Herbs Are Good For You: Dope, Grass, Pot, Science says YES!

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Herbs are good for you, right? Most people know that herbs benefit health in one or more ways. Lavender soothes the nerves, sage clarifies the air and mint cures diarrhea. There are also many herbs that have a questionable reputation - Aconitum is one of these, seen as a highly toxic plant. Another controversial plant is Cannabis, and you probably know a few popular names for this one. Cannabis, before it was “Bad News” Before Cheech and Chong and before Woodstock, Cannabis was popular for

10 Ways To Reduce Chemicals In Your Life with Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil might have been the most talked-about oil in 2013, and newsflash: it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Are you trying to reduce harsh chemicals and toxins from your daily life? In terms of versatility, coconut oil is the ultimate win. From skincare and haircare to dietary benefits, investing in a good quality bottle of this super ingredient seems like a steal. Here are 10 ways to reduce chemicals and enhance your life with coconut oil: 1. As a Cleanser & Lotion I know