Making connections and socializing can be a hard task for introverts. How to improve your social skills as an introvert?

When we talk of introverts, what comes to our mind first? Quiet, reserved, and self-centered people. For a number of reasons, making connections and socializing can be hard for them.

But wait, there is more to introversion than these stereotyped definitions. A study reveals that introversion is a personality trait where people tend to be more realistic and thoughtful. Introverts aren’t anxious people, but they just prefer solitude for their internal peace.

Introverts, as believed, aren’t the complete opposites of extroverts, they only possess a lower stimulation rate. This means they don’t get excited too easily and prefer to analyze a situation in depth before responding to it. This is what makes them great leaders and philosophers.

In general, common opinion about introverts is that they are not fun-loving people and stay away from society. This notion about introverts needs correction. They are social but on their own terms. It won’t be wrong to say that introverts get easily overwhelmed in loud environments.

What makes introversion different from extroversion?

What makes introversion different from extroversion

Research says that the brain of introverts functions differently. Their neural system has a longer pathway when processing stimuli. So when a stimulus passes through the neural pathway of an introvert, it takes time to process. In simple words, while the information is being processed, introverts are also mindful of their personal thoughts and feelings.

Their subconscious mind remains active throughout. This is the reason introverts are also good at multi-tasking. This might seem irritating to people at times because they feel unheard, but the truth is that you are being listened to carefully.

Introverts are quite specific about their privacy. While you love to hang around with friends, an introvert finds solace in their private place. At the same time, they do have friends who are close to their hearts.

People think all introverts have social anxiety and that’s why they don’t mingle with people. However, the truth is that introverts like to be around people, but these people need to be selected carefully.

Introverts are happy being with friends they feel comfortable with. They value spending quality time with their close people rather than being a part of any random social gathering. They enjoy the company of a smaller group of friends. The friendships introverts have are for the most part long-lasting and intimate.

Introverts are fond of their seclusion. They cannot always be too energetic to socialize. They need their alone time to think, visualize, and retreat from the outside world. A cup of coffee while reading their favorite novelist is their idea of recreation. This doesn’t mean introverts always want to be alone, they just prefer interacting with their close friends and family.

The elementary factor here is that after a tiring day at work or a lively social gathering, introverts want to spend some time on their own to reflect and ponder deep. I believe that we all need to be left alone for some time to connect with ourselves. Sounds like a great idea for recharging one’s batteries.

Introverts are independent people that make them self-sufficient. Experts believe that introverts can make great entrepreneurs because of their excellent leadership skills. Introverts rely on their personal experiences and love to attain deeper knowledge.

I would say that introverts are more self-aware, they are avid readers and enthusiastic explorers. These characteristics enable them not to depend on others because they themselves are full of wisdom.

In spite of being such rich personalities, introverts should also learn the art of socializing with a larger crowd. They need to develop their patience and avoid getting bored too easily.

Obviously, so much of zest bothers introverts and they start to feel detached and unfocused. This is the key reason they prefer going back to their cocooned world.

We have some useful insights for our introverted fellows that will help them improve in socializing and making connections.


  • Take the idea of making connections seriously.

Understand that unless you expand your network, you may struggle to grow professionally and socially.

  • List down places where you have chances to meet like-minded people.

Maybe a music club or a bookstore. Look out for men and women sharing your kind of interests, or have a discussion/debate on the topics of your interest. Meetings can be fun too.

  • Healthy communication is very important in a group.

Drop-in at your favorite places frequently and don’t avoid social contact. A regular Sunday visit to the famous library can gift you some like-minded intellectuals to talk to. Interaction leads to understanding and understanding helps in making connections.

  • Every relationship needs time.

Give time to people you meet and make a place for them in your life. Say hello to the man you met yesterday in the metro, pass a compliment to the woman sitting next to you, or plan a trip with your office colleagues. You may be a beginner at initiating conversations, but believe me, people admire such gestures.

People will perceive you as a confident person if you make a move. Start with small talk, be the first to greet, approach someone you find interesting, listen to people’s stories, and laugh endlessly.

  • Be active on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great tools for making connections. You can share your blog post, your recent travel story, or the delicious experiment in the kitchen. Social media can be a good starting point for making connections and expanding your circle.

  • Have a special person in your life.

Count on people and let them trust you too. Trust and faith blossoms a perfect relationship.

Be its leadership, business, or friendship, introverts are amazing people to bond with. They turn out to be loyal friends, understanding humans, and successful bosses. Their quiet nature is often mistaken for being rude and disinterested, but they are actually loving and caring personalities. Their company is a cherished one and you get to learn a lot from their introverted minds.

Introverts too should step out of their comfort zone and explore the potential friendship, love, and experiences. Accept people as they are and appreciate every creation of God because we all are unique.

If you are an introvert, befriend an extrovert to experience a crazy party tonight! If you are an extrovert, get involved in a spiritual conversation with an introvert to feel the difference.

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