It seems that today’s women struggle with starting a family more than ever. With this said, intelligent women, struggle twice as much.

Intelligence comes in many forms and can be used in different ways.

Some intelligent people devote their lives to the pursuit of knowledge through research while others spend their life working for the greater good by teaching or helping those in need. Some just climb the corporate latter, with impressive ease and speed, and work for profit.

Throughout the uncountable types of intelligent people, one of the themes that remain all too often is; An intelligent woman is not desired by an intelligent man.

Do you know any intelligent women who seem like a fantastic catch, yet never settle down? You may wonder how this is possible! Of course, every intelligent woman has her own reasons, from not finding a suitable partner, to not having the time to dedicate towards children and a family.

Here are four of the most common occurring reasons why starting a family is so hard for intelligent women:

1. For a driven woman, her career comes first,

Intelligent women don’t just have jobs, they have careers. These women don’t just work as the cashier at a gift shop so that they can pay their bills.

Well, they may start off this way, however, intelligent women usually find a way to move on up to incredibly time-demanding and passion requiring positions such as doctors, scholars, writers, lawyers CEOs and much more. These types of careers involve long days and often time off the clock, making starting a family a real struggle.

These women don’t even have the time to think about starting a family. And if a woman is really intelligent, she knows that it would be unfair for a child to have a mother who is more interested in her career than her family.

2. The smarter a woman is, the less time she seems to have.

Intelligent women have too many great things going on and just don’t have time for children, it’s as simple as that. It’s not that intelligent women dislike children, most of the time. Many even plan on having children one day, when they have accomplished their goals, however, that day never seems to come.

Every time they succeed, another door opens and they don’t want to stop just so that their ambition can be second place to the attention required by a baby.

Often, intelligent women don’t only have important careers, but also fill other positions of responsibility.

This could include sitting on the executive board of a community organization or town hall. Maybe they have even founded a charity organization. Many passionately driven women have personal projects on the side as well, whether it be writing a book or developing an app. These women don’t want to see their motivation fade away as they make room for the needs of a family.

3. Men feel threatened by a powerful woman.

For some intelligent women, however, starting a family to have children is not the biggest problem. After all, many women work full time while happily mothering children with the help of family members and or paid help. For some women, it’s finding a partner that proves tricky.

With intelligence often comes strength and power and when a woman has more power, men don’t always know how to handle it. Men often feel emasculated if their wife or girlfriend makes more money or has a more prestigious job than they do.

Men want to feel like the big breadwinner, “bringing home the bacon”…so that his woman can cook it, and clean up the mess afterward, of course!

These men don’t want to be out staged by a female. These type of men also couldn’t fathom their relationship coming in second place to their woman’s career. They want their wife to attend to their needs first.

This type of man doesn’t want her meeting with investors to compromise his home cooked dinner. Of course, any intelligent women would never stand for this.

4. Intelligent women have high standards.

Intelligent women are unwilling to lower their standards when it comes to finding a partner.

Not only is an intelligent woman unwilling to put up with a misogynistic man who refuses to support her goals, but there are a lot of other things she won’t put up with as well. An Intelligent woman may expect a worthy man to be just as smart and successful as she is.

She may not want to settle for a less socially acceptable job such as a plumber or a bus driver, even if one of these men has the best qualities in every other way. Sometimes intelligent women can even be too picky for their own good.


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