If you asked most people what they imagined the perfect couple to be, they’d probably tell you that they should share interests and have similar personalities.

The perfect couple can be found in different combinations, and in the case of introverts and extroverts, the old adage ‘opposites attract’ seems to hold true.

It might be surprising to hear that two such different personalitiescan make the perfect couple.

Here are some reasons why:

1. They complement each other

Like yin and yang, an introvert and an extrovert make the perfect couple by balancing each other out. Many of us search unconsciously for partners that have in their personalities what we lack in ours.

This is understandable, as when we get into relationships, it’s often the life that we envisage with another person that makes us as attracted to them as the person they are.

Whereas extrovert-extrovert or introvert-introvert couples stay in their comfort zones with their partners, introvert-extrovert couples push one another out of theirs and thus contribute to one another’s personal development.

2. They can learn from each other

There are many things that an introvert and an extrovert can learn from one another, another reason why these two can make the perfect couple. An extrovert can learn to make time for him/herself, look at things more deeply, and gain knowledge about their inner being from an introvert.

An introvert, equally, can learn from an extrovert to come out of their shell and enjoy the outside world, to observe the beauty of the external world, to have real-life adventures and to go on excursions to places they’d never find the impetus to see alone.

3. They help each other overcome weaknesses

There are certain things that an introvert is better at and certain things that an extrovert is better at. By coming together, these two can help each other improve in areas of life that cause them difficulty.

An introvert can help an extrovert slow down and cope with just being without going crazy from boredom, while an extrovert can help an introvert get to know people and enjoy social situations.

4. They give each other space

An extrovert has a much greater need to socialize than an introvert, but this is often not a problem, especially if the relationship is trusting. It’s revitalizing for a relationship for the couple to spend time apart.

The fact that the extroverted partner wants to go out is usually no problem at all for the introverted partner, as they appreciate the alone time. This means that the extroverted partner gets to hold onto friends and have opportunities to socialize like in the past when he/she was single.

This can be a great bonus in a relationship and helps to prevent resentment growing from within the relationship as a result of either partner feeling confined. It also prevents resentment from without, in the form of complaints from friends or colleagues that the extrovert isn’t around as frequently as he/she used to be, from interfering in the couple’s happiness.

5. They can each manage a different aspect of their shared life

The introverted partner might be better at spending the day in and managing the household accounts, taking care of written correspondence, reading contracts, and doing other things which try an extrovert’s patience.

Meanwhile, the extroverted partner can make all the phone calls and deal with aspects of life that entail social contact. These two can also be a perfect couple of business partners too. The extrovert can deal with the marketing and PR, while the introvert can deal with all the written work.

6. They’re good for each other’s health

While an introvert might be more prone to psychological disorders such as depression, an extrovert might be more prone to lifestyle-induced stress or exhaustion. An extrovert can encourage their introvert partner to be more active and get out and about more, which helps prevent depression and anxiety.

An introvert can help an extrovert calm down and benefit from a peaceful and quiet environment without having to be alone, which can counteract the effects of working or playing too hard.

7. They introduce each other to new experiences

There are things that introverts do for fun that extroverts may never have experienced and vice-versa.

Introverts can show their extroverted partners the value of having deep intimate discussions or thinking profoundly on abstract questions, while the extrovert partner can force the introvert partner to have experiences of traveling or socializing that they would otherwise avoid.

8. Each brings the other’s attention to different things

The main difference between an extrovert and an introvert is where their focus lies. Extroverts are focused on external stimuli, while introverts are focused on the world within. This means that each can help point out blind spots on the other.

An introvert can help an extrovert to see when he is neglecting his inner self, and an extrovert can help an introvert recognize when they are neglecting vital external sources of well-being.

Are you part of an introvert-extrovert couple? Can you identify with the points made in this article?


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