Keeping the exterior of your home looking nice entails a lot of hard work! No matter the size of your home or yard, some essential maintenance must be performed regularly to keep your home looking fresh. Over time, your home’s curb appeal can drastically decrease without proper care.

From landscaping to pressure washing, check out these budget-friendly DIY ideas to help you save money while improving the exterior of your home.

1. Redo the Front Door

If the front of your home looks tired or bleak, repainting or replacing the front door is a great idea. A simple paint job can spruce it up if buying a new door is not within your budget. Some people choose to add a pop of color to the front of their home with a bright red or yellow front door.

When you select to paint, choose an exterior acrylic paint that is affordable and great for longevity. It also helps to deter the growth of mildew. Using a roller for wider surfaces and a brush for the trim, you’ll have a fresh-looking front door in no time.

2. Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows can help improve the appearance of your home from both the inside and outside. Using a homemade solution made of dishwashing liquid and water or vinegar and water, you can safely clean your windows and remove grime and smudges. To make the process easier, squeegees and water-fed pole equipment may help reach hard-to-reach spots.

Often, window cleaning is a task many homeowners forget to do. However, it can really freshen up the appearance of your home if you cannot afford to replace the windows entirely. While you’re at it, cleaning the inside of your windows is essential, too, including the screens and trims.

3. New House Numbers

Are your house numbers visible from the road? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. Older homes tend to have older style numbers, which can become faded from the sun and worn from the elements. House numbers can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store.

With many options to choose from, you can pick from brass, aluminum, or any other type that matches the style of your home or your taste. While you’re at it, consider freshening up the house numbers on your mailbox to make it easier for your mailman and visitors to locate your home.

Don’t like any of the premade house numbers in the stores? DIY your own! This is an excellent project for those who are crafty. For inspiration, check out other DIY house numbers on the internet.

4. Porch and Outdoor Décor

Every home improvement and home goods store has tons of excellent outdoor décor that can jazz up your home. If you don’t have money in the budget for large projects and construction, adding simple décor is a way to put your own unique touch on your house. For inspiration, check out a nearby store and look at planters, rugs, wind chimes, front door signs, and so forth.

You can also browse Pinterest for endless inspiration. If store-bought décor is not your thing, use the items you see in the store as inspiration. Seasonal doormats and outdoor décor are always a fun way to continually change the appearance of your home. Many Pinterest crafts are available to make your own versions of these outdoor décor items.

5. Rent a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing the concrete surfaces around your home’s exterior, including the driveway, patio, and more, can help improve its appearance while washing away the yucky stuff that accumulates over time. While you could purchase a pressure or power washer at your local hardware store, they may also have the option to rent one. If you’re looking to save money, this is a great option.

Exposure to the elements causes dirt, debris, and grime to build upon your surfaces. With some basic equipment, you can safely restore these surfaces to look good as new.

While pressure washing can be done yourself, many homeowners also attempt to clean their gutters themselves. As this requires the use of a ladder, we recommend not DIY-ing this home project. Adding gutter guards can also help decrease the frequency of needing to clean them. Call a local professional gutter cleaning company for this work.

Wait! There’s More…

Looking for upgrades for your home’s interior too? Check out these five simple decorating tips to make your home more inviting. With these budget-friendly outdoor DIY home projects and simple, inviting interior decorating tips, your home will be looking its best soon enough!

While it’s easy to get caught up in expensive home improvement projects, basic DIY home projects can go a long way in improving the appearance and feel of your home.

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