Struggling with Making Connections? How to Improve Your Social Skills as an Introvert

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Making connections and socializing can be a hard task for introverts. How to improve your social skills as an introvert? When we talk of introverts, what comes to our mind first? Quiet, reserved, and self-centered people. For a number of reasons, making connections and socializing can be hard for them. But wait, there is more to introversion than these stereotyped definitions. A study reveals that introversion is a personality trait where people tend to be more realistic and thoughtful. Introverts aren't anxious people, but they

An Introvert and an Extrovert Make the Perfect Couple for These 8 Reasons

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If you asked most people what they imagined the perfect couple to be, they’d probably tell you that they should share interests and have similar personalities. The perfect couple can be found in different combinations, and in the case of introverts and extroverts, the old adage ‘opposites attract’ seems to hold true. It might be surprising to hear that two such different personalities can make the perfect couple. Here are some reasons why: 1. They complement each other Like yin and yang, an introvert and an extrovert make