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Mastic: the Resin of This Unique Greek Tree Has Powerful Medicinal and Antibacterial Properties

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A resinous gum with medicinal properties well-known in the ancient world, the famous mastic is one of them. Have you ever wondered how many natural remedies can be found all over the world? So many of them have been known for centuries and people have been using them to relieve or even cure certain diseases. Mastic (the word comes from the Greek mastikhan, meaning "to grind the teeth") is exuded by the bark of the tree called Pistacia lentiscus. This kind of tree grows primarily on


Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions of Naturopathy

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Naturopathy is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative therapy. Many people are now turning to natural remedies for a wide range of ailments and conditions. However, some people still have preconceived ideas on herbalism and naturopathy. Fear of the unknown has shaped public perception and this has been further perpetuated by the mainstream media. Naturopathy is unscientific. The main criticism against natural medicine is that it is unfounded. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There have been many medical studies on the healing


Top 5 Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used

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When you get very ill, maybe with the flu or an infection, you may get to the point where you feel you have run out of options and have to head to your local doctor's for an expected prescription of a week-long course of antibiotics. Well, these days you may find your doctor refuses to give them to you. Medically, we are now at the point where we have been over-using antibiotics for several years. As a result, drug-resistant bacteria and superbugs are rapidly developing. It's becoming


The Easy Guide to Make Frankincense Water That Will Solve Your Health Problems

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The best options health wise is always the natural route and it doesn't come better than drinking this natural medicinal drink known as frankincense water. This medicinal drink-extracted from Boswelllia sacra tree is not new at all as it has been existent in some parts of the globe ever since the ancient times. Oman, Yemen and Egypt have long been associated with the plant with records even showing that Egyptians prescribed frankincense related oils in their medicine and recipes. Enough of the historical stuff now


How to Use Your Thoughts to Heal Yourself: a Science for the Mind

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Is it really possible to leave behind the classic forms of medicine we associate with healing, and look solely to yourself? Recent studies have shown that not only can people use their own thoughts to heal themselves. At the same time, drug companies are actually charging you for the privilege – selling placebos to patients. By believing that a non-existent drug will work, it can often do exactly that, and go on to fix a disease or condition. But why should we rely on doctors


Here Is What Will Happen If You Put an Ice Cube at This Point on Your Head

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How to use an ice cube to make yourself look younger: the amazing Chinese medicine method that heals and cures your body and mind. The ice cube trick, as it's known, may sound like a myth, but it actually works. By putting a simple ice cube in the right spot, which you can find out by following these steps, it will not only give you bounds of energy, it will also make you look younger and help to combat any illnesses you might have. The


How to Make a Powerful Natural Antibiotic That Will Treat a Lot of Ailments!

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The rise of western medication pushed away what was the most coveted medicine in ancient times. You may be wondering what's might be so coveted than the antibiotics we are using today. Well, this natural yet powerful antibiotic is known as tinctures. Tinctures are the real deal when it comes to medicinal content compared to the antibiotics we use today. Tinctures are usually extracted wholly meaning that they possess very good healing elements with little or even no side effects. The other positive thing about


Natural Remedies for ADHD: How to Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Medication

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Unfortunately, we are in the day and age where more people, usually children, are being diagnosed with ADHD. Let's talk about natural remedies for ADHD. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With the ever-rising diagnoses comes more medication prescriptions. According to the CDC, 11% of children were diagnosed with ADHD in 2011. From 2003 to 2011 there was a 5% increase in diagnoses each year. Rightfully, many parents are concerned with putting their children on meds. Especially since the main prescription, Ritalin, has some