. Similarly, you stop feeling guilty for things that were beyond your control.

2. You stop caring what people think

When you start feeling the freedomand joy that being yourself can give you in life, you’ll not feel the need to go back to caring what other people think of you.

Once you are truly being yourself, you’ll no longer feel prisoner to other people’s judgments of you. You’ll be comfortable with how you’re living your life, so other people’s opinions won’t matter to you anymore.

3. You feel worthy of making demands

Once you’ve cracked being yourself, you’ll start feeling the freedom to assert your own desires on the world around you. In this way, you’ll start manifesting your own vision in the external world.

Once you’ve experienced the freedom to assert yourself and the overall good that asserting yourself can bring for others too, you’ll feel like an active participant in your own destiny.

4. You find people who you’re compatible with

When you’re not being yourself, it stands to reason that you don’t meet people who are compatiblewith your true personality.

Once you start, you’ll start aligning your life with your desires. You might start a hobby that helps you express the real you, and meet like-minded people. Once you start living in accordance with your true desires, it’s logical that you’ll start attracting people who are compatible with your true self.

5. You don’t let anyone take advantage of you

Once you start being yourself, you’ll start to understand the value of your unique contribution, and you’ll cease to sell yourself short.

You’ll recognize what your priorities are in life and take the risks you need to in order to make your external reality match your internal truth. You’ll weed out anyone who is treating you badly since you’ll no longer feel the need to have people in your life who make your life less pleasant than it needs to be.

6. You take control of your own life

When you feel confident in being yourself, you’ll start to play an active role in your destiny. Only when you are not afraid to be yourself anymore will you feel what it’s like to really take control of your life. You’ll start directing things rather than being directed.

7. You become more spontaneous

When you start to behave in a way that is honest, your actions will become more spontaneous and will cause you less anxiety.

Notice how an animal doesn’t focus its attention on trying to be anything other than what it is. Its decisions, as a result, are spontaneous.

8. You set boundaries

You start to recognize where you end and others begin and you begin to define the territory that you have cordoned off as belonging to your space.

Thus, you don’t let others encroach upon it and this improves relationships for both parties. You know what your sphere of activity is and respect the boundaries of other people also.

By being yourself, you simply live in the present moment, where the truth lies. With the focus and clarity that comes of doing so, you become impervious to the barrage of external and internal assaults on your decisiveness. It is a power that can lead to a feeling of ecstasy and even salvation.

Have you mastered the art of being yourself? Have you noticed any of these changes in your life?

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    Being yourself in a society that forces you to be someone else is a great achievement.

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