Lace or satin? Red or pink? Outdoors or indoors? Too much, or not enough? At some point in life, all these questions will repeatedly run through your mind and you start looking for marriage proposal ideas.

For some, it’s the day they have dreamed about since they were little girls, playing dress-up, twirling around in a dress that was way too big for them, and pretending like they finally met their Prince charming. For others, it’s the day that they swore to all their buddies at recess would never happen, because, let’s face it, girls have cooties. The wedding day.

With all the thought and effort that goes into planning this day, what about the thought and effort leading up to it? What about the endless days, and sleepless nights for the men, trying to think up ideas for the perfect marriage proposal for that special someone?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional, staple, proposal. The perfect night out, ending on one knee. But, what about the men, and sometimes women, who want to do something special, something creative, and something unique?

So, We’ve put together some unique, and unusual marriage proposal ideas, in an attempt to aide men to get some more sleep over this.

Remember, it’s all about having fun, being creative, and defining your connection and bond that you’ve built throughout the relationship. As long as it comes from the heart, you really can’t go wrong.

Make it into a game

Let’s go back to the days in elementary school, when teasing someone, meant that you liked them. At that point, there were so many games that we played with each other at recess such as, Red Rover, Mother May I, and Hopscotch, just to name a few.

Incorporating these childhood games into a marriage proposal is not just a super creative idea, but it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention. Perhaps playing Mother May I, with a few family members, or friends, only to call your significant others name at a random time and pop the question.

Sing it out

Who doesn’t love singing karaoke on a night out? How about karaoke with a twist? What better way than to sing a duet together, only for the screen to change the words into a wedding proposal. They’ll be singing their very own proposal, and probably not even realize until after the fact. They’ll never know what hit them.

Radio Ad

You hear them all the time, people calling in to give a shout-out to someone special on the radio. Make it even more special, by popping the question on live air.

Solve it

Puzzles can be are a great way to kill time and can be a huge stress reliever for some. So, let’s make a crossword puzzle, and let them find as many words as they can, only to reveal a hidden message.

Post its

Have you ever woken up in the morning, only to find a sweet, little note taped to the bathroom mirror, or even the steering wheel in the car? How about the idea of making someone collect all these notes, to create a marriage proposal?

Start by leaving a single word on a piece of paper in random places, in the car, kitchen, send an email, and let them put all the words together.

Game Night

You would need the help of friends and family for this one, but have a game night, and keep track of all the games won, and the winner, your significant other, gets the prize.

Trivia questions

Arrange a party with friends and family and start playing trivia questions. You can start by asking questions to friends and family members and when it is the turn of your beloved, you can straight away pop the question.

Paint It

With a little collaboration with the instructor, this would be an awesome marriage proposal idea. There are several businesses that host painting parties, where they teach a group of people how to paint a specific portrait.

Make that portrait a memory. You could do something as simple as spelling it out, or an actual picture of the two of you, with you on one knee.

Spell it out

On the snow, in flowers, with their favorite ice cream, anything you can think of to catch their eye. It could be hidden in plain sight, or out in the middle of a mall for everyone to see.

Design a ring

The engagement ring is the most precious of all. When you give a diamond ring, you are showcasing your love for her till eternity. Nowadays, jewelers also allow you to custom make a ring from scratch or create your own ring based on existing designs.

So sit down and use your brain cells to create a unique ring that she will love and cherish forever. However, make sure that the diamonds being set in the ring are not conflict diamonds, check their GIA certification first.

Make a Math Equation

This would be the perfect proposal for someone enrolled in educational classes of some sort. Create your own math equation, and then ask them to help you solve it. I don’t know why Jerry bought 67 engagement rings, and then sold all of them, except for one, but maybe Sue would know the answer.

Write a song

You obviously have a lot of feelings for this person, so put them into words. Grab a guitar, even if you don’t know how to play it, and sing your heart out, or should I say, proposal out.

Come up with your own unique marriage proposal ideas

Although overtime marriage proposals have changed dramatically, the one thing that hasn’t changed about them is the meaning behind them.

When you choose your person, your forever person, remember that the day of a marriage proposal is going to be a memory forever. Make it creative, and memorable, something that your great-grandkids will be recreating one day on their own. As long as it comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong.

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