Animals Can Be Reflections Of Your Inner World

“God is Within All Things” – Oglala Sioux

Native American traditions believe that Spirit Animals accompany people through life, acting as guides.

Tradition believes that different animal guides come in and out of our lives depending on the direction that a person is headed in life. Everyone has a spirit animal. Each animal has its own medicine unique to that specific creature.

An interesting aspect of spirit animals is that that you do not choose one as your personal guide -the animal chooses you. Spirit animals can find you in dreams, meditations, and possibly in unexpected encounters.

Takatoka on the Manataka American Indian Council explains the significance of animals in Native Tradition:

Animals are here to teach humans. They have many powerful lessons to give. They remind us that we are only a small part of creation; that each part of creation has a place; that each creature has its own skill and wisdom.

Having a Spirit Animal is AWESOME

There is no better feeling than to have the world around you consciously showing you signs about your inner world. Spirit animals give you that little bit of extra identity with what’s going on with your inner psyche.

That moment you see your spirit animal show up when you need it the most is incredible and will surely send shivers down your spine.

Learning About Spirit Animals Means Learning About Yourself

Shamans in ancient traditions have been known to interact with spirit animals and the cool thing is so can you. You learn from spirit animals with symbolism and by finding out what the animal means.

Typically, there is much in-depth detail that will also enhance the symbolism and what it means to you on a personal level, depending on items like the color of the animal, condition of the animal or what circumstances are around it at the time.

You will have to be your own judge. Learning about your spirit animal attributes as well as looking in depth into spirit animal symbolism will help you discover what spirit animals are in your life and what they mean.

The Top 10 Most Commonly Identified Spirit Animals Easily Found in Nature.

1. Lion

Lions mean exceptional strength, assertiveness and personal power. They symbolize personal strength an courage. Lions can also symbolize authority and dominance. Lions can also warn about challenges, weak spots or difficult situations.

2. Deer

Deer are emblems of love and harmony with oneself. In Tibetan Buddhism, deer are considered sacred listeners, stationed on both sides of a golden dharma wheel. Deers are symbols of regeneration and also heart energy.

On the flip side, deer may also mean that you might have to be cautious of predators. That it also takes time for you to feel safe in environments.

3. Butterfly

Butterflies are major symbols of transformation. Butterflies symbolize powerful transformation, metamorphosis, moving through life cycles and possibly elevation into the spiritual. They are associated with lightness.

The Japanese view butterflies as souls of the living and the dead. Chinese symbolize butterflies as an undying bond between two lovers.

4. Spider

Spiders are characterized in the spirit animal kingdom as figures of feminine energy and creativity. Spiders are characterized as weaving intricate webs. Spiders symbolize life spirit and a weaver of destiny. Negative meanings, like if you’re running from a spider, could mean that you’re not aligned to your highest interest.

5. Horse

Means a driving source. It is a symbol of an appetite for life. A horse as a spirit animal shows how much you like to express yourself in life. According to psychologist Carl Jung, horses symbolize natural forces mastered in human beings. If a horse is restrained, you may need to check out what is limiting you in your life.

6. Owl

Owls symbolize ancient wisdom and knowledge. When the owl guides you, you can see true reality, beyond the illusion. Owls symbolize intuition, change and seeing beyond deceit. Owls symbolize death in Native American traditions.

7. Crow

The crow has positive and negative symbolic meaning. Crows symbolize life magic, the mystery of creation, intelligence and fearlessness. Contrarily, crows can also symbolize a trickster or manipulation, or that of a mischievous nature.

8. Fox

Foxes symbolize cunning, the ability to find ways around tricky situations, and swiftness. Fox spirit animals symbolize sharpness of mental skills. Fox spirit animals offer good lessons on how to confront problems.

Foxes may help you find your way, or lead you to trouble. Still, the Hopi, Cherokee and other tribes know that Fox Medicine brings healing power.

9. Dragonfly

Dragonfly spirit animals symbolize transformation, change and joy in life. Dragonflies mean adaptability. They symbolize the realm of emotions, inviting you to look deeper into feelings.

Dragonflies also symbolize the connection with nature’s spirits. Actual dragonflies grow up in water and live their life in air, so the power animal could also symbolize adaptability.

10. Snake

The snake’s spiritual meaning is in connection with life force and primal energy. Snake spirit animals are revered as powerful totems. Snakes symbolize life changes and they can provide spiritual guidance.

You should pay attention to how you’re using your energy when a snake spirit animal shows up in your life. Serpents and snakes are found in many of the world’s myths and legends. Snakes have been associated with good and evil, creation and destruction.


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