When it’s time to purchase a mattress, remember to do your research. There are many types of mattresses to choose from.

We often undervalue the importance of different mattresses needed for our bed. Since our day is long and our responsibilities many, we just assume our bed will provide a long-needed rest.

Unfortunately, we don’t always find rest and relaxation, and it’s due to an old worn-out mattress. It’s obvious that we have a problem, and there are a few options that might help.

Types of mattresses

There are many different kinds of mattresses that can be purchased in order to upgrade your sleeping arrangements. Each version offers benefits depending on your individual sleep patterns and health issues. Let’s take a look at a few types of mattresses in order to understand their benefits.

1. Innerspring mattresses

This type of mattress is the most common variety. It’s built with a system of coils to support the body. Rather it’s called a spring system. There are several spring systems that make up the innerspring mattress selections. There are single spring units and units comprised of individually pocketed coils.

There are many variations on the number of coils, gauge, design, and shape, which are all covered by foam padding. Some even have additional layers of steel springs between the padding.

2. Pillow top mattresses

These mattresses can be made from a variety of materials, but the top layer is what’s deemed important. On top of the common spring system, an additional layer of material is sewn in to provide extra comfort. This layer of material is actually like pillows sewn into the top.

3. Foam mattresses

These specialty mattresses are made by placing foam or similar materials in the support systems of the bed. This foam can be made into many different shapes and sizes and from a variety of materials as well. Some materials commonly seen in specialty mattresses are a gel-like material, memory foam, and polyurethane.

4. Latex mattress

The support system of this mattress is made with latex foam. Also, latex can be used in the upholstery of the bedding as well. Latex is made from petroleum or plant-based materials.

5. Memory foam mattress

As with latex, memory foam may be present in either the support system, the upholstery or both parts of the mattress. These types of mattresses work great by molding to the contours of the body and also providing support at the same time. Memory foam is made from high-density polyurethane materials.

6. Gel mattresses

Using advanced technology, this gel is added to the foam of the mattress and can be present in the support system or the upholstery. Like the memory foam and latex versions, the gel can also be included in all areas of the mattress for even more support. Gel foam also offers heat dispensation qualities as well.

7. Airbeds

Although the airbed isn’t exactly a mattress, it can be used in the same way. With the airbed, a chamber of air serves as the support system of the bed. Of course, this air chamber can be adjusted to accommodate the need for varying support.

Airbeds can be used for residential or camping needs, although there are different beds for each option. The bed used for camping doesn’t require the extra padding and upholstery needed by the residential version.

The residential bed also allows separate adjustments in support on each side of the bed. This can be a great option for those who require varying levels of firmness.

8. Waterbeds

As airbeds have chambers for air, so waterbeds have the same chambers filled with water. Believe it or not, waterbeds can be hard-sided and soft-sided. The hard-sided version requires the water chamber to be encased in a rectangular compartment made of wood, while the soft-sided version has water that is only encased in upholstery materials and padding.

The water in the waterbed can be either free-flowing or waveless. Free-flowing allows movement in the waterbed mattress while waveless provides a baffling system to hold the water chamber in place.

Explore different mattresses for your comfort

Explore Types of Mattresses for your comfort

Wow! What a large variety of mattresses! Now that you’ve explored the various types of mattresses, what’s the best choice for you? Having a quality mattress means more than just luxury. The right mattress can relieve problems like lower back pain and other discomforts.

Remember, a good night’s rest means a productive tomorrow. Take your time, do your research and select from the right type of mattress for you!


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    I liked the part of your article that mentioned memory foam mattresses and how they can help relieve some of the stiffness of your body by adjusting to it. I’ve always felt like our beds have been a bit too stiff for my taste, and I’ve been looking for alternatives that won’t cause me pain ever since. A memory foam one sounds like it’d be perfect for me, so I’ll look for any mattress stores that offer them right away.

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