Many of us hit the dead end in our marriage after a couple of years due to a variety of reasons.

The most common one is taking each other for granted because it has been ingrained in our minds that once we get hitched it is the beginning of one’s happily ever after.

If this was indeed the case then most marriages today wouldn’t end in divorce or couples would not be forced to visit a therapist who would help them save their marriage.

More often than not, due to taking each for granted we forget how we were with our beloved during the honeymoon phase of our relationship. The passion and unfortunately the love starts to fade because we get habituated with each other and stop working on our relationship.

If you are too undergoing the same situation currently and looking for some kind of solace, then the following tips will not only give you hope to save your legal partnership but will also breathe new life into your relationship.

Infuse Romance Into the Everyday:

If you are a man, then pamper your wife by surprising her with a breakfast(all her favorite items) made by you and make her day.

You can even stick post-it notes on the wall or refrigerator complimenting each other and stating simple but crucial things like how you feel lucky to have your better half as your life partner.

Romantic Dinner:

Many a time due to our busy schedules we tend to have dinner all by ourselves. Change that and try to have at least one romantic dinner each week together.

You can make it special by including candle lights, playing romantic ballads on the stereo and preparing each other’s favorite dishes. If you cannot afford an expensive restaurant, then why not go to the rooftop and make memories!

Gift each other:

A gift from that special someone is a reminder that the other person appreciates you for what you are these souvenir s often strengthen your relationship because they remind the person who gifted them to you.

Husbands can gift their wives a spa appointment while the latter can present their spouse with tickets to their favorite football tournament. Gifts need not be materialistic all the time and remember that the thought matters more than the gift.

Play the Dating Game:

Remember at the beginning of your relationship, how you used to go on dates to get to know each other?

Why not go back to that phase again by going out to catch a movie together, visiting a new place with each other, grabbing a coffee together, hitting a bar and entertaining each other by indulging in karaoke.


Spice up your marriage by trying out new things. Discuss with each other about how you would like to go about it, and enjoy fulfilling each other’s fantasies.

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