Crime is always on the rise, and women aren’t in the best place to curb it, that’s why they need to know some street smart safety tips. Who knows, one day, these could save your life.

Every woman knows that she has to protect herself on the streets and can use a few reminders. We have some suggestions for being safe while you are out on the streets.

Here Are Street Smart Safety Tips for Women:

1. Be Organized

First, always have in mind where you are going. Check out unfamiliar areas on Google Maps. The application provides walking and public transportation directions.

You can also use your phone’s GPS to track your routes. Ensure that you turn on the location services feature is on in case you get lost.

Be street smart by always knowing where your belongings are. Don’t take your eyes off your backpack. Put your wallet in your front pants pocket or somewhere accessible. Remember where you’ve put all your essentials so that you’ll know if anything is missing.

2. Have Your Moblie Phone with You

Never leave home without your mobile phone. It’ll be your savior when you get lost – it’s your link with the police when there’s an emergency.

Also, have “In Case Of An Emergency (ICE)” phone numbers on speed dial for people if you get into an accident. If you don’t have a phone and are going to a remote area, have someone with you who does.

3. Watch Who You Trust

Adults often tell children not to trust strangers but forget that being street-savvy also applies to them. Someone could be lifting your wallet from your bag while their partner distracts you.

That said, you don’t have to be wary of every stranger that comes your way. Just be aware that rotten eggs are everywhere. Be wary of those who tell you stories of how they’ve lost train or bus tickets.

4. Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Always pick busy streets to walk on if you have a choice. Try not to step on deserted roads. Muggers almost always attack their targets on empty streets. Also, people are more likely to hear your shouts.

You may want some space and travel solo, but that’s not wise when you’re anywhere unfamiliar. Always travel with friends, or let someone know exactly where you are.

5. Stay Unplugged

Staying plugged in makes you vulnerable to attacks, accidents, and getting lost. Be aware of the things going on around you. Also, don’t use your phone while walking.

Today’s culture of instant gratification requires us to respond to calls or texts immediately. So, we answer texts or calls while we walk. The habit makes us targets for pickpockets and muggers.

6. Ignore Those Who Catcall

Be oblivious to the people who catcall or shout at you. Fussing over a petty situation may lead to a quarrel or worse. Walk into a store or a crowded area if someone harasses you. Call the police on your mobile if necessary.

7. Shout

If someone assaults you, your best bet is to run away as fast as possible while shouting at the top of your lungs. Run into crowded areas. Your attacker won’t be likely to follow you.

One of the weird but effective safety tips suggests women should yell ‘Fire!’ instead of ‘Help‘ in case of an attack as it increases their chances of receiving help from random strangers. When people hear someone yell help, they are more likely to be afraid and thus avoid getting involved.

8. Walk Close to the Curb

Thick shrubs, trees, and buildings next to cul-de-sacs are hotbeds for potential attackers. Try not to walk in these areas, especially at night. Keep as close to the curb as possible.

9. Don’t Fumble with House Keys

Don’t grapple with house keys, especially if you’re walking to your car or apartment at night. Carry them around with you and don’t stand in the doorway for too long. Have them ready way before you unlock your door.

10. Be Aware of Yourself and Your Surroundings

Don’t lug too many things around if your apartment is in a secluded area. You are a perfect target if your arms are full. Avoid wearing tight clothes. Dress such that there’s no restriction on your movement.

You’re less likely to attract the attention of criminals. While waiting for taxis or buses, have your back against a wall so that no one can take you by surprise. It’s easy for robbers to do so from behind.

11. Vary Your Routine

Among the tips for safety, both men and women could benefit from is to avoid doing things routinely. Try to leave your home at different times, and change your travel routes daily. Criminals tend to study their victims’ patterns so that they know the best times to attack.

12. Sacrifice a Few Dollars

You could tell an assailant that you’ve got no money, but this may make them even more aggressive than they already are. Give up some money instead. Have some funds in an accessible place.

Should an assailant imply that they have a weapon, don’t start a fight. It’s more sensible to walk away with your life. Make a police report at the earliest possible time.

13. Park in Less Secluded Areas and Be Observant

Park close to security cameras, as these would deter assailants. Try to leave your car in places where there are regular security patrols. Also, pick a spot close to entrances, where people tend to be. There will be eyewitnesses in the event of a crime, which translates to protection for you.

Don’t park where there are obstructions to a proper view of your car. When walking to a parked vehicle, scan the aisle. You’ll spot predators straightaway. It also helps if you look alert.

In all, women are often more likely to become victims of crime, so don’t let yourself be one and use these street smart safety tips to protect yourself.



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