Cooking, cleaning and building a sanctuary take effort and time. Everyone needs a few useful life hacks to keep their home clean and organized. Your kitchen may not be as hygienic as you think it is. The bathroom looks clean but may be full of germs. Life Advancer provides a few useful life hacks.

Life Hacks for Home Improvement

The little details turn houses into homes. Here are a few of our favorite home improvement tips.

1. Disguise Your Thermostat Controls

First of all, hang paintings by hinges on your wall. You’ll hide your thermostat controls, and your guests won’t know the difference.

2. Hang Shoe Organizers in Your Kitchen

Also, a shoe organizer does more than store shoes. Hang one in your kitchen and use it to store snack items.

3. Use Socks Instead of Swifter Pads

Microfiber cloths and swifter pads are expensive. Save costs by using socks instead of these. They fulfill the task of getting rid of dust.

4. Use magnets

Magnets are also life hacks for home; have a few around the house. They pick up the metallic residue that’s difficult to detect. Attach one to the base of your hammer. It will pick up sharp objects and nails.

5. Coat Hangers

Grab two coat hangers and put them about six inches apart on a storage shelf. Dangle your ironing board from them.

6. Command Hooks

You can use these anywhere in the home. Some residential developments don’t permit the hacking of walls. Command hooks come in handy. Use them to hang items in kitchens.

7. Detergent Bottles

Detergents come in bottles that are typically bulky and unattractive. Put them in classy glass gars instead. Your laundry room will look neat and elegant.

8. Mail Organizers

If you don’t have room in your apartment for a shoe cabinet, use magazine holders or mail organizers. They are the perfect places to store flats and flip-flops (not heels).

9. Storing Paint

So, you bought paint to restore an old piece of furniture, but you don’t need all of it. Where do you keep the access? Save it in a baby jar. It will be useful when you need to give your old table a touch-up.

10. Shoe Organizers for water bottles

Are you tired of water bottles rolling about in your cupboards? Store them in a shoe organizer and hang it over the door. They will remain in place.

11. Use a Shower Rod

Fit a shower rod in your shower area and hang eye-catching waterproof baskets from it. Use them to store your soaps and shampoos.

12. Hang your pants on shower curtains

This hack may result in what seems like an eyesore but saves space. Hang your pants on shower curtains so that they take up less space in your closet.

13. Cover keys with pine cones

Everyone wants an unobtrusive way to protect their keys when they go on holiday. You can put a pinecone or patterned rocks on top of yours. Bury the key with the cone sticking out of the ground.

14. Aluminum Foil vs Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are quite costly. Use aluminum foil in place of dryer sheets to soften your fabrics.

15. Self-made Dry Erase Board

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a whiteboard for reminders, make one. An old picture frame with a piece of glass will do the trick.

16. Foam Noodles

You don’t have to buy a doorstop. Just find an old foam pool noodle and cut it in half. Fit it to your door to prevent it from closing unnecessarily.

17. Tissue Boxes

You can decorate tissue boxes and use them to store your little knick-knacks. They are an excellent place for plastic bags as well.

18. Tennis Ball Holders

Do you have old tennis balls rolling all over your floors? Stick suction cups to their backs. Their mouths will hold random items.

19. Use fake books

A router stands out on your TV console, and not nicely. Use hollow-shaped books or shoeboxes. Decorate them and use them to hide it.

20. Remove Pet Hair with a Squeegee

Squeegees are useful for more than cleaning. Use them to pick up pet hair and lint.

Life Hacks for Keeping Your Home Sparkling Clean

kitchen cleaning

Cleaning can seem like a neverending chore, but you can make it manageable. These cleaning tips will make your life easier.

21. Ceiling fans

First of all, are dusty ceiling fans. No matter how you rationalize them, they need cleaning. Here’s how to make the task bearable. Grab an old pillowcase, ladder, and dusting spray.

Spray the inside of the pillowcase; this will repel dust. Climb the ladder and cover a blade with the pillowcase. Finally, gather the case and remove it. Repeat this with the other parts of the pen.

22. Freshen your mattress

Baking soda is among the most useful life hacks for home. It doesn’t help you create fluffy loaves of bread. It makes an efficient cleaning agent. Grab baking soda, essential oil and a vacuum cleaner attachment. Remove the bedding.

Combine the baking soda and essential oil in a tight-lid container. Sprinkle this mixture on your mattress and allow it to sit for one or two hours. It will soak up the body oils. Then, vacuum the dust with an attachment. You now have a refreshed mattress.

23. Shower and Tub Cleaner

Soam scum can be infuriating. You spend hours scrubbing it off your tub without success. Here’s how to clean it off permanently. Grab a spray bottle, two portions of vinegar, and some dishwashing liquid.

Measure the vinegar. You will need 16 ounces of it if you are using a 24 oz bottle. Heat the vinegar in the microwave and transfer it into the spray bottle. Spray, and scrub the scum away.

24. Cleaning your dishwasher

It’s a headache to clean dishwashers, which have many nooks and crannies. Some vinegar can do the trick. First of all, pull out the bottom rack. Examine the drain area and ensure that it’s no bones, crab shells, glass chips or gravel is blocking it.

Put a dishwasher-safe-cup full of white vinegar onto the dishwasher’s top rung. Use hot water to put the entire washer into a cycle. Make sure that it’s empty save for the cup. The vinegar will clean up excess food and dirt. Finally, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the bottom of the tub. It will remove odors.

25. Cleaning kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets gather unsightly dirt and grime, particularly near the handles. Use a portion of vegetable oil and two parts baking soda to refresh them. Mix these ingredients with a spoon. Use your fingers to ease the fine grains of baking soda onto the surface. Take a toothbrush and clean the nooks and crannies. Clean it with a damp cloth.

26. Steam Clean Microwaves

Some people use vinegar to clean their microwaves, but others take issue with its smell. Use water, a spray bottle, a sponge, and lemon essential oil instead. Put the wet sponge on the microwave. Fill the spray bottle with four to five drops of essential oil. Spray the inside of the microwave with the lemon water. Clean all surfaces.

27. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Use this mixture to clean the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets. Add 1/4 cup of baking powder and a few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into a small bowl. Paste it on the surfaces you wish to clean. Spread the mix evenly if the stains are stubborn.

Useful Hacks for Cooking

Life Hacks for home cooking

It’s frustrating to try to come up with flavorful dishes, only to have them taste bland. Here are a few ways to ensure that you cook your meals to perfection.

28. Don’t turn the meat too often

First of all, we turn the meat over while it’s on the stove to ensure that it browns well. Shake your frying pan. If the meat slides easily, it’s time to flip it.

29. Don’t use extra virgin olive oil for frying

Virgin olive oils work best in salads. Using them to fry food is a mistake. It cooks your food at a high temperature and removes nutrients.

30. Are my eggs fresh?

You don’t have to crack your eggs to tell if they are fresh. Drop them into cold water. Fresh ones will sink to the bottom. If it balances, it’s probably about two to three weeks old. Don’t eat eggs that float as they are spoiled.

31. Let meat rest

Take time to let meat breathe. Allowing it to rest ensures its texture and flavor.

32. Lemon and Grilled Fish

Do you enjoy grilled fish? Add a few lemon slices between the fish pieces and the grill. They add some flavor.

33. Sprinkle veggies with salt

Sprinkling your vegetables with salt will prevent them from sticking to your knife.

34. Softening butter without melting

You want to make your cold butter-soft, but don’t want to melt it. Place a glass of water in the microwave, then heat it. The butter will begin to melt under the glass, and you’ll be able to use it at once.

35. Too much food

All of us are busy, so we tend to cook everything we have at once if we can. That means filling frying pans with too much food. Not leaving space in-between the meat pieces can result in hard, dry meat.

In all, these innovative life hacks will turn your home into one that you look forward to returning to every day. Why don’t you give them a try?

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