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5 Little Known Health and Beauty Benefits of Buckwheat

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Contrary to popular belief of buckwheat being a cereal grain, it is, in fact, a seed. However, it is used in food as an equivalent to cereals even though it contains no wheat. Yes, it is free of gluten! Also, it facilitates weight loss since it has much fewer calories than wheat or barley and higher fiber content. However, there is more to this amazing seed than we know. Here are some of the other influential benefits of buckwheat: 1. Prevent Gallstone Formation: You must know

12 Bread Machine Hacks: What to do When Complex Recipes Fail

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Bread machines can do amazing things, but some recipes like sourdough and gluten-free need some adjustments. Many bread machine owners are consistently surprised by the range and types of bread they can bake in their bread machine. However, there are times when even the best of us fail with recipes ranging from the simple to the complex. Here are some tips or "bread machine hacks" that can improve your chances for success from the basics to the advanced: 1. Use Bread Machine Yeast. It comes