Movies are great pastimes. They can make you laugh, become angry and even cause you to shed a few tears. Only the most emotional movies, however, can truly touch the heart.

I love movies, and to be honest, whether its drama, comedy or horror, I appreciate cinematic arts in all their forms. When it comes to emotional movies, I dread the pull at my heartstrings that I will endure while enjoying the show, but I love those as well.

While some movies do make me feel momentarily sad, there are those which leave a sadness lingering long after the film is over. That’s the power of emotional movies. These movies do what other films cannot.

The emotional movies you will always remember

Among those emotional movies are films that are a little different from the rest. These films, not only leave an impression but can sometimes change the way you see life as well. From the depths of your heart, you will feel things you’ve never felt before.

Here are the films which take you to another realm of heartache.

1. Dancer in the Dark (2000)

Czechoslovakian immigrant, Selma, works in a factory in Washington. She works hard and long hours just to save money for an operation for her child. Her son has inherited a disease from his mother, a sickness that causes blindness. With the operation, his eyesight can be saved.

Unfortunately, his mother’s blindness progresses. To find out how the story ends, you’ll just have to watch. Oh, did I mention, Dancer in the Dark is one of the saddest musicals you will ever see?

2. The Elephant Man (1980)

The frustration of watching someone suffer, as John Merrick did as the elephant man, is almost too much. This film tells the tale of a man stricken with a facial deformity. His soul is beautiful, but because of the judgments of the world, he’s seen as a monster.

This film will reach in and squeeze your heart causing you to be thankful that you don’t have to endure the pain of being permanently rejected.

3. The Hours (2002)

Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep play women at different times and locations, who all suffer the same debilitating sadness.

You might call it depression, or you might just call it the realization that they are living their lives for others instead of for themselves. If you think death is sad, then try never fulfilling your true life purpose.

As we watch these women move through life, we watch them slowly fade into the lives of their loved ones. What will these women do to quell the horrible darkness of reality?

4. Beaches (1988)

Every time I see this movie, I cry. No matter how tough I think I have become over time, it still touches me deep within. Bete Midler and Barbara Hershey play best friends who face an uncertain future together.

They realize near the conclusion of the film that they have been supportive of each other all along, through the best of health and even through the most tormenting sicknesses, which makes it that much harder to part ways.

How do they part ways? Well, you will have to watch and see.

5. Steel Magnolias (1989)

This movie seems like another “chick flick” with its southern gossiping ladies and drama-filled scenes of laughter. Just when you think the film is predictable, it slams you with a heart-wrenching twist and then a dark revelation.

I’m telling you, the surprise will shake those tears from your eyes and you won’t know what hit you.

6. Terms of Endearment (1983)

Nothing is as heartbreaking as a mother’s battle with cancer, well, except for her emotional relationship with her family.

This movie isn’t a sappy story about love and death, rather, it’s a story of the reality of facing the hardships of death and leaving the right wisdom behind for our loved ones. This film is filled with moments that will make you run ou out and hug your loved ones.

7. Deat Poet’s Society (1989)

Poetry is underrated. I mean true poetry and poetry straight from the uninhabited regions of the heart, that’s what we fail to see.

Robin Williams plays a professor who strives to teach freedom to his creative writing class. After stumbling blocks, tragedies, and even after the professor is ousted from the university, the students still stand tall in support of their professor and the legacies he left them.

8. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Every Christmas holiday, I watch this movie, and every time I watch, I weep. This film plummets into melancholy as the protagonist realizes there is no hope for him and his family because of poverty. So, he decides to kill himself in hopes that his death will fair better for his family than if he stayed alive.

Fortunately, things look up for our character, George, as he might just find a solution and return home to his family. Thanks to a guardian angel who convinces him of the wealth of friends and loved ones he already has.

Emotional movies that move us

Yes, enjoying a film with family and friends can be a fun experience. Even if the film brings you to tears, it’s worth the time spent together. Instead of dwelling on the heartbreak and sorrow, however, bask in the messages which always come with grief or loss.

Emotional movies touch the depths of your heart, not only with darkness but with renewed hope. Check out these titles and more. Share a few of your choices as well!



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